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  1. Mrs. Weiss! I am at the tail end of my week long visit in Nassau. We have met with soooo many different vendors. I'm curious about your Junkanoo Band. Who are they, how much do they charge, and what are you getting? We've gotten some pretty steep price quotes, so I'm curious if there is a less expensive option. Thanks so much!
  2. DominiqueAmber, How is that possible? Won't they noticed the suitcase full of bubble wrapped antiques in my carry on?
  3. I am bringing a photography team from Miami. Does anyone know if I can just purchase 1 permit, and have them say only one will be photographing? Any suggestions?
  4. MrsWeiss1211! Hope your site visit is going well! We are going to Nassau on the 19th for a week to tie up all of our loose ends as well, and bring some of our decor. Does Dede Brown have a website? When is your wedding date? We are getting married on the 19th of February! I would love to chat! Thanks!
  5. Have you found a videographer?
  6. Who was your photographer/videographer? I am looking for a local bahamian to film my February 2012 nuptials! Thanks!
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