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  1. Hey Ladies! I got married at the Grand on Oct 6th... it was awesome! I used Misha Earle for my photographer- her work is fabulous & she's a great person too! Raschel Edwards- for my makeup- Her work in my opinion is the best & she's super sharp & sweet Ravon Rhoden- best part of my trip was him & his band! Even sources from the hotel said he is the best on the island. He's super fun to work with too!! We hired him to do the meet & greet the night before the wedding! I hired the hotel to do my hair and they were great too! If I could do it over I'd prbly hire Raschel and her team to do it b/c it would make my life easier & with them I wouldn't need a trial There are A LOT of weddings at the Grand- out of the 8 days I was there I think there were 6 weddings. Everything is planned pretty much a couple weeks before the wedding. The wedding consultants are really great once you are there- as soon as I arrived they were there for me. Rev. Gordon was great too during the ceremony- he has done over 15k weddings- he does a couple a day sometimes. It's a fun ceremony- not a cry fest or anything which is soooo nice. I hired the hotel to do my hair and they were great too! If I could do it over I'd prbly hire Raschel and her team to do it b/c it would make my life easier & with them I wouldn't need a trial Obviously nothing really ran completely smooth- but I really didn't care when I was there. Like the front desk told my grandmom and aunt the wrong time for the cocktail hour so they missed it- but honestly I was having so much fun dancing in my own world that I really didn't care lol. Not enough spa appts were made- no problem mon- i really didn't care- i was in paradise. Once I walked over the the Suites I may have stayed 10 mins and walked back- then i visited the beaches and seriously found it disgusting- i'd rather stay home then go there- people were actually snorting some white powder in the lobby... it was like a mcdonalds but grosser lol. SOOOOO highly recommend staying at the grand for sure!!!
  2. hey ladies! I've tried everything- but nothing worked- the Grand will not honor any of the prices from when I booked my wedding in August of 2011. I guess we will just have to move on. I will continue to bash them so brides don't book at the Grand. I recommend having your wedding off site. I'm trying to look into offsite and use their free ceremony.
  3. So I posted on the Iberostar Spanish facebook and then they told me to email them- i did- and they said they would forward it. and i got nothing. it's been like a week now. i was a mess for a couple days. i felt like my entire wedding- my vision was ruined. i'm just glad i'm not alone. i chose iberostar because i had the freedom- if i wanted a cookie cutter wedding then i would have went with sandals. Oh and you won't even believe this- after i wrote the grand and told them i would be looking into having the wedding off property the next email i received is "I've been out of the office i will see what i can do" then not a day later I received a time sheet from Iberostar- for me to fill out so they can start planning the wedding. huh???? like did they not understand anything that i said to them???? has anyone else reached out? If she is willing to see what she can do maybe the message is being received????
  4. email iberostar- power in numbers ladies! use their facebook page and twitter and tripadvisor. iberostarsm@iberostar.com that's the email!!! let's do it!! We will send this information to our colleagues and give you an answer as soon as they answer us back. Best wishes, The Iberostar Team -----Mensaje original----- De: Jen Wilson from Mary Kay [mailto:jenwilson723@hotmail.com] Enviado el: mié 1/18/2012 6:14 Para: Iberostarsm Asunto: getting married at the Iberostar Grand Thank you for responding to my facebook message that I posted on the wall. I have my date set to get married at the Iberostar Grand for October 6, 2012. I understand that prices do change but the price increase has left me boggled. I have been 100% excited to get married at the resort until I found out the price increases yesterday. I didn't think it was possible when I started receiving messages from other brides about how I can't book my own DJ anymore or florist- that is why I chose the Iberostar so I can have freedom to plan my wedding. I also started receiving irate emails from brides that said the prices went up on the one restaurant from $1750 to $3000 .... really? I didn't believe it. The Port Maria is the restaurant that I wanted to book but the prices are too high now. Also, how was I supposed to know that I couldn't book outside vendors- this policy randomly changed sometime in 2011- well, I already booked my vendors. I thought when I booked my date I was locked in for the prices that were at that time. I even referred a bride to get married at the Iberostar Suites for August. I'm actually in the bridal industry and work with brides every single day and I could easily refer them over to the Iberostar but not anymore. If something doesn't get fixed I will personally make it known to everyone I work with in the industry to never send a single person to any Iberostar resort. I honestly feel as if my wedding is ruined and my dream is as well. I emailed the wedding consultant at the Grand and told her that I will be looking to have my reception off the property and I called my travel agent (she has sent many brides to iberostar and never experienced any of the lack of customer service) to see what can be done as to having my wedding somewhere else. Honestly the only support that I have received from the Iberostar was the comment that told me to reach out and email this address. Thank you for your time! Jennifer Wilson
  5. hey ladies! Do you all know that the Grand has changed everything??? NO outside florists!! No outside steel drum vendors- or DJS!!! We have to have Tai Flora-- ru kidding me?? And The house DJ!???? this is unreal!!!! Do you know the prices went up from $1700 to rent the Port Maria to $3000!!!!! that is outrageous!!! I posted on Iberostar facebook page- i posted on tripadvisor. The prices are ruining my wedding. I went with Iberostar because of the freedom to select vendors and now I'm completely screwed. The thing is I booked most of my vendors- now what. How was I supposed to know about that. And the steel drums were $200 an hour to book now with the hotel it is $450 an hour to book. Well, they are losing my business- any ideas of where to have a wedding or reception off property?
