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  1. Just curious if anyone has looked into the new Paradisus resorts being built in Playa del Carmen? Looks like they are scheduled to open in Nov 2011. http://www.paradisusplayadelcarmen.com/ I was looking into the Paradisus in Punta Cana but when I ran across there new resorts I was floored. They look amazing! Any 2012-2013 brides look into weddings here? I would assume the packages would be similar to PPC.
  2. I brought all the petals with me. I had ordered them from a website and to be honest I have no idea which one it was. But I ordered A LOT of them. Buy more than you think you need if using for decorating. Just google "rose petals" and there will be a bunch of sites that pop up
  3. It is http://www.adventurephotosmx.com/ Check out Sascha Gluck. He was actually less expensive in total when you factor in the extra hours you'll have to pay for with AdventurePhotos and the cost of getting your photos on DVD (keep in mind the package only gives you a certain # of photos in an album. No actual photos or dvd with pics). Sascha's price includes ALL pics which he send to you on a zip drive. You canc check out my Now Jade review as well as my review for Sascha Gluck to see photos. PS. We did use our photos that came in the Eternity Package with AdventurePhotos. We just used them for a TTD session instead. Here is the link to see our TTD session with AdventurePhotos: http://brewster-17-05-12.nowjade.adventurephotos.com.mx/ (keep in mind this isn't how they do their wedding photos and we asked them to take us to Maroma Beach to shoot at an abandoned house... but if you are looking for a TTD session, they were great!)
  4. To answer the rose petal question: I brought a TON of fake petals with me (not freeze dried). It is very windy and they just blow around (I was on the Pergola) but Deisy sprinked some right before I was ready to walk down the aisle. They also put some on the Mix Bar set up for the cocktail reception and they used a bunch for the table settings for the actual reception inside. So yes, they will use them...wherever you want!
  5. Ditto to what KitKat said. They say they do max 2 weddings a day but I saw three at one point (can't remember which day it was). Mine was on a Wednesday. I've gone to 3 destination weddings (not including my own) and one coming up in October....all of them were on a Thursday! So I guess that must be a pretty popular day. Honestly, pick whatever day works for you. Maybe there is a date with more meaning for you both, or just a date you will always remember (since it will be your anniversary!) People have to come down for at least a few days since they are flying all the way to Mexico. Unless you are scheduling around a holiday, the actual day may not make much of a difference.
  6. Congrats on booking! You do give them your location choices when putting down the deposit, however they can be changed at any point as long as they are available. We changed our location from the beach to the Pergola 3 weeks before our wedding. So, I wouldn't stress about it too much. Just look at pictures from past brides to see where you want the ceremony: Beach, Pergola or fountain (I believe those are the three main choices). You definitely want your cocktail reception at the Mix Bar. Its the best.... perfect location with great ocean views an your own private bar. They will even plug in your iPod and play your own music. Reception is either inside at the Bamboo room, on the terrance or in one of the restaurants (those seem to be the 3 places most brides choose). They tell you not to chose the beach as its windy (who wants sand in their food) and there are sand flies, etc. The terrace looked very nice but on the smaller side. If we had a bigger group I would have chosen Castaways for sure.
  7. You know... the beach is something that was very important to us and if you are looking for a swimable, non-rocky beach I would suggest staying north in Cancun. The beaches in the Riviera Maya tend to be rocky. Now Jade did have a small area on the non-preferred side that was more clear of rocks than the rest of the beach. The actual beaches are nice...just rocky once in the water. I've stayed from Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos down to Tulum and most were rocky beaches (with the exception of Maroma Beach....if you an afford Secrets Maroma...book it!) Cancun beaches are more wide, flat and hardly any rocks if any at all. If thats something extremely important then Now Jade may not be your place. Keep in mind, the majority of your time will probably be spent in and around the pool areas. If your family and friends are "pool people" then this is an excellent resort.
  8. If you rent the sound system (which you most likely have to if you want music played for the ceremony) you can use it during your reception dinner (provided you are in a private area). We had our reception dinner at the Mexican Restaurant and it happened to be closed for the night. They set up the sound system and we got to dance with the songs on my iPod!
