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  1. Hello Everyone, I returned from Now Jade last Saturday. We were there for 10 days (April 24th - May 4th). Our wedding was on April 29th. The day was amazing!! A few minor bumps throughout the day that nobody else would have noticed.. I wish we could re-do it over and over again. I just started writing out my review which I will get posted as soon as possible. For now, check out some awesome shots on my photographer's blog post! http://t.co/eG1XjOUK4p
  2. We are leaving tomorrow for Now Jade.. did our legal paperwork this morning and our wedding is on Monday, April 29th! I can't believe it is finally here I will share my review when we return. My biggest concern is getting through the airport with my wedding dress and 6 month old son.
  3. Hi Kristen, I bought 4 vases for our bouquets but I may get the resort to provide the vases instead.. I'm still deciding. If I do bring them they will be put in our carry-ons. I was planning on using them as centrepieces. I'm having 4 long tables with 8 people at each table. I'm thinking of going to Ikea and getting a bunch of candles in a variety of styles and sizes to place on the table. I feel that candles would be much easier to travel with than vases. And since we're on the terrace I think a bunch of lit candles will look really nice once the sun goes down. We're also on Air Canada. I'm not sure what their regulations are.. I think my travel agent said I'll have to pay for my wedding dress. I'd love to know what you find out from them. Pompoms (https://www.etsy.com/transaction/118187174) Navy Blue - 5 Large, 5 Small Ivory - 5 Large, 5 Medium Light Yellow - 5 Medium, 5 Small Sizes: Large=14.5", Medium=10", Small=8" I may be bringing some white ones as well. I'm just waiting for the yellow pompoms to arrive in the mail to decide if I need them. Its hard to know how many are needed for it to look nice and full. I'm hanging them from the pergola.
  4. Yes, we leave May 4th. My wedding colors are navy blue, ivory & light yellow. If you're interested let me know and maybe we can arrange to leave stuff with Pilar for your arrival. We have 30 pom poms in a variety of sizes.. the aisle runner is navy blue (still waiting for that to come in the mail).. I also have some navy blue cloth napkins. I can PM you some pics if you're interested.
  5. YAY! Pilar sent me the dimensions for the terrace today. If you can't open the document let me know and I will email it to you. I've also attached a document that shows how I want everything set up. Carnival Terrace Me.pdf Terrace Set-Up.pdf
  6. I need to get out to Ikea soon! Although... I feel like I'm already bringing a lot of things. Need to get the carry-on suitcase out soon to see how it all fits. I'm dreading the airport! I will also have my 6 month old with me.. so add in a stroller, diaper bag, his luggage as well as the wedding dress and glass vases! Ugh, SCARY!!! I'm wonder if there will be any brides at the resort while I'm there who are interested in renting or buying some of my decorations (vases, aisle runner, tissue pompoms...). HMmm
  7. Are you renting stuff from the resort? What are you renting? I was going to bring vases to put the bouquets in (these will be our centerpieces).. I wasn't sure if the resort could supply vases for this and if so what the cost would be.
  8. Hi Lindsay, My group will be there that week too - some arriving on the 24th and the rest on the 27th. My wedding is on the 29th.. and a long time ago when I enquired about having my wedding in the garden Pilar said it was not possible as the events department had it reserved all week - but she wasn't sure what was going on yet.. but thats for the week after you are there.. I also am getting no responses from Pilar. I have lots planned but my big concern is the extra cost/total I will be paying. That would be nice to have from her. I'm sure she will come through when its our turn. If you need any advice or have questions let me know. Our wedding dates are sneaking up fast!! Are you bringing vases down for your wedding?
  9. Let me know if you need me to email it to you. I also was given all the dinner menus from the resort (it shows, vegetarian, gluten-free and sugar-free meals). Food & Beveras 2012-2013.pdf
  10. I know this question has been asked before.. but I don't think it has been answered yet.. I'm hoping that someone here has the dimensions of the Oceanview Terrace. We are doing a choreographed ballroom dance for our first dance. Our dance instructor has asked me for the dimensions so that she can choreograph the dance to fit the space. I've sent Pilar an email but thought I would also ask if anyone here has an answer for me. I love the outdoor space but I'm a bit concerned about having room to dance. Another question - does anyone know if there is a charge for additional time added to the cocktail hour. Say we decided to have a two hour cocktail hour... THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU )))))
  11. I ordered 17" napkins... i got the measuring tape out and this seemed to be a good size... I'm sure either would be fine though.
  12. Hi Lindsay and Caroline, I am flying in on April 24th and getting married on April 29th. I will keep a look out for you ladies on your wedding days Can you believe that there is only 2 months left to go?!?! Happy planning!
  13. You must be so excited! Everything you have said sounds just like my wedding I'm also hoping to have the option of making a last minute switch to the bamboo room if I find the the Terrace is too cramped for my group. We are a group of 35 + 3 infants. I am also getting married at the Pergola and having our cocktail hour at the Blue Bar. I am bringing our own photographers from home.. we simply have to pay for their trip and agree to purchase an album of photos. We have them all day as well as a bonus day.. I'm thinking about doing a TTD session. Are you using an officiant from the resort? I'm concerned about the language barrier... so I've asked my brother-in-law to act as an officiant. I'm working on writing out the ceremony right now and am hoping he can add to it so that it doesn't sound too scripted. I look forward to reading your review!
  14. Hi Everyone! If anyone is thinking about bringing their own tablecloths down you might be interested in checking out www.linentablecloth.com. They ship to Canada as well as the US. Instead of paying $4/person for coloured napkins from the resort.. I got 3 dozen navy blue cloth napkins for about 50 cents a piece. They happen to have a sale on for TODAY ONLY... 20% the entire site + free shipping. If you sign up for their newsletters you will get updates about their sales/promotions. I've attached two documents that I recently received from Pilar. They show the setup and the measurements of the Pergola and the aisle. Here images she sent me of the table dimensions. Presentación Medidas pergola.pdf Pergola Location.pdf
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