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  1. Hello! Just wanted to add a name to the mix, I know these other photographers are more well known but we used Christian Velasco of sianphoto.com his prices were much more affordable and his skills are amazing! It's very photojournalistic in style, not posed or artificial. He also was super nice and ran around the entire day making sure to get every single shot but was never in the way! We have stunning photos of the couple and our families but also he captured the dance floor action and fun. I cannot say enough things about him.
  2. If anyone is looking- I used Christian Velasco. His company is Sian photo. Everyone tells me how stunning the photos are and that I look like a model... His price was very reasonable, he's less well known but really talented. Sianphoto.com
  3. We used Concepto Rosa. They were awesome. I couldnt access the review section for them - but they have great style and taste and were very responsive. I had a LOT of skype meeting with them and they seemed more than happy to put in all the extra time and energy. They had great, unique ideas and an incredible, positive attitude. They were a dream to work with. www.conceptorosa.com
  4. Hey Jen! I think we have all asked the same questions! It gets stressful, but gets easier!! (Maybe once it's over ? What we found was: think about what you care about most -- then spend money on that first... and the items lowest down on the list should be done DIY or low-cost. For example, we did a pdf for our invitations, seating cards, programs, etc -- we barely spent money on the stationery for the wedding. We did however put a little extra money into our chuppah because it was the thing we thought would really set the tone for our whole ceremony. Everyone says, ask for local flowers - do not have a set flower in mind - like a peony - which are very expensive and need to be imported!! We used a photographer who was AWESOME and nowhere near as expensive as others. www.sianphoto.com -- he was amazing! In no way did he cut corner and he just happened to be less expensive than others. If you are thinking of giving gifts or welcome bags, think about using cheaptotes.com and giving them an image to screenprint. It's a personalized, unique gift that will totally keep costs down! The mariachis are totally fun, but they are slightly expensive! We got a great guitarist for about $400 for the ceremony - Javier Rojas jjrojas@prodigy.net.mx I found almost all the makeup artists were quite expensive, so we flew someone from home, which ended up being the same exact price. A DJ will certainly keep your costs down as compared to a band. But of course, that is totally based on what you prefer most. If you need more ideas - just drop a note!
  5. We got the video - and i cry every time i watch it. The music selection and the shot selection perfectly represents us!!
  6. We used him - he was amazing. Our wedding trailer looks like a movie. He was really professional and worked out a deal to also film our rehearsal dinner. He was very nice, professional, hardworking and talented.His pricing was similar to everyone else.
  7. We used DJ Mannia - they were great. The emcee, which we decided to add just a few days before the wedding, spoke perfect English and was essentially spearheading our band/dj coordination and keeping the videographer and photographer in the loop about the schedule. The music was great, everyone was on the dance floor the ENTIRE night.They really stuck by our guidelines and were very responsive to adjusting whenever we wanted to a different pace of music. I definitely recommend them.
  8. Agustin of Cinematic Riviera Maya was amazing. He did a great job and our wedding video literally looks like a film. I highly recommend him. Cinematic Riviera Maya / Agustin Lira /http://cinematicrivieramaya.com/ info@cinematicrivieramaya.com
  9. We visited Le Reve- it sounds right up your alley for what you're looking for. The inhouse coordinator was really great, very professional and friendly. The food was delicious, too, way above typical hotel or wedding food. We used Concepto Rosa for our wedding coordination. Mayalen@conceptorosa.com or emma@conceptorosa.com They have great taste, style and tons of fresh ideas!
  10. The photographer Christian Velazco shot our wedding in the Riviera Maya in March and his photos were amazing!! And he is very affordable!!! www.sianphoto.com // christian_velazco@hotmail.com Here are some photos that were featured in Wedding Channel: http://galleries.weddingchannel.com/Wedding-Details/104933/view.aspx?type=18&id=104933 Christian was fantastic -- his attitude and professionalism made him a dream to work with and his skills made the output (our wedding album) amazing!! He really captured the essence of our wedding, our emotions, our joy, our partying - everything! The photos are beautiful - photojournalistic, elegant and beautiful. My mom kept talking about how he was running around trying to get every single shot. He managed to be everywhere without being intrusive put my fiance at ease and we got FANTASTIC photos from it. Additionally, we were running late and some people, ahem, were getting stressed about it - but Christian was totally calm and collected, but really hustling and sprinting to get every single photos we wanted. He was a gem, such a professional and so sweet! He truly captured the energy of our dance floor - I didn't post many of those pics because our friends may not want to be on blogs But my husband and I crack up when we look at the album, because he caught everyone dancing their feet off, with the fog machine interrupting some shots and funny favors - truly hilarious! Also, because it is just him and his partner - the price ended up being much less than other companies. However, the lower cost does not impact the quality at all - we could not be more thrilled with how everything came out that I really wanted to post here to help future Mexico brides!! Feel free to message me with any questions!
  11. We did a boat ride - you can do it sunset or during the day. We booked through Crescent at Aquanauts and she did a great job getting us exactly the style of boat we wanted, that fit the right amount of people. It was a 30 person boat and she arranged the drinks and snacks for it. It was really really fun and not too expensive. She also arranges snorkeling or scuba trips if you are looking for something more action packed. Contact Crescent: info@aquanautsdiveshop.com
  12. We used Concepto Rosa - Emma and Mayalen over there are truly amazing. Our wedding was featured on the wedding channel and they did such a great job with picture and little details. The bouquets, tables, chuppah were gorgeous. They were accessible for meetings on skype, sending us photos as often as we requested. They were really really great, I could not recommend them enough! www.conceptorosa.com Emma@conceptorosa.com mayalen@conceptorosa.com Here is our wedding gallery: http://galleries.weddingchannel.com/Wedding-Details/104933/view.aspx?type=18&id=104933
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