  9. Oh wow, you both got your videos already? I was still waiting on my video!!!! Umi, I just watched your video and it made me tear up! I really loved the rain. I think it made for such a beautiful setting Katie, I want to see your video!!!!
  10. You don't get actual pictures, you get a photobook. I think ours came with maybe 30 pictures. We used the resort picture package for our trash the dress session and hired an outside photographer for the actual wedding. I would strongly recommend this. The amount you'll end up paying to get prints and/or pictures on a disk with the resort photographer could easily just be used to hire a local photographer. It is just a suggestion but I firmly believe that hiring our photographer was the best investment we made out of the entire wedding. In 10 years from now you won't have your flowers or decorations or maybe even your dress... but you will have those photos!
  11. It is free if you chose the buffet. If you want one of the other restaurants, the info says around $20 a person after the first 10 people. For some reason ours was around $14 per person. I didn't question it!
  12. Hi Shannon, No we brought our own Sand Ceremony kit with us. We had it engraved and everything...and then we left it at the resort when we were rushing to pack All you really need are a few glass bottles and technically you could use sand from the beach! No one has to know. But sand ceremony kits are fairly inexpensive. We ordered ours online. Lots of luck!!! Kerri
  13. Hi Umi, Customs was easy. We literally brought 8 bags down (2 were full of wedding things) and they just asked us "are you getting married in Mexico?" I said yes and that was it. I am sure they deal with it every day so don't even worry about it. The weather was...okay. We got there on a Friday and it was sunny and perfect until Monday (when our guests arrived). I think it rained Tuesday. Was over cast Wednesday (day of our wedding) and was cloudy again by Thursday evening. We stayed another week up in Cancun and it took another 3 days to finally clear. You can't predict the weather. Just relax and have fun and go with the flow. We joked that we would just get married on the balcony in our room if it rained! LOL Hey a rainy day in Mexico is better than a sunny day stuck at home! You know, we did have a tip for Pilar with a card but aside from the short planning meeting, we didnt see her at all. We ended up using that cash to tip all the bartenders and waitstaff who helped out our party. Enjoy your Wedding next week! It will go by so fast. Looking forward to your pictures
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    Now Jade 2012 Bride

    Just finished my resort/wedding review. Please feel free to ask me any questions you like and hopefully it will help some of you future Now Jade brides:) http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-riviera-cancun-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews/6112
  15. Just finished my resort/wedding review. Please feel free to ask me any questions you like and hopefully it will help some of you future Now Jade brides:) http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-riviera-cancun-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews/6112
  16. Just finished my resort/wedding review. Please feel free to ask me any questions you like and hopefully it will help some of you future Now Jade brides:) http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-riviera-cancun-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews/6112
  17. We just got back from our 2 week wedding/honeymoon fiesta and Now Jade was great. If you have any questions just let me know. I am hoping to get a review done this afternoon. For those who had questions about the onsite photographer: We used a local photographer for the wedding whose work was amazing but still fairly inexpensive (Sascha Gluck) and I cannot say enough wonderful things about him. I HIGHLY suggest an outside photographer for the actual wedding. The charge was supposed to be $65 per person (photographer and his assistant) to come on site that day but Pilar never put it on our bill. Since we had gotten a wedding package with photography we decided to use AdventurePhoto (the resort's onsite photographer) for a Trash The Dress session. I went to look at their work and was not impressed with the wedding photos at all. Very typical, posed photography. If you are into the more journalistic approach, I suggest you look for an outside photographer. However, they did an AMAZING job on the TTD session. We requested to go to Maroma to shoot at an abandoned house and the pictures were phenomenal. I wish I had some to share right now! They drove us out there (about 25 min away, no extra charge) and spent an hour shooting at the house, around the land and then on the beach. If you google "abandoned house Secrets Maroma" you can probably find some pictures to get an idea. When we were picking out the photos they took for our book everyone around said it was the coolest location they had seen. If you are interested, speak to Anthony at AdventurePhotos and he can set it up for you.
