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  1. Wow, i will pray for you guys and the saftey of all! Keep us updated on our home away from home over there! We are planning another trip next year! Be safe!!!
  2. It has been a month since we got back from our trip and we are still waiting on our pictures from Tropical Brilliant. Can you guys give me an idea how long it took to get your pics back! Im getting impatient! LOL!!!
  3. Ive been on looking at pics alot and havent gotten a virus...i must be protected against it. Hmmm......i hope they get it resolved...i love looking at the blog!
  4. I sent an email and a picture to Unique Creations. 649-946-1200....305-457-9240 Cheryl Astwood Castwood1997@yahoo.com.....We communicated mostly thru email. She is the same florist Beaches uses but i would keep that on the down-low! Beaches over charges on flowers. The mark up is ridiculous!!!! Emilie
  5. I asked her about getting married right there and she looked at me like i had lost my mind.....they didnt give me that option...i wonder why? hmmmm?..............I told her i thought i saw a you tube video where there had been a wedding filmed in that spot and she just looked at me like she had no idea what i was talking about....very strange!...Her name was stacy ann.....the wedding coordinator.
  6. Gen, just be prepared. The options you have to get married are the beach, a gazebo (number one) gazebo (number two)............all of which are right in the areas of alot of traffic. The less of the 3 were the beach.
  7. Hello everyone! I am back from Turks and everything went great! The wedding was great! We had a four o clock wedding and we booked our pictures with Brilliant so we skipped out on our own reception! But since it was just four of us it wasnt that big a deal. We were the talk of the resort! The wedding cordinator told us the next day that we were the very first couple who did not show up for our own reception! We did not tell them about the pictures we booked with brilliant! IT was so fun working with Brilliant! We felt like movie stars! If you have a chance to book with them DO IT!!!! Be sure to book your wedding time earlier so you can experience everything with your wedding! We booked with brilliant at the last minute so we couldnt change our wedding time! But it was all good! We also went to an outside vendor to order our flowers because i could get what i wanted for only 150.00. Monica was trying to charge me 600.00 for something i did not want. I used Unique right on the island. We slipped up and told the wedding cordinator about using an outside vendor and she was NOT HAPPY. She tried to find out the name of who we used but we changed the subject. She kept calling to get the name but we would not give her that info. I had the florist deliver the flowers the day before to make sure its what i wanted. It was not. I sent an email and asked them to redo the flowers with what i wanted. I sent a picture a month before i arrived on the island. They were very nice and made it right. The wedding cordinator made us think that security was so tight that the florist would not be able to deliver the flowers without her approval but thats not true. The florist is the same florist who brings those pitiful looking flowers that are included in the wedding package. There are alot of politics in managment it seems. The locals stick together that arent in managment. We downsized our wedding package from 90 photos to 18 and im so glad i did. It was just enough to get the wedding. Thats all i needed. The quality of the pictures compared to Brilliant well there is no comparison! The album that you get from beaches is just that....an empty album with no photos! I thought we would get some pictures in the album! You really are just paying alot of money for a disk of pics. Beaches resort was awesome! We had so much fun. We were busy all the time! We did take a trip to Da conck shack! That cab ride cost us 80.00 round trip! But we had a good time! The water in Turks is like non ive ever seen! It is heaven on earth! We will for sure be going back to turks!!! WE loved it!!! Ill post some pics. We took a million!
  8. We are leaving sunday for our trip! Getting married next thursday! We let you guys know how it goes!!!!!
  9. Tims wife, Wow....thats sounds like a big mess! I would have been so stressed out!!!
  10. I have a question about getting married on the beach. Do you actually get married on the beach or on the boardwalk? I have seen everyones pics on the boardwalk.
  11. Wow Jess, After reading your post, im so glad it will just be myself, fiancee, and two kids. There is no way i could foot the bill for everyone! Good luck! I hope you get it all figured out.
  12. By the way....they refunded me the difference in my pictures...1070.00!!!!! Everything else was already paid in full.
  13. GREAT NEWS....I talked to Monica and downgraded my photo package..............from the 1490.00 to 410.00....and i booked with Tropical Imaging today! I am so excited i can hardly contain it! I am keeping this a BIG SECRET from friends and family! I want them to be suprised!!! I cant wait to go. We are leaving for our trip july 18 and getting married july 21st. That is right around the corner!!!!!!!!!! Any pointers or ideas from anyone who has done this already so ill be prepared! )))))
  14. Im curious if anyone on here did what ive done...i paid for a huge picture package with the beaches resort but now want to book with TI. Has anyone experienced this. Was it hard to get a refund from the resort? HELP!
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