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  1. I did love my experience but you ladies may want to take in account that I had mine almost a year ago.. I know wedding coordinators have changed since then which can affect your whole wedding. As far as people from the pool, yes, I did have people watching but everyone that watched mine was very well behaved so I guess it depends on which crowd you get.
  2. There is no rehearsal which was a little stressful but they told everyone what to do before the wedding and it turned out just fine we got married in the US before and then just did the religious ceremony down there. It was more expensive to do the civil and we wanted our vows to be said in English and I don't believe they are in the civil ceremon (at least they weren't w my friends) also, wasn't too fond of getting my blood taken hehe. I highly recommend your guests using a ravel agent. We didn't use ours for us specifically but it was so comforting knowing they were going to be take care of and all on the same flights or sometime around there and also their transportation was booked. Just makes it less stressful on you let me know if you have anymore questions. The Royal package was perfect. I had originally picke the Caprice but changed bc I agree with you, not much for the price increase.
  3. That's a good time. We had ours at 4:00 as well It honestly took me awhile to hear from a wedding coordinator and it sometimes gets frustrating but just keep in mind how many weddings they do a day/week/ etc so they are very busy... it is hard not to freak out but rest assure, everything comes out perfectly! I actually am not sure how long it took for the person to contact me after I reserved... it will be two different people who contact you. The lady who contacted me first was Sakura and she was in group sales I believe and then there is your wedding coordinator who will contact you later on. I recommend you just ask the person who contacts you first as many questions as she can answer (I knew she got tired of me) I chose the Royal package and it was a great chocie!
  4. emk415- I got married there last April and it was the best decision I could have made. We had about 25 of our friends come along and for your money, it is a great choice. Everyone had a great time, so much in fact that we are all going back this April You can go to the RIU Santa Fe website and actually see what dates are available for your wedding. You are allowed to reserve the wedding date through the website without a charge and will later be contacted by an event planner (not a wedding planner). The beach is very nice outside of the resort, however you are not allowed to swim in it. You can get in a put your feet in but the water is very rough. The best thing to do is take a water taxi (right outside of the resort around 5 bucks a person) to Medano beach which is just a short ride but is fun. My suggestion would be to request that you and all of your guest be put in building 7. It is the closest to the beach, pools, and where your wedding will take place. The resort is HUGE so this wasn't a problem. It is just much easier to communiate with people if you are all trying to plan stuff. I also recommend putting together little goodie arrival bags with a schedule of when your events take place (rehersal dinner, wedding etc) so that people have them upon arriving. The staff was great and passed out all of my bags without me being there. There are 4 pools I believe. The one that is further from the beach is more relaxing and for families and the ones closest to the beach are "party pools". Be prepared to have people watch your wedding. They turned down the music when the ceremony was taking place and everyone up there was very well behaved which I was very happy with. The resort will give you info on who to get your flowers from and they did an amazing job! I actually got my bridesmaid bouquets through Etsy because they were a litte pricey at the resort, esp for them not to be able to take them home. I showed the florist a picture of their bouquets and she was able to match the wedding flowers (real ones) perfectly.. she is very reliable and communicates and stays in contact with you... loved her. The restaurants are good... we had our rehersal dinner just at the main restaurant (Baja California) and had our after wedding dinner at the Steakhouse (it was very good and overlooked the ocean). I did my own makeup but got my hair done at the spa. She did a really great job! I took a picture of what I was wanting and she did it exactly the way it looked in the picture. This is the florist website (if they are still using the same one) . I acutally had a friend going who does photography on the side so I did not use their photographer. Golden011- I did not do a private receiption but I do know that you can rent out the disco room (club at the resort) I believe it is $500 for a DJ and 3 hours of the space. Here is the link to the Spa they use. www.renovaspa.com Photgraphy the resort uses.. www.myweddinginloscabos.com
  5. I am so sorry that I'm just seeing some of these posts. They do not provide a photographer in their packages, however they do have someone they recommend. I have a friend who ended up going to the wedding and take our pictures so that worked out well. I did my own makeup but I did have a lady in the salon do my hair. I took a picture I had found and she ended up doing it exactly like the picture. I was very impressed. I do have a friend who used Susan Morale and she looked gorgeous! I can see how she ended up contacting her but I believe she has a website, you may try that. Thank you so much for the compliments on my pictures, it was such a great time and I can assure it will be the wedding of all of your dreams!
  6. We had our dinner at the steakhouse. It was great. We do not do a party after. We all just went to Cabo Wabo. You are more than welcome to friend request me on fb my email is tiffanylramsey@gmail.com and look at my pics. Just write me a message first so I know who you are
  7. I'm sorry.. I just realized you said you couldn't search by email.. it is Tiffany Kelly and I am wearing a swimsuit on a swing at a beach
  8. my facebook email is TIFFANYLRAMSEY@GMAIL.COM We did the semiprivate dinner and it was really nice.. What time are you getting married? There were some people around towwards the end of our dinner but everyone was very nice and respectful.
  9. I did not have my makeup done at the spa but I did have my hair done there- I took a picture of what I wanted and it turned out exactly how the picture was. I got a mani/pedi and my hair done- a girl was in there getting her make up done and it looked really pretty though.
  10. Congratulations!!! You will absolutely love it!. Do not worry about any of the small stuff or people not responding to you promptly- once you get there, EVERYTHING is taken care of and it's absolutely perfect!! I wish I would not have stressed about so much stuff because it's all out of your hands.. Are you having a videoographer ? That was one of the only things I wish I would have done. Also, if you're wearing a flower make sure its on your right side so it shows in picture while you're at the alter, silly I know, but I did regret that. The dinner was great. We had ours at the steakhouse over looking the pool and it was so pretty for pictures! The cake, so so lol but it seems like all desserts f Mexico are like that. Just relax and have fun. They kind of just push u into it and then its over but I don't regret doing it this way at all. We did not rent out the disco or anything like that. After the wedding, we had our champagne on the beach and took a chair that they used for the wedding and tossed the garter and bouquet on the beach- it made for some pretty pictures. What colors are you planning on doing for the wedding? I think the only color or bows they have for the chair is purple, silver, and gold (by gold, it's very very gold) not something I would have liked but everyone has different tastes. I did purple and it was really pretty! I have a facebook under tiffanylramsey@gmail.com if you want to request me as a friend and you are more than welcome to look at my pics of the wedding- I LOVED MY FLOWERS ... anyway, let me know if you have any more questions
  11. We just had our wedding last Saturday. We used "when you got a good thing" lady antebellum
  12. Can't wait to hear how your wedding went!! I'm sure it was beautiful! Congratulations! : )
  13. Hey! I guess I am working with a different coordinator now... the person who replies is named Daniella or something like that.. but just so ya know, she said that yes, we can play a song during the sand ceremony. Just bring the cd or pod (which I'm sure you already knew).... what are you girls doing for your cake? I think we have chosen the white/vanilla cake with strawberry filling.. I have read that is pretty good as well as the just plain vanilla with vanilla filling.
  14. Oh, do you know what cake you are choosing? Or how many centerpieces?
  15. Thank you! I'm excited for you too!!! Time has flown and it's almost here!! =) I will definitely let you know what she says as soon as I hear something.
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