  18. I have to admit, I have been lurking around these boards for sometime. There is some good information out there in regards to weight loss/exercise and then there is some "mis-information" that makes me cringe! We all want to look good on our wedding day. That is a given! But all of our goals are different. Some want to lose 50 lbs. Some want to drop their body fat percentage to 16%, some just want to get into a healthy exercise routine. Whatever is it....the first step is making a goal AND making it realistic. If you want to drop 2 dress sizes but aren't willing to change your diet, then you probably need to adjust your goal. There's nothing wrong with that. It just comes down to how motivated you are to achieving your goals. Make the right goal for yourself, for the amount of time you have to give and for the sacrifices you are willing to make to achieve it. I am currently a group fitness instructor and have trained in the past. My fitness coach and mentor has been in the business for 30+ years and now trains bikini and figure competitors as well as created her own fitness program called Dancer Body Fitness. I am lucky enough to be given amazing diet/fitness advice and I'm happy to share it for those who are interested in diet, exercise or just need a place to start from. The most important thing (and this has been mentioned a few times on the boards before...but probably not enough!) is your diet. Your diet plays about a 70-80% role in in your weight loss/fitness goals. I personally think diet is harder than any pushup, pullup, class, bootcamp, etc. It involves making healthy choices every minute of the day. Below is a link to an article that gives a great 5 day diet plan. http://www.fitnessrxmag.com/nutrition/fat-loss/1279-eat-more-lose-more.html You'll see the key is in eating 5-6 small meals a day. You don't need to eat the same thing day in and day out. But you will notice certain staple foods in your diet. For me its egg whites, oatmeal, chicken, grapefruit and asparagus. I eat a lot of these. For you it might be something else. Every meal should be very high in protein (try for 20g) and very low in sugar. You want to keep your blood sugar regulated throughout the day so you don't have spikes and then lows...causing cravings for sugar. It is not easy. You have to make the choice on a daily basis to eat healthy. There are days when I crave pizza so badly. If you have a craving for something, think about how hungry you are. Could you eat a piece of chicken instead? If the answer is no, your body isnt starving..you are just craving something unhealthy. Drink some water or eat a healthy snack and the feeling will usually pass. Now for exercise...the "fun" part. For your cardio exercise I suggest finding something you enjoy doing. If you love to run (and I am NOT one of these people) then run, go roller blading, play a sport, dance....whatever fun activity you can find that will make you smile and sweat at the same time...do it! I love to dance. So I started taking dance classes as well as dance cardio classes. I loved it so much I started teaching Zumba. Its an excellent way to burn a lot of calories in 60 minutes while having fun. Find something fun...and do it. 3-6 times a week. If you want to lose weight but also don't want to see flabby arms and thighs you need to incorporate weights. This is so important for most women and they don't even realize it. Just something as simple as toning your shoulders will really change the way your body looks. Shoulders, biceps, triceps, hamstrings and glutes are the major muscles I work weekly. Core exercises should be built into all your weight training. It helps you in all other workouts and it works your abs.... and who doesn't want awesome abs! Low weights and longer reps build long, lean muscles (not bulky!). 3lb and 5 lb weights are really all you need to get toned. You might be using a 5lb weight for a bicep exercise...but you are doing it for 3 minutes. I had my fiance (who lifts regularly at the gym) do some shoulder exercises with me. He laughed at the 5 lb weight at first... but he was dying after 2 minutes and I kept on going. (Moral of the story: strength should not be defined by how heavy your weights are!) Also, make sure you have proper form so you don't strain or cause injury to yourself. This is also much easier when using lighter weights. Pay attention to all those big guys at the gym throwing weights around. A lot of them have horrible form and have no idea what they are doing! I hope all of you ladies achieve the goals you set for yourself for your wedding day! This is a great forum which allows us to chat and support one another. Take advantage of all the information out there!!!!! Please feel free to share the exercises that motivate you. Maybe someone else will be reading and think "hey thats an awesome idea!" and now you've just helped someone get a little closer to their goals
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    Weight Loss Advice from a Fitness Instructor...

