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  1. Thanks so much girls your replies put me at ease Where can I find pics of the different dinner place options for semi private? where is most people picking and why? and soon2bnjersey- have a great time !!! let us know how it is!!! we want to see lots of pics :)
  2. I feel like I should be doing more for this wedding but at the same time I don't know what. Keisha told me to wait about picking where we are eating and everything and we are just having a basic ceremony.. am I being too laid back about all of this? One question I had was who went to the dunns river falls for pictures? and could I see pics if anyone has some????
  3. Hey Krysta Lee Ann, Could you send me the menu that she sent you? wor3409 @ calu . edu
  4. does anyone have pictures of their hair from ROR ? I would love to see if you could post some!!!
  5. good luck with that. That is my biggest fear with this wedding. I really hope the expedite works because I have even read bad reviews on that. I really need this certificate ASAP after we get married so I can change my visa status :S
  6. I am thinking about the flower in the hair. Goin to a local bridal shop usually is your bet bet for price and quality. Davids bridal has some but they aren't that realistic looking but try a more local bridal shop I've seen a bunch of nice ones.
  7. wow thanks for all of that info... after reading how people didnt get their certificate until months later it really worried me!!!! and Krysta Lee Ann I would love to compare quotes as they send them so we don't pay more than we have to!
  8. Sorry Correction, We are arriving the 12th, my guests are arriving the 14th... I messed that up!!! SORRY my bad :S Quote: Originally Posted by Krysta lee ann HI!! how are you able to get married on the 16th when you are arriving on the 14th?? i was told it had to be 2 business days??? i had originally wanted the 16th to get it done at the beginning of the week so i dont have to worry about sunburns and tan lines!
  9. Thats so exciting! I guess I'll see you there. We are also arriving on April 14th but we are getting married on the 16th as I had mentioned. We are going with the free package. Our quote was 1380 for a week saturday to saturday we are going thursday - following saturday and its 1550 pp for us. I was wondering if anyone knew about the flowers. I have pictures of the free bouquets and everything but my soon to be mother in law does not even approve with the upgrades ( as she owns a flower shop and does this for a living) does anyone know if we can just buy flowers (not in bouquet form) and she can do my flowers for me? Another question is does anyone know if after the wedding I can take the temporary certificate to the courthouse or wherever myself and get things done faster? I am Canadian and marrying an American and we need the OFFICIAL marriage certificate ASAP and I heard that this can take a while? Any help would be great thanks!!!
  10. Keep me posted if you decide on ROR!!! What date are you thinkgin? We have ours set for the 16th at 11am.
  11. Soon2BNJersy thanks for the inbox message it was very helpful, for some reason it won't let me send you one back, it keeps saying I have reached my 2 message limit for today but I have not sent anything out ever? I was just on the riu wedding website and under where the free wedding is it says that the price does not include the minister/judge fee nor does it include the marriage certificate, does that mean I would just need to pay that separatly or does it mean that this isn't a legal ceremony and more of a symbolic? If I am looking to do this legally do I need to start at the Classic package?
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site, I will be getting married in ROR April 17th 2012! I just had a few questions. I am having a smaller wedding, should I go with the semi private dinner? Are the semi private dinners usually fairly private? Will I need to buy decorations for the room or bring my own or are any provided? I am going with the free wedding as my wedding will only have 15-20 people attending. Another questions is how much am I looking at for a photographer? I see that a lot of you guys are saying they are super expensive but what is the general price for this? I am very new to this. What is the prices of the hotel photographer? any information will be useful to me, no one seems to be responding much at the hotel.
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