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  1. We took an anniversary trip to Sandals Negril in May and we absolutely loved it! We went on an excursion that took us on a crocodile tour, the Appleton Estate Tour and to the YS falls. We were set on going to Appleton so this tour seemed like the best fit for us. It was a long day but a lot of fun! We also went to Ricks Cafe and watched the divers. We jumped ourselves from the lower landing and it was so refreshing! We arrived around 230pm and it wasn't too busy, as it got closer to sunset, the place really filled up! The food was OK, and the service was mediocre, the view and the sunset are really what made that Ricks memorable. We also wanted to try a restaurant called sunset after dark in Negril, but ended up not having time, a local farmers market vendor in my hometown owns it and the food he sells at the market is fantastic, when we go back we'll definitely be checking out his restaurant.
  2. My husband bought his suit for the wedding at Holt, he purchased a Z Zegna, and it did cost more than my wedding dress. It looked fantastic and is definintely a quality piece of clothing and it was quite light. We went to Moores, Tip Top, Le Chateau, pretty much everywhere we thought we could find a suit without any luck. It was a little weird to think it would cost more than my dress, but he's been able to wear the pants since for work or for nice dinner, so it is a lot more justifiable. We also found some nice suits at Simon in West Ed a couple weeks ago, if you're located in the Edmonton area. Not sure if it was mentioned already, but J Crew might have something as well.
  3. I'm not aware of anyone who was not allowed. I used MVP and they had no problem gaining access to resort for my trial or the wedding day.
  4. I also went with Melissa with MVP(http://www.cancunhairandmakeup.com/) and coulnd' thave been happier with my hair & makeup. She was fantastic and really fun to be around!
  5. We were unable to make any dinner reservations during our stay. When we tried the only availability we were offered was @ midnight. We spoke with our W/C and she was able to make us some reservations for around 10pm at a couple of restaurants. After going to a couple of restaurants around 10 i thought it was very strange that they would offer midnight reservations because all the restaurants seemed to be prepping for closing while we were dining.
  6. There is no sand on the pathway up to the gazebo. It's all cement/sidewalk. Here is a pic of my BM walking up to the gazebo
  7. Just wanted to add as well a few comments RE: Birth Certificate. I was told by our W/C that I would need to bring by birth certificate and have it translated and legalized because my father and I did not share the same last name. Something to keep in mind if this applies to any of you ladies.
  8. I can't remember specifically how much cash we brought, but we did need cash for a deposit on our wedding ceremony/reception. I believe it was half of the total amount we owed. We paid the remaining balance when we checked out on our Visa. If you are doing a legal ceremony you will need cash for the blood test as well.
  9. When I was married in May there were two poolside repecptions in the Akumal side of the resort. Our was at the main pool and the othe at the activity pool. I can confirm that they can accommodate more than one poolside reception on the Akumal side per night. Not sure about Coba & Tulum
  10. Hey Igerry, We flew air transat & our departure date didn't change out Edmonton but for our guests flying out of Calgary it was moved forward a day. It was pretty frustrating because our calgary guests would have had to leave the day after the wedding. We ended up moving our wedding back a day and resort was really accommdating to the change. The changes to departure times happened around September/October and nothing changed after that. We also didn't receive our official itinerarys until about 3 months before we left, so be paitent! Happy planning!
  11. Our wedding location was at the gazebo and we didn`t find it too windy. There was a light breeze though, which we found very refreshing. I had a fingertip veil and didn`t notice it blowing in my face at all. It was a heavier veil that had crystals throughout as well, so that made a difference.
  12. I found a quite a few on Ebay and at feal markets/thrift stores.
  13. We have the same problem. We ended up finding his shirt at Hugo Boss.
  14. We actually had our reception dinner at Arlequin and it was great! It's a fairly small restaurant so I'm not sure if you'll all fit Either way, it doesn't hurt to ask. You'll most likely have to be staying in the Akumal side.
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