    That is awesome. I totally prefer classes. I haven't touched a machine aside from the stairmaster in years! Body pump and kickboxing are awesome for sculpting! You will make your goal in no time going 3-4 times a week. Check out www.bodyrock.tv These are high intensity training workouts that require little to no equiptment and can be done at the gym (or outside or at home). I am writing down a few of them to use during our wedding/honeymoon. They can totally be done at the resort gym or in the hotel room! You do one of those workouts at the gym in 5-10min and you are done! No boring equiptment needed
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    Weight Loss Advice from a Fitness Instructor...

    I am 5'3 too (yay for the short girls!) and when I started working out and losing weight with a purpose I was about 122 lbs and about 22-23% body fat. I have gotten down to about 13.5% in the last few months so anything is possible! Honestly, diet is the key. You can do cardio and weights till you are blue in the face but if your diet is poor, you will never get the resuts you want. I am not sure what your excersie plan is, but I know that everyone's body is different and responds differently to different programs. You may have to try out a few different things at the beginning. I do a combo of cardio dance classes (3-4 a week), mixed with 3 days a week of a a stength and cardio interval based fitness program (light weights, low reps, and plyometics stuff). So I've got my cardio, Ive got my strength training and then I throw in a TRX class for some resistance training and serious core strengthening. If you can find someone to show you some workouts on the TRX...do! Its probably the only thing that leaves my abs sore and Ive seen results right away. Another fun workout for the "rear view" is the Brazil Butt Lift workout. I think women look best in a bikini when then have developed shoulders and a sculpted booty and hamstrings. I tend to focus ont hose the most. And the Brazil Butt Lift videos are actually a great workout. Check em out if you have a friend who has them or maybe you can even youtube them. Good website to find your BMI: http://www.halls.md/body-mass-index/bmi.htm (keep in mind this is different than your body fat%). I think your body fat percentage is the best indicator of actual weight loss since you could drop a lot of water weight at first without actually losing fat. I wish you lots and lots of success for your fitness goals. Just find ways to stay motivated daily. Even keep a photo journal of your progress so you can look back even a month from now and see the changes!!!!
  21. I asked the resort photographer about the abandoned houses and they told me there were not any in PM. However, I requested to go to Maroma Beach for our TTD session since there is at least one there (I think its near Secrets Maroma). I'll be down there in less than two weeks so I will let you know what I see and of course share some pics!
  22. I just want to thank everyone for their contributions to this thread over the past few years. I was able to find some great ceremony scripts from this site as well as the internet and piece together a very meaningful ceremony, and for me the most important part of the wedding day. I just wanted to contribute mine to the thread .....in case anyone is looking for a more Christian-based ceremony (non-legal) OPENNING WORDS Minister: Dear friends and family, it is with great affection for Nathan and Kerri that we have gathered here today to witness and bless their union in marriage. Nothing is sweeter than love, nothing more courageous, nothing higher, nothing wider, nothing more pleasant, nothing fuller or better in heaven or earth, because love is born of God and cannot rest but in God; it is above all created things. Love is the reason we are here today. Nathan and Kerri are filled with gratitude to each and every one of you here today for the love, friendship and support that you have given them throughout their lives, and they would like to thank you for making the effort to be here today. You are all a very important part of who they are. Each of you holds a special place in their hearts, and they would not have wanted to make this important commitment without your being here to share it with them. VOWS OF SUPPORT (Minister calls both sets of parents forward) Minister: To the parents of Nathan and Kerri, although they have embarked on this marriage through personal choice, their marriage will be enriched by the families from which they come. With this in mind, I ask you John and Jill, to take this man Nathan into your hearts, that he might live from this day as your son. If so answer “we doâ€. Bride’s Parents: We Do Minister: And to you Jon and Lynnel, I ask the same, that you take this woman Kerri into your hearts, that she might live from this day as your daughter. If so answer “we doâ€. Groom’s Parents: We Do Minister: We now ask that the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom step forward and each pour a layer of sand representing the foundations of your lives and marriage. (The mothers take the white sand and pour a small