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  1. You can bring whatever you would like with you, just remember you have to bring it with you on the plane. I read somewhere that to get things through customs you should keep all your receipts with the items in your bags and remember what you can and cannot bring into the country.
  2. I have had extensions a ton of times and love them for growing out my hair but also to add body. I would just really check out the stylists who put them in and what they use, make sure its real human hair. Also, just a side note, a lot of ladies on here seem to be using style with their hair down, remember that it is generally breezy on the beach and you don't want hair in your face in all your pictures so consider a half up option.
  3. Le Reve is awesome and you can rent out the whole place for your group. Also there is a place Playa that is a private place for weddings and receptions, its not a resort so you and all your guests would have to transport there and back. I will check into the name and get back and post on here.
  4. It is beautiful! Congrats very good choice. We chose the EL Cid which is right next door as we are owners there. We often walk over to the Now Jade to walk the beach. I don't think you will regret your decision.
  5. So my meeting with her personally was much better than going between in email. I have had a few email conversations since and have found that her english written is not very good and she seems to have a hard time understanding what I want when it is written out. When I met with her she seemed right on point showing me pictures of past weddings where they had done something very similar. It was neat when we were there I met 4 brides being wed that week and everyone was so nice to explain the experience and a couple even let us come to the wedding which was really fun and great to get to know so many new people. We chose to get married on the jetty, which was not my first choice, it is a long walk but so beautiful. It is windy out there so hair spray is a must, like maybe a whole bottle. All the flowers everyone used while we were there were very simple. I am not using fresh flowers except on tables so simple is good for me, but I have seen some vendor reviews on some amazing florists in Playa del Carmen if your looking for something more. I am not going with the onsite photographer and it will be $100 for the day to bring another photographer onsite. The other thing that was cleared up for me is that it is not extra to have a dinner set up at one of the resorts restaurants but you do have to have a set menu. If you choose to have your reception on the beach or on the lawn area it is extra per plate. That is all I have for now we are still working on other items for our reception, so I will keep posting.
  6. I say let there be a time gap. I second taking a nap. Your guests are also on vacation and you want them to enjoy it. Also if kids are involved this lets them get some energy out after having to sit and be proper/clean for an hour and then having to go sit, be clean and quite at dinner.
  7. I want to have a mariachi band play, but the back up is playing music via the Ipod hooked up to the speaker system.
  8. Ok, so I am currently at the El Cid and we watched a wedding yesterday and I have been speaking with a bride that has a wedding tomorrow. I have a meeting with the wedding planner tomorrow as well. The romance package is the basic package but it is free is you have 5 platinum rooms booked and provides the basics that you would need for a ceremony. The bride I spoke with says it is not worth it to have your reception on the beach since 1. its windy and 2. it is much cheaper if you book your reception meal in one of the resturants here ( we are going with the Marina resturant since it is seperate from the resort and has 180 degree view. You do have to have a set menu when booking in the resturant but it doesn't cost any extra. You can have the photographers from here or bring in another photography company for $100 fee. The provide round table and a square top chairs. Otherwise you have to rent furnature if you want something else. They will provide linens that are white. Again otherwise you have to rent. I talked with the wedding planner about booking a group of rooms and she suggested that it is less expensive to have your party get rooms through Expedia or Costco, Costco has a great deal right now and they run it quite often. The flowers they have used here for the weddings are gerber daisys and Calla Lillys. That is all the info I have for now. Will get back when I have more.
  9. I have heard that the new wedding planner is great as well but is learning the resort. I will be meeting with her the week of 1/8 as we are doing a site visit to finalize everything in person.
  10. Hi gilkes! I am going down 1/9/12 to firm up all our wedding plans for a 5/9/13 wedding. I can get you prices and post back after that. I am super excited about the El Cid. I have stayed there twice and we absolutely love every detail. We have seen maybe 7 weddings take place and they do a fab job.
  11. The Le Reve outside Playa Del Carmen will rent the entire venue to you, its a small lovely resort, and then you have the run of the place stay up as late as you like.
  12. This was meant to post to Dacia, LOL still learning this site.
  13. If you find them, I would love to take them after you my wedding is 5/9/13
  14. I have seen some pics of the flower girl and ring bearer carrying a banner that says "Here comes the Bride!" which I think is a really cute idea that I am going to steal.
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