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  1. My FI is wearing this Linen suit http://www.menswearhouse.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Search_-1_10601_10051___?searchType=search&categoryId=29155&searchTerm=calvin+klein+linen+suit Linen does wrinkle, but it's overall a much lighter material & you can get it pressed at EPM, He's gonna wear a blue button down with it. We also found this site, using it for our groomsmen & my dad's shirts, but its inexpensive & well made. http://www.cubavera.com/. You can see some of their stuff in person at Macy's. We're using Dockers soft Kahki's for the wedding party, they have a ton a variety in colors & again really inexpensive. Good luck!
  2. Just wanted to update on our drama with EPM, they have decided to alow us to maintain our contract with Del Sol. we were very close to looking into a new location, so it's a huge relief not to be on the phone with each of my guests explaining a resort change! Looking forward to beginning our planning with Ileana at his point & really hoping that this is finally behind us & we can move forward with the experience we were hoping for. Anyone have any tips on what we should be trying to plan out with Ileana? I have NO idea what I'm doing
  3. I'm getting married the next day 10-22-11. I was thinking about doing a "we survived the end" something. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Sharon99, You may need to go over their heads. Our travel coordinator was able to get the job done with upper management. We were ready to move our event & all guests. Good Luck!
  5. Brennas, We've confirmed at this point that it an issue with those 2 studio's. From the conversations we've been having you should be fine to use Juan Navarro. I believe another bride on here is also using him & has double checked it with them. Good luck getting a contract!
  6. I'm currently going through this with my resort & my photographer. & I will not be giving in with regards to my photographer! They are the most important part (besides the FI of course) of my day! We are fighting the resort currently & I think about to get through to them. Now I just have to decide if I still want to give them my money or go elsewhere...
  7. I'm not directly contacting them, I'm too upset. & my finace would be on a plane to deal with this in person if I hadn't stopped him. I have a representative with Beach Bum Vacations that is working with the resort to resolve this, but they don't seem to be giving him answers & he's getting just as upset as we are. The person on suggested on Trip Advisor isn't connected with weddings & was probably unaware of the new "policy".
  8. I'm sure there's another side to this, but now I'm left here with 3 months to go. Now i have to choose between my dream photographers or trying to relocate everything or just giving up on my wedding! What are we supposed to do here!?!? & I cannot get an answer from EPM!
  9. I think I'm even more mad now! She flat out told us NO outside photographers! & She's not responding to us at all.
  10. Very interesting!!! I think Juan Navarro used to be their in house. Good to know!
  11. I don't know yet. We're trying to get this resolved. Hopefully we can get then to let us have our photographer as they originally agreed. If not, hopefully they see how much this will hurt their business & change their policy.
  12. We were told "On the other hand I would like to explain that unfortunately we donot allow outside photographers, our in house photographers are Blue LensCaribe." by Ileana Romero. I take that as NO third party. If you're using someone other than Del Sol or La Luna I would call EPM & get an answer asap. If they say it's ok, get it in writing from them so you don't end up in my shoes & please let me know if they are specifically black-balling my photographer.
  13. Excellence is stating that it's their new policy to not allow third party photographers. It was apparently a corporate change. I can tell you that it is being fought by the photographers right now, because they have a number of contracts that are being affected by this. I also have the individual that did all of my travel booking fighting them. I was referred to this resort by my travel coordinator & my Del Sol directly helped me narrow down my resort selection, they specifically recommended EPM because of it's location & beach. I'll post our resolution once we have it. Good luck everyone!
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