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  1. Very thorough review!! Thank you so much for posting... counting down until its my turn!
  2. Great review! Thank you so much for posting, definitely helps as our wedding days get closer.
  3. I would check out www.weddinglinensdirect.com for chair linens... they have some great deals and a varied selection. I am also debating (yet leaning towards) OOT bags. There are alot of great ideas in the multiple forums on this site. I especially like the "hangover kit" but it may just be b/c I have some wild friends Good luck!
  4. Same...sigh... this will be my third coordinator! Yamina was taking a little while to respond, so I guess this explains why. Is Lorena the only other coordinator?
  5. Mariposaazul, I was wondering when you got the confirmation for the outside photographer fee? I booked with Del Sol and now Dreams is throwing up alot of roadblocks. I am very persistent but it would help if I had some details of your's... anyone else in this same situation??
  6. Mariposaazul, I was wondering when you got confirmation from the resort regards the outside photographer fee? I also booked with Del Sol and Dreams is attempting to throw up roadblocks to prevent it. Boooo!!!
  7. Mariposaazul, When did you get confirmation on the outside vendor fee? I also booked Del Sol and they are attempting to throw up roadblocks against it at Dreams... Booooooo!
  8. Savs1027... check out http://www.save-on-crafts.com/ if you havent already. They have alot of flowers petals and pretty much everything else you could think of. It was my understanding that you couldnt bring real flowers, branches, etc... into Mexico from out of the country due to customs, but I could be wrong.
  9. NewBride2013, I agree with Savs1027 regards google searching.... there is also a previous DRC bride who has a youtube channel with videos of alot of the sites down there. Here is the link to one of her videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsjiIUf_mQY&feature=relmfu but she has a bunch more. Yamina told me the pool deck is better suited for larger parties but I have seen neither location myself. Good luck!
  10. @ NewBride2013: The pool deck and the pool terrace are two separate areas. The pool deck is coomposed of a strip of wooden decking between the pool and the beach against the sand. The pool terrace is between the pool and the SeaSide Grille restaurant, it is concrete and right next to the pool. I would reserve the photographer and DJ as soon as possible, especially if you have a preference for the photographer. Anel is one of the lead photographers for Adventure Photos and alot of brides by name request her due to the quality of her pics. Hope this helps!!
  11. It should be $150/hr for the sound system alone (for either ceremony or reception) or $300/hr for the DJ (who comes with his own equipment)
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