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    Any Spring 2012 Brides getting married in St. Thomas?

    sorry it has taken so long to get back to you! we are going through perfect weddings of st thomas and they have a package where they pick you up in the morning to bring you to courthouse (bride and groom) then we will go back to the ship and change...i will arrive to limetree beach with my bridesmaids after everyone else gets transported over. if you are interested...i am working with celestina and the web site is www.perfectweddingsofstthomas.com and she has been fabulous! always responds within a couple hours and she will give you her direct cell# so she will answer you calls even on weekends or at home with her family. otherwise it just depends on if the place you are getting married has a changing facility...i know emerald beach rents a bridal room for $90 in their hotel...but let me know if you have any other questions :-)
  2. Linzbrea425

    Any Spring 2012 Brides getting married in St. Thomas?

    ya, this was the first dress I tried on...and the last! I dound it when I started looking online and made an appt to try it on locally. it fits amazing...well they pinned it for me since it was too big in the store, but it is gorgeous in person! it is around $800-850 for the real designer dress. They make a lot of cheap 'fake' ones online, so be careful of that! If you go through a local bridal store or the actual Maggie Sottero website, that is probably the best bet - but they are taking up to 6months to get in - so plan for that! Go for St. Thomas...it is so gorgeous and still the US so no passports are necessary! http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?style=RD1044 - click where to buy to find local place Good luck with planning! Hope you like the dress :-)
  3. Linzbrea425

    Any Spring 2012 Brides getting married in St. Thomas?

    nice! love the magnet idea! we are actually going with message in the bottle invites (skipping save the dates and just sending invites out soon). we r going to make our own invitations - bought parchment paper that you burn to look like old scrolls...sand and shells in bottle - going to b soooo much work! but yea, cant wait for st thomas...itll b here soon :-) good luck with your planning!
  4. Linzbrea425

    Any Spring 2012 Brides getting married in St. Thomas?

    My fiance and I are getting married in St. Thomas on 3.1.12 via the Ruby Princess too! I am so glad I found this thread because I have been so frustrated with finding a coordinator on the island...thank you for mentioning the two individuals above :-) and also the photographer...her website looks amazing!! Has anyone sent out save the dates yet? I designed a boarding pass one, but wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas. If anyone is looking for a dress...Maggie Sottero has a destination collection that is absolutely amazing! I ordered mine (rd1044) and am so excited to get it...for a beach wedding her dresses are perfect!
  5. Linzbrea425

    Maggie RD1044 Brides

    I am sooooo excited to get my dress in october...you all look gorgeous in it!!!
  6. Linzbrea425

    Any Spring 2012 Brides getting married in St. Thomas?

    My fiance and I are getting married in St Thomas march 1, 2012 via the Princess Ruby :-) I have been looking into coordinators on the island to plan the wedding...so glad i came across this thread! I love limetree beach - the pics look AMAZING!!! Emerald beach also looks beautiful. I have been to Magens Bay and it is pretty, but it really is busy and limetree and emerald is really close to the shipping docks - so that's nice. Are any of you having a reception on the island? Nolacruiser6, are you going anywhere specific for lunch? if you know of a great place, please share! I wanted to do a toast and light snacks on the beach following the ceremony - that way everyone can still see the island and we will should be done in under 2 hours. We are going to have a Grooms Dinner on the ship the evening prior to the wedding day - so that's gonna be the more 'formal' get-together...I am excited to have a nice and relaxing wedding day! and take my groom back to our room and have a romantic dinner served on our balcony - they can set all that up! So happy you found a coordinator that you are happy with...I have tried talking to 2 different ones but i dont feel confident in them. I may have to look into island bliss and perfect weddings...if they have a referral discount - i will mention you! i looked at the Elisha Orin web site and wow! i want an amazing photographer...so thank you for sharing what you have found! Have any of you found any dresses? I found my perfect dress in the destination collection for maggie sottero (rd1044) - she is fabulous! perfect beach dresses...in case you are still looking! Have any of you sent out save the dates? i have designed a boarding pass one, but thought id ask what other ideas you may have...:-)