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  1. Hey Melino, I'm getting married the day before you on April 19th on the beach...might cross paths
  2. I really do wonder if you can really tell the difference. I do find $70 a little steep for petals...lol I have a few more months than you to figure it out. You'll have to let me know what you decide and how it turned out
  3. Hi hdinsmor I contacted Tai Flora also and mentioned the silk petals to her and she said that that look was "outdated". The price of really petals through them is $35 per pack and she suggested 2 packs. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about that. I might just spend the $70 and get the look I want. Just not sure what colors I want to go with.
  4. Thanks so much BeachBridein11...You've been great help I'll keep you posted
  5. What I meant by "does Grand Palladium deal with this Florist" was. do they have a problem with them coming onto the resort to decorate? Do you have to pay for a day pass? If that's the route I decide to take, do I figure it out with my WC? How did you communicate with Tai Flora? So many questions..LOL
  6. Is Tai Flora the Flower Shop that the Grand Palladium deals with? Have you seen what the Sapphire package looks like? I'm just looking at making the ceremony really pretty since I'm not having a private reception. I wonder if, I get my own flower from Tai Flora, I can bring them in to the restaurant we decide to have the supper at? Now you have me thinking...lol Thanks for the input. Wow your wedding is soon approaching...How exciting!!!!
  7. Oooops I meant to write the Poseidon or Italian
  8. Thank You so much for all that info....put my mind at ease a little. The color I picked for my girls is Aqua Blue and the men will be in white button up shirts and beige shorts or pants (because you have to wear pants in the restaurants, right?) I'm thinking for the reception we'd go with the r maybe the Italian....those seem like a common choice. I'm excited to work with Nekeisha, sounds like she's pretty great. Wear would I find pictures of previous weddings? Thanks Again
  9. Reading your review has got me so excited for the big day....Thanks for sharing
  10. Hello Brides, I just recently booked my wedding at the GPLH for April19th 2012. I'm extremely excited but also very nervous. We have 36 people booked so far. I was wondering if any of you have booked the Sapphire Package. I can't find pictures of that package. I think I'm looking at taking the Island Pearl Package. Any suggestions? We're going to be booking a dinner at one of the restaurants. We're not going private. A little to costly. Anyone have any suggestions as to which restaurant we should ask for? Also is anyone dealing with Nekeisha the WC. She seems pretty good but I guess she's pretty new. Thanks for all your input Ladies
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