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  1. I need help ladies... Does anyone know who the designer of this dress is?? I found it on a knock-off website, but would like to see the original in person. Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. Hello Ladies!!! Quick question... How did you press/steam your dress? Does the hotel provide the service? If so, how much do they charge?? If they didn't, how did you go about getting it pressed/steamed?? Thanks!!!
  3. The email Silvia sends everything from is weddings@iberostar.com.jm Hopefully she will get back to you!!!!
  4. I have been working with Silvia at the Beach resort and I have a few concerns.... 1. We have repeatedly told her that we are getting legally married in the US before coming to Jamaica. She has yet to confirm this change and keeps sending us the reminders to send her the info to get a marriage license. I really need to know what she needs from us to do the Blessing of Vows Ceremony. 2. She sent me two emails telling me to see the attached documents, but in fact no documents were attached. I have asked her numerous times to re-send. 3. I can never seem to get anyone on the phone. Can anyone shed some light on how she operates?? My wedding isn't until next June, I am just concerned I am going to miss something that is important to my big day!!! ***Also, what travel agents have you guys used to book your guest packages?
  5. I am thinking of booking Marcia for my June 24 wedding. She gave me the option of two different packages... One was $1000 and the other was $1500.
  6. Let's hear for the 2012 Brides!!! I am getting married June 24, 2012 @ Iberostar Rose Hall Beach. So far we have about 25 confirmed guest and counting!!! We are SUPER excited!!!
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