  6. What?!!! Wanted to book kevan as well. So we can't do that now?! What do they mean no outside vendors? I wanted to book ravone (sp??) directly. This hotel is seriously pissing me off.
  7. 10.6.12 added Married!!!! 6.30.2011 – mrsdeloatch2be – Suites 7.13.2011 – daisymable – Suites 8.28.2011 - MrsWashington11 9.8.2011 - QTPie11 - Suites 9.9.2011 – Islandgirl910 – Suites 9.10.2011 – toiinlove – Grand 10.8.2011 – futuremrstgun – Beach 10.30.2011 – nolabride78 (Stacy & Raymond) 11.6.2011 – pmwoodard1978 (Paula & xx) – Beach 11.6.2011 - ErinDoc (Erin & Bryan) - Suites 11.11.2011 – mrsgreene2011 (Jeanine & Reuben) – Suites 11.14.2011 - Sn2bMrsMarshall (Eric & Sheena) - Beach 11.16.2011 – starrysim – Beach 11.20.2011 - lianac (Liana & Jeff) - Suites 11.24.2011 – Bride2be – Suites 12.3.2011- DeAngelis2be (Christine & Joseph)- Grand 12.5.2011 - Marlena (Marlena & Brian) Beach 12.6.2011 – Kimberli1211 (Kim & Coleman) – Suites 2012 Brides 1.9.2012 – daizyduke – Suites 1.18.2012 - RyGuysBride - Suites 1.18.2012 - nikadawn - Beach 2.2.2012 – shanas (Shana & Brian) – Beach 2.11.2012 - bmaxam12 - Suites 2.17.2012 - butyfuldreamer - Suites 2.22.2012 - X-Tina - Suites 2.23.2012 - Luvmoo (Jen & Bobbie) - Beach 2.24.2012 – hayjk – Suites 2.26.2012 – bjcs21 – Suites 3.19.2012-Saskbride2012 (Kari&Sean) = Suites 4.18.2012 – cGd41812 – Suites 4.27.2012 - Jamaica2012 - Beach 5.12.2012- photolvr77- Suites 5.14.2012 - poddoc - Beach 5.25.2012 - MissHoneyBee - Grand 5.30.2012 – MoBayBride2B – Suites 6.8.2012 – sunshine2413 (Shannon & Maurell) - Grand 6.9.2012 - Sj4680 (Susan & Kyle) - Grand 6.10.2012 - Leah 22 - Grand 6.22.2012 – dcrow55 – Suites 6.23.2012 - fungirl97 - Suites 7.1.2012 – JADE28 (Charene & Kevin) – Suites 7.7.2012 – JamaicaSukie – Suites 7.13.2012 - tdotey (Tomi & Kevin) - Beach 7.22.2012 – IslandBride201x (Kim & Eric) – Suites 7.22.2012 – MrsDesz – Beach 7.23.2012 – IslandBride12 - Suites 7.30.2012 - noreenp79 - Suites 8.24.2012 – Kadijah – Suites 10.6.2012- Jen723 -Grand 10.7.2012 - mcolon722 - Suites 11.11.2012- meeshamillz - Beach 11.11.2012 – futuremrsclark (Megan & Nick) – Suites 12.3.2012 - Sjay (Sarah & Nelson) - Suites 2013 Brides 2.21.2013 - Cateyedcutie (Monique & Robert) - Grand 6.5.2013- amybutz89- Suites 6.2.2013 - Lillove81 - Suites
  8. question- so i'm so confused on where to have the reception. I have 26 people going so I can't have it on the beach b/c i need at least 30? i can't have it at port maria bc i need at least 30? i'm confused - do i just reserve a restaurant or???
  9. anyone know what kind of bouquet is included in the free wedding package? I don't want a tiny bouquet. thanks
  10. Hey Susan! So how are you working things? Are you having a reception? I'm not sure if it makes sense to me since its all inclusive. Are you renting out the disco or having a bonfire? I need help on trying to figure things out. thanks
  11. just booked! Oct 6, 2012! Excited but now I have to figure it all out!
  12. I'm having the same issue! When I showed my friends the prices they don't want to go! But my fiances friends said they would. But they are more established
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