amount into the larger container. Parents take their seats and bride and groom face Minister) CHALLENGE TO THE BRIDE AND GROOM Minister: Nathan and Kerri, our God of love has established marriage as the symbol of Christ’s perfect relationship to His Body, the Church. We have come to bring you as one before Him. Nathan, God has ordained the man as the spiritual head, as the responsible provider and as the initiator of love in this human relationship Kerri, it is God’s purpose that you be a loving wife, that you respond to Nathan’s love in tenderness with a deep sense of understanding, through a great faith in Christ who brought you together. . Nathan and Kerri, Christian marriage is not living merely for each other; it is two uniting and joining hands to serve God. Seek His kingdom first, and His righteousness, and He will add all other things to you. Do not expect perfection from each other. Perfection belongs solely to God. You need not minimize each other’s weaknesses, but always be swift to praise and magnify each other’s points of comeliness and strength and see each other through kind and patient eyes. God will lead you into such situations and will bless you and develop your character as you walk together. He will give you enough tears to keep you tender, enough hurts to keep you compassionate, enough failure to keep your hands clenched tightly to His, and enough success to make sure you walk with Him. Minister: Nathan, have you in the quiet hours of your companionship considered what is your Christian duty as a husband? Groom: I have. Minister: Kerri, have you in the quiet hours of your companionship considered what is your Christian duty as a wife? Bride: I have. Minister: Nathan and Kerri, you stand before us as children of God, redeemed through Jesus Christ. Is it your purpose to establish a home that is truly Christ-centered, where the Word of god is read and obeyed; a home that is welded together by prayer in which the Holy Spirit is your constant guide? Bride and Groom: It is. Minister: Nathan and Kerri, as an expression that you are joined together in love would you please face each other and join your hands. BLESSING OF THE HANDS Minister: Kerri, please hold Nathan’s hands palms up so you may see the gift that they are to you. These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and full of love for you, that they are holding yours on your wedding day, as he promises to passionately love you and cherish you through the years, for a lifetime of happiness. These are the hands that will work alongside yours, as together you build your future, as you laugh and cry, as you share your inner most secrets and dreams. These are the hands that will countless times wipe the tears from your eyes; tears of sorrow and tears of joy. And these are the hands that when wrinkled and aged will still be reaching for yours, still giving you the same unspoken tenderness with just a touch. Minister: Nathan would you please hold Kerri’s hands palms up so you may see the gift that they are to you. These are the hands of your best friend, smooth, young and carefree, that are holding yours on your wedding day, as she promises to passionately love you and cherish you through the years, for a lifetime of happiness. These are the hands that will hold you tight as you struggle through difficult times. These are the hands that will comfort you when you are sick or console you when you are grieving. And these are the hands that will give you support as she encourages you to chase down your dreams. Minister: Together as a team, everything you wish for can be realized. Our prayer today is that both of you will use these hands to build a marriage where all your dreams come true. PRAYER Minister: Let us bow our heads in prayer. Heavenly Father, please guide Nathan and Kerri and walk beside them together as husband and wife. Give them enough grace and love to forgive each other during those turbulent times in their relationship. Grant them also the gift of celebration so they can enjoy the many happy times they will share together. Lord, grant their love for each other be as beautiful as it is in this hour, and may it grow deeper and stronger in the years ahead. Amen. VOWS Minister: Nathan and Kerri will now share the vows they have written to each other…… BLESSING OF RINGS Minister: The wedding ring traditionally is a symbol of the unbroken circle of love as it has neither beginning nor end. It should always remind those who wear it of the sacredness of marriage and of the love that feeds it. Minister: Lord, please bless these rings that Nathan and Kerri are about to exchange. May these rings forever remind them of their covenant with one another, as well as the circle of love they have publicly created here today. May their compassion and kindness for one another always be like these rings, with no beginning and no end. May the precious metal remind them of their precious commitment, and if either begins to tarnish, may they joyfully undertake the sacred duty to make it shine brightly again. May their relationship always be like these rings, separate but close, simple but beautiful. May these rings always belong to their hands, and their love always belong in each other’s hearts. Amen Minister: Nathan as you place this ring on Kerri’s finger please repeat after me: “Kerri, with all that I am and all that I have, I give you this ring as a symbol of my everlasting love.