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  1. I walked down the isle to pre-recorded music they had on site. At our meeting the day after we arrived we listened to 4 or 5 different songs and choose which one I would walk down the isle to. We only had my sister as a bridesmaid, so we both walked down to the same song - Canon D in Major. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOA-2hl1Vbc The sound quality was great and I was very happy with it. We also opted to use the iPOD dock for our reception. When we got to the gazebo for the reception our WC asked for the iPOD before anything else started. We put together a fun, but wedding appropriate wedding mix. Our guests loved it. It was a little nontraditional, but so are we.
  2. Hello Everyone. I am getting married this August at Beaches T&C. I have also done a lot of research, used a travel agent and communicated with Monica (which often felt like a one-way street) We have 17 people attending our wedding. As of today, we have everything planned, so I can fill you in on what we decided. First, and foremost - use a travel agent!!! She booked our room (with Honeymoon perks) and our flights. We sent out invitations which directed our guests to a website (I created on the knot.com) with all the information on pricing and the resort its self. All of our guests worked with our (AAA) travel agent and we didn't have to worry about coordinating anything. We're going with the Beautiful Beginnings wedding. My sister is the only attendant, so I bought her a corsage. I figured she would be holding my flowers for a portion of the ceremony so spending $26 rather than $65 seemed like an easy decision. Since we don't have a lot of people, we're only doing the 30 minute reception ($15 per/person) we are not adding a table for $100. I wanted to do something for our guests, but I couldn't justify spending $75 per/person for a sit down dinner when you could walk a few feet to a restaurant where you've already paid for the food. I am having my hair and make-up done before the wedding, mostly b/c I am not great at doing it myself and I don't want to be disappointed in the photos. We opted for the $1,600 photography package b/c we thought it was the best deal. Our main concern was getting the CD to play at our reception back home and that was the least expensive package offering it. FYI - The photography packages have changed at least 4 times since we booked the wedding in the summer of 2010. I also have some concerns about a time line, but I am assuming the majority of the photos will be taken after the reception, so we're allowing our guests to go and do whatever they wish while we are with the photographer. I really wanted to avoid people standing around and children flipping out. I wanted to do gifts for our guests, but I wasn't 100% sure about what I could bring to the resort. I ended up buying fans for all of our guests to use during the ceremony and I will be sending a letter with wedding day itinery and a flip flop luggage tag by mail to our guests a week before we leave. Im hoping this will help them get excited and also let them know how happy we are that they are making the trip with us.
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