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  1. We got married in May and I was going to plan a reception when I came home, but it was the summertime and everyone would be away. Plus, I felt very overwhelemed after I came home. My mother passed while I was engaged( I think that's why I was overhwlemed). Now my mother-in-law(who is visiting from greece) just found out she has cancer. She will be staying in the states for treament. I was thinking of having it in december(when treatment will be completed) so she could attend(she didnt go to mexcio). After reading how people had theirs about 2-3 months after, I feel weird having it. Everyone who will be invited knows all about the both mom's situations. My husband doesnt want to have one, thinking it's too late. My maid of honor said I should, a bridesmaid said I should have had it when we came back. I seriously could not plan another event when I returned. I really want to have one(and wear my dress again!). Just wondering what people thought....
  2. Jill conner and Sunset-your pictures are gorgeous! I am still waiting for mine....getting nervous. For the dinner, I chose the beef with scallops. Everyone loved it(they all loved the food). We had 24 people total (including me and hubby). I was thinking of doing a choice of two, but then I thought not to. I didn't want to have to stress about it. And plus, if they didn't like it, they could always have gone somewhere else or gotten room service. I felt I had stressed enough about everything, and I should just relax and enjoy. As I said before, it was very very windy and my hair fell. I dont like the way I look with my hair up, so I decided to go with it down. The pictures that guests took, my hair is all over the place. It wasn't what my 'ideal' look was for my wedding day (everyone else on here looks so calm and non-dishelved), but we were on the beach in mexico and I loved it. Everyone had a great time. I have attached a few photos (first time doing it, so I dont know if they attached).
  3. I havent been on here in a while and all the pictures are all so beautiful!!! So jealous of everyone planning-I LOVED ERC! About the hair-I have long naturally curly hair. I had my hair done at the spa and they put in extensions in(I brought the clip in ones myself to add more volume at the end of my hair). They blew out my hair and then curled it, so I would have big curls, some pulled away from the top part of my head and the rest flowing down. As soon as I stepped on the beach my hair fell (became somewhat straight) because it was so windy out on the beach. I also wore a veil, so that also might have helped it lose curl. I thought I would never lose the curl since I have curly hair. It was very hot out-we had it at 5pm on the beach-but I think even if I had my hair up, I would still be just as hot.
  4. For my wedding, the whole 2 weeks we were there is was supposed to be rain and thunderstorms-every day. Everyday the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! No rain and no thunderstorms. Don't listen the weathermen!
  5. hi, I am at excellence now and it is SOOOOO beautiful. Everything I put into my checked bags made it through!!!! I was so nervous about the sky lanterns, welcome bags and gatorade packets, but nothing happened. my fiance even had a random check done in his bags(I put some stuff into his) and he was fine. I met gloria the other day and she is so nice and friendly. I am not nervous about anything at all. I cannot get over how beautiful it is here. the food and drinks are wonderful. when i return, i will write up about the wedding.
  6. I just got my pashmina order in and I really like the quality of them. My colors are fuschia and orange, but decided to go with cream, light pink and fuschia. This is what I ordered: 168103-cream color 168117-fuschia 168123-light pink I hope this helps:)
  7. Bridetobe 11-your pics are amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing. I am getting my hair and makeup done at the spa(I'm having a sceond trial done for my hair here. My hair is naturally curly and I want it half up/half down and need to know before I get down there how it should look). May 12-oh my gosh! All of that looks SOOOOO amazing! I was thinking of doing something like that(DIY), but I love your's way more. Im leaving in 10 days, so I don't think I can have them ordered like you. I have to do mine soon:( JillConnor-The night of my wedding (Im having it at the lobster house) there will be a beach party. It's on a monday night. I was concerned that it will intefere with my wedding, but nayeli(now I have Gloria) said it wouldn't interfere at all. I was really concerned about it as well, I was even thinking of changing the date because of it, but I decided not to. Sunset-I decided to go with cream, light pink and fushia colors for my pashminas. I thought everyone probably already has black and hopefully everyone will like these colors(I was afraid to go with the orange, as it is a tricky color and it could turn out to be a burnt color). I also decided to buy gatordade packets and they arrived yesterday. Gloria told me that we do not have to have a rehersal, that she will be with us the whole day. The wedding party is small-2 gilrs, 2 guys. Maybe that's why. I still haven't chosen my menu yet because I had questions about it. gloria told me that I could switch back and forth between the gold and silver packages. I was going to have the chicken with goat cheese, but the dessert that came with it, I didn't like, so I can choose any dessert I want. I am very happy about this.
  8. sunset-that is great to know about the menu for the welcome dinner. I have to make all my choices in the next few days, and I can't decide on a fixed menu for the welcome dinner. We leave in 2 weeks, and I am beyond freaking out. I feel that it came too quickly and now I am scrambling around. At least my oot bags are almost done-just have to buy the actual bags(thinking of just doing a basic white paper gift bag-easy and inexpensive) and the pashminas. I am having trouble deciding which colors! My colors are fuschia and orange, but I don't know if I should have black, cream and fuschia. I don't know. Wanted to get gatorade podwer packets, but Im not sure if they will be allowed in customs. We have several days before our guests arrive, so I might contact the concerige and ask them if I can go shopping in cancun to buy it. I am also thinking of buying my maracas down there.
  9. I am debating the same thing. I might end up waiting until we get there to buy them. I am bringing so much stuff with me anyway....
  10. sunsetlove-Gloria can book the restarant for you? I had asked her about a table for 24 people, and she didn't respond. I will ask her again. I don't think you sound like cheapos AT ALL!!!! We will (hopefully, if Gloria can) be doing the same thing. tiners17-my welcome cocktail and appetizer party will be privtae(at least I think so). I have Ivan Luckie for photography and DJ Doreemixx. is anybody having a videographer? we are bouncing back and forth about it. It wasn't in the budget, but I read on here that some people decided at the last minute to get one and they were really happy they did.
  11. Congrats on upgrading! For a welcome cocktail/appetizer party I just today secured the X-Lounge! It is outside and looks soooo cool with all of the white lounge furniture. For the wedding, we are getting married on the beach, having the cocktial party on the pier and the reception at the Lobster house. What do you think you are going to do?
  12. Yes, alittle paniked too.....
  13. Okay, thank you. I think I am just going to bring everything down with me. I'm planning on checking 2 bags, carrying my dress and pocketbook. Fiance will be checking 2 bags as well, carrying on his bag and my bag. He is not happy about carrying everything with us, but I feel as though we have to.
  14. Are you mailing down all your stuff to the resort or bringing it with you? I first thought I would mail everything, now Im nervous!
  15. sunsetlove-thank you so much for sharing the website for the meds!!! they really are super cheap!! I was going to make my own first aid kit, but now I have decided just to buy some already pre-made ones and then add more motrin, advil, etc. I mean, with all-inclusive, I KNOW that my friends will be needing more than 2 tablets of advil for the whole trip. I am getting them at http://www.navyandlavender.com/product/tote_rescue_me_kit/. I haven't bought them yet, as I just found out today that one more pseron is going! Thank GOD when I ordered other items, I ordered up in case of people deciding last minute. I think I might wait 2 weeks until I order them.
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