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  1. You did such an amazing job! Do you have any templates for the welcome book?
  2. We are flying out of SF as well!!! on the 9:30a.m. flight!!!!! That is crazy!!! Where do you live? I am in Gilroy. Good ideas on the gifts for the family. My fiance had personalized caricatures done. They were awesome. WOW, what a coincidence. We can have a prewedding cocktail on the flight to celebrate!
  3. Thanks about the flowers. My fiance did not want bout's for the groomsmen, but I think they should. I will add the wrist corsage for his mom. thanks!! I still dont feel like I have enough stuff for my bridesmaids. I did lil wrap robes, cosmetic bag, and slipper sets, their purses, I am paying for their hair and makeup, and then jewelry. I need to find something really special for my maid of honor. I am so not good with that stuff. I also dont know what to get my dad as a gift. I am really worried about the dress situation too! I hae my step daughters too, which is a bridemaid. We are flying Virgin and hopefully they will be helpful. That is awesome about your bags. I just to have get all the stuff for my bags now. I kind of lagged on that part. Oops! I am actually going to start packing today with the clothes I have and go shopping later this week for a few more things. I think that will really help relieve some stress. EEK!! I am so ready to be there and relax too!!!!!
  4. here is my mailer. You guys might be able to just change the info on this and use it yourself. Hope you like it guest mailer.doc
  5. lvietti! I should finally have mine paid for today. I had to have change a couple more things. I am sure it will be amazing and your too!! Did you get boutonierres for the groomsmen? WHat are you doing for the mother of the groom and your father? I am stumped. yes I cant believe how close we are.....I leave 2 weeks from today!!!!!
  6. I just sent out my mailers last week, and everyone loved them. I said this for the attire.... Wedding Wear is "Beach Chic Relaxed" Sundresses, short sleeve shirts, khakis, keep it comfortable and relaxed. I will try to attach my flier.
  7. I ended up calling her today and we talked and got everything straightened out. I feel so much better and confident my wedding will come out amazing!!!
  8. @Lvietti.. who is your wedding coordinator? We have Annie and I am a little worried, as I have told her things a few times and the contract is still ot correct and she owes me some pics and I have yet to receive anything, Has anyone else that has recently been married at LC, dealt with Annnie? Thanks!!
  9. Do they have the plastic holder connected? thanks!
  10. Congrats to you too lvietti!!! We are so excited, we went on out to the island in August and were just in awe. We are staying at the Krystal. How about your group?
  11. I have shopped at the Walmart back in 2009 and it was completely safe. It was election time in Mexico so all service of alcohol was stopped for 3 days. We ended up picking up a bunch of food and beverages and it was priced about the same as the states. Hope this helps!
  12. Here is my logo. Mary Ellen from Digital Bunny Designs created it for me. SHe does custom design for $20 and is fast and great to work with, She is also doing my invitations for me and I will post them when I get them back.
  13. Here are my logos..they were done by Mary Ellen at Digital Bunny Designs on Etsy. She does custom design for $20 and is fast and a real treat to work with. She also does custom invitation design for $40. I am so happy to have found her. Sorry this is my first post with images, so I hope it isnt to big.
  14. Your bags were awesome....great job! Is it possible for you to email me the templates? lholcomb77@yahoo.com
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