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  1. When budgeting- DONT skip out on a professional photographer- photos are the only memories you have- the difference between the hotel photographer and an outside one was huge! I used Juan Navarro (Very Good Price), For DJ we used DJ Bihan (hes a canadian in mexico) Kaci Hemiller- Yes, There is a disco in the basement of the front lobby we moved our party there after 10:30, its nothing special, but it was fun If any bride to be's want to see more photos of the resort, locations, wedding ideas add me to facebook, Laura-Ashley http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151877846135137.880178.534010136&type=3#!/laura.ashley.311 make sure you message me saying something about dreams tulum or I may not accept your friend request We had about 30 people at the wedding and I was able to have a budget of under $12,000 including everything (our trip, pre wedding party costs)
  2. Here are a few of my pics! We had the ceremony at the convention center terrace and reception on the far beach (that was a last minute change once I seen all the locations)
  3. http://www.juanphotos.com/blog/page/2/ Scroll down to "Laura and Brendan Dreams Tulum" to see our pictures!
  4. How does this webinar work? Is it like a chat room, or skype? Im not sure that my computer will work with it,
  5. Who is the cheapest you have found for flowers?? I found riviera maya flowers, but i havent recieved a email back, so i might need to look into using someone else, Help!!
  6. What was the floral vendor $120 fee for??? I thought you could just meet them in front of the hotel and take the flowers??
  7. May brides- post your wedding date! Then we can see whos dates are close together and maybe we can share left over decorations Mines May 2nd
  8. Dont you have to do buffet if you have more than 50 people?? I remember reading that somewhere on the wedding guide
  9. Was the steak good? someone told me that flank steak is super thin and the worst cut, i was thinking of chosing that appetizer aswell, would you have changed any of the items looking back now??
  10. "Dreams Tulum Weddings" facebook page- http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=11355401153 lets start making this page more active!!
  11. Question for past brides with dreams of love (silver package) -What did you choose for your following dinner options??? Appetizer- Salad- Main course - Desert- What did/didnt you like??
  12. So I messaged my wedding coordinator today to ask about floating lanterns in the dolphin pool durring the the reception, her response was that it was allowed, and that they would just have to set them up after 8pm when the pool is closed...... My reception starts at 6:30, so does this mean there may be people in the pool durring my reception?!?!?
  13. Could you girls post: Who your photographer was- How many hours it included- Cost- I really need to know which photographers i should start messaging, but would like to narrow it down by who i can get for around 4-5 hours for about $1800-$2300 Thanks ladies!
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