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  1. Hello ladies. I have returned from my December 8th wedding at The Royal in Playa del Carmen, and everything was wonderful. No need to stress. Also, we used Phoebe Landa Photography. Barteck was our photographer and our pictures are amazing!! http://www.weddingphotographermexico.com/
  2. For brides who had their make-up done at the spa, do they provide the actual make-up or did you bring your own just for them to apply?
  3. Little bit of a delayed reply about the photographer, but I booked this group. They are new to Mexico, but they have a beautiful UK portfolio. http://www.weddingphotographermexico.com/ ; http://www.plweddingphotography.com/ Great rates!
  4. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I agree that cocktail hour is a good idea for the flow of the wedding. I think my original question got lost. I wanted to know peoples thoughts on centerpieces for the little tables set-up at the cocktail hour?
  5. Thanks for the input. I have decided on centerpieces for the reception. I am just not sure what to do about cocktail hour or even if it's worth the money. Gkad the extra hour is $10 not $20/ person.
  6. Hi girls! I am having my wedding on December 8th, and I am getting into the throws of planning. I am really glad to have this form. Thanks for all the great information! I had a few questions for you girls to help plan my budget... What are your girls thinking about or have done for center pieces for cocktail hour? I want to add an hour to my reception. I noticed the price is $10/person for an additional hour, but one document I received also lists $10/person for extra hour of open bar. So is the extra hour of reception or $10 or $20/person? I am confused on how much the standard cake cost. Is it per person or for the entire cake? I am probably going with the "free wedding," and on the checklist on received, it looks like the standard cake is $5/person. It might be cheaper to get a couture cake since I am expecting approx 40-50 guest. I really appreciate some input!
  7. How did you find the florist Marvin? Could you please post a link?
  8. Do you have a link for Marvin from Maya Diseno Floral ? I can not find it on Google.
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