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  1. I couldn't agree more Allie! They host a wedding daily and then have to field questions from all of us brides that don't have their wedding until a month or even a year out. At first I was so frustrated too but then think about your own job and put yourself in Nicole's shoes. She has A LOT on her plate. I am getting married there April 29, 2012 and has of recently Nicole picks up the phone and calls me and responds to my emails quickly. They aren't worried about May or even 2013, they are worried about their brides right now that are about to walk in the door. I would much prefer answers NOW then getting them 8 months ago. Use this blog to get answers to your questions that you have - you will get a much quicker response!! Best of luck! If you read Trip Advisor or any other rating source they give great reviews for this hotel and I am so looking forward to leaving in 5 days to marry my best friend there!