†(Nathan repeats) Minister: Kerri, as you place this ring on Nathan’s finger please repeat after me: “Nathan, with all that I am and all that I have, I give you this ring as a symbol of my everlasting love.†(Kerri repeats) SAND CEREMONY Minister: Nathan and Kerri, you have just sealed your relationship by the giving and receiving of rings. But although you will be sharing one life, never forget that you are two separate people. Cherish and affirm your differences. Love each other. Keep your commitment primary. Together you will laugh and cry, be sick and well, be happy and angry, share and grow. Grow sometimes together, sometimes separately. Nathan and Kerri’s mothers have already poured sand into the vase to represent the support of the individual families. Now, Nathan and Kerri will pour separate containers of sand into the vase. Nathan and Kerri, these containers of sand symbolize your individual spirits. As you each hold your separate containers of sand, know that this represents your lives to this moment, individual and unique. (Nathan begins pouring a little sand, and then Kerri pours a little sand…then pause…) Minister: Now please pour your sand together. (Begin pouring remainder of sand together) Minister: Nathan and Kerri, just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the containers, so will your marriage be a molding of two individual personalities, bonded together forming one heart, one life, and one family. Nathan and Kerri you have just given your hearts completely to one another. From this day forward, your lives are intertwined and nothing will ever separate you. CLOSING WORDS Minister: Let us pray. Bless this marriage, as Nathan and Kerri begin their journey down the road of life together. May they respect each other’s likes and dislikes, opinions and beliefs, hopes and dreams and fears, even though they may not always understand. May they rest in the knowledge that no matter what happens, by relying on God, things will work out for the best. Most of all, Lord, bless and protect them as they embark on life’s journey together. Amen. As we prepare to end the ceremony, let us hold in our hearts the joy and love we have shared with Nathan and Kerri here today. Let us take a bit of this love to the rest of the world and let it rekindle the flames that are held within our own hearts. Nathan and Kerri, you have declared before God and all of us here today that you will now live your lives together in marriage. You have made special promises to each other, which have been symbolized by the joining of hands, taking of vows and giving and receiving of rings. By the authority vested in me, in beautiful Puerto Morelos Mexico, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may seal your marriage with a kiss. Minister: May I have the pleasure or presenting to you, for the first time as husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Brewster.
  23. Just wanted to add mine to the thread. I was so happy to see other brides with colorful diamonds/gemstones. I asked for big and colorful...and I think he nailed it
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    Now Jade 2012 Bride

    Katie, Our ceremony was originally scheduled for 5:30pm on the beach so thats definitely not too late! In fact, I wish would could still do that time. But when we moved it to the Pergola she said the latest I could do it was 3:30pm (probably some event going on at the Mix Bar that evening). So 3:30 it is I sent my info back to Pilar about a month ago. I had to request all the forms from here. Luckily I knew about them from being on here. We went back and forth a few times and I think its finally solid. My "future" sister in law got married at Dreams Tulum last May and said she could have literally planned the whole thing during your meeting with her once you get there. So no worries. I am sure you can make the needed changes/negotiations once you are there. Pilar said there was another wedding that Wednesday, earlier in the day I believe. Thursdays are pretty popular for weddings so I would guess there is another eariler wedding on your day as well. I plan on sneaking a peak at your wedding PS. My fiance is completely into the NHL playoffs right now. (I am actually a Dallas Stars fan, LOL but I'll cheer on the Penguins with everyone!)
  25. For anyone who wanted to make their own centerpieces but didn't want to lug large vases down to Mexico.... A few people have suggested buying the vases in Playa del Carmen. There is a Walmart down there (actually I think there are two) and some other stores that could provide you with the materials you need. I am not doing centerpieces but I am so intrigued I'll definitely stop by Walmart while I am out in Playa. You never know what you might find!!!! I'll provide info when I get back for anyone whose is up for the challenge of making their centerpieces in Mexico!!!!