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  1. hi all! any of you getting married at the grand palladium, have you thought about centerpieces? looking for cute, easy to pack/travel with ideas.....
  2. I signed the reservation contract, and they took the deposit. im going to do simple decorations and i was really just thinking about getting everyone a bottle of rum with a welcome tag as gifts, i dont know if the transfer guy will stop for us in montego bay on the way, there usually pretty cool about that. im using liberty travel, but they cant see the airfare until 11 months out. meaning hopefully in the next 3 weeks well be able to book!
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    Hi all! im getting married on june 12 2012 at GPJ! Ill take any advice you can give me !
  4. i had to send several emails, but i evetually got through and it takes a while to get a response from them.
  5. have you signed a contract yet? with all the details? i dont even have flight information yet because we cant book for another 3 weeks so i cant tell her how many people until i get that going. okay, so we can bring our own decorations. cool! have you thought about welcome baskets? i found a place down there that will make them and deliver them to the hotel because she said we cant ship tp the hotel.
  6. hello. thank you for responding. she quoted me a price of 300 for the speakers for the reception. my friend has a BOSE sound system that i think we are going to bring. $200 for decorations?! thats crazy. im still talking to a photgrapher up here, it still would be cheaper than what some of the other photographers have quoted me. wow they really get you with the details. we havent really gone over details with the wedding coordinator. have you spoken with them on the phone ? my travel agent is still trying to get them to respond to her as well.
  7. I think i am going to do the waves of love package with private reception at blue lagoon as well. I inquired about the use of speakers and ipod dock for the reception, but she has not responded yet. have you picked a package? I'm not using the hotel photographer i know that. I'm either bartering the trip for photos with a photographer up here in NJ, or using one down there that was recommended to me. i also didn't know if we were responsible for decorating the reception. what information did you receive?
  8. who have you been dealing with? i have been emailing nekiesha, but i seem to be having a hard time getting a response from her. are you doing a private reception?
  9. hello! I have just booked my wedding date of june of 2012, but seem to be having a hard time getting responses from the wedding coordinator..anyone else?
  10. hello! i have just given the deposit for our june wedding at GPLH. how has the wedding coordinator been with you? is anyone doig a private reception?
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