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  1. So i'm looking at renewing my vows at the resort on our 2 year anniversary. We got married there last year and will be travelling back there in May next year. I've been trying to contact the wedding coordinator to see if we can lock down a certain time and day and i've heard nothing back. I've now emailed them twice over the past month and nothing. Can someone confirm the email addresses for me (the coordinator AND the assistant) and any tips you have for getting a timely reply? Thanks ladies, Krista
  2. Hi there, yes these are satin. I was looking at the organza ones as well when I first started looking but I wanted more of a punch of colour. I'm not sure what the shipping/duties cost to get them to Canada as I had them shipped to a family member in the US and she brought them over for me. I just remember when I was looking, it was expensive. If you are interested in the satin ones let me know and I can check with the post office for the price of shipping tomorrow. Thanks Krista
  3. I have 40 coral chair sashes 5 coral table runners They were bought from http://www.weddinglinensdirect.com/index.html and paid $60 for the lot when I bought them. I'll willing to sell them for $35 obo. I also have three big spools of coral ribbon that I had left over. I used it mostly for the wraps on our bouquets and then used them on our OOT bags to tie on tags. I paid about $15 for each one ($45 total) and I will sell them for $20 obo. They measure 11/2" 38mm and the other is 5/8" 16 mm. I live in Canada and shipping would be extra. If you do live in the US, I can ship there but it would be more expensive. Message me for more details. Krista
  4. It was a dream come true! Couldn't be happier with the whole day! We would have gone back this year for our 1 year anniversary but I was preggo and couldn't travel. So we're doing it for our 2nd anniversary.
  5. Hey ladies, I hope all your weddings are wonderful! I'm actually considering going back to the Gran Bahia in May to celebrate our second anniversary and take our new little baby with us. Any of you know if they do anything special for anniversaries or renewal of vows? Can you please pass along to me the email address for the wedding coordinator... I don't have her email address anymore as it's been a year and a half since my wedding there. Is it still Chandlyn and Donnalee? Thanks in advance!
  6. No they don't do more than one wedding at a time. Both wedding coordinators are there to help you during your ceremony, so there's no way there could be another wedding going on at the same time.
  7. I didn't ship anything down, just brought an extra suitcase full of wedding stuff! I also used friends and family members suitcases that were travelling light. Most people don't mind if they are under the weight allowance and will toss some of your stuff in their bag. That way you know it's all coming down with you. I think it only cost us $20 extra to check another suitcase.
  8. We did our rehersal dinner at the Don Pablo and it was a terrible experience!!! The service for our large group was sooo slow, it took about 4 hours to finish! We did The Grill for our welcome dinner and it didn't go too badly. They had to split the large group up into 3 tables but we were all beside each other and service (and the food) was great! The buffet might be an idea as you can all sit together off to the side, and you can get food whenever you want.
  9. We had tealights as part of our centrepieces.. they were flameless ones though.
  10. Have a great time at Gran Bahia, part deux!! We're thinking of going back in May for our anniversary as well!!!!
  11. My inlaws actually brought them down in their suitcase from England.. but they said they didn't have any trouble at the airport. And I don't know where they got them in England, sorry.
  12. Yes, I didn't use the bouquets that they offered in our package (we brought our own), so they did up two centrepieces which we used on the table where you sign the marriage certificate during the ceremony and then they moved them to our head table for the reception. But I had to provide centrepieces for the rest of the tables. And we rented the gazebo after dinner. So it worked out nicely that we finished dinner, and walked right over to the gazebo. I believe we only paid $250 though. Email her back and tell her you were told by past brides that it was cheaper than what you were quoted. I did that, and they gave it to me for that price. Doesn't hurt to ask! We brought our own ipod dock and ipod and when we got to the gazebo, we put all our stuff down and we went and set off our sky lanterns and then did our first dance. The ipod dock worked perfectly and we had put extra songs on there in case we got the gazebo till later. Worked out better than expected because they didn't end up turning the lights out on us until about midnight! At which point we moved over to the disco. And we didn't use the bartender. A few of the guys took it upon themselves to ask each of our guests for a small donation ($10 or so per couple) and they went into town and picked up a tonne of liquor for us. So it was set up with pop, juice, ice, and cups when we got to the gazebo. You can request that set up (ice, pop, juice, cups and a table) for free and they'll do it for you. If you're not comfy asking the guests to give more money, just work it into your budget and get some bottles of rum, vodka, beer, and wine (and don't forget the rum punch - tip a bartender during the week for a couple jugs on your special night!) yourself during the week. Hope that helps!
  13. Not sure what colours the resort offers in terms of chair ties, but the covers are white. You could always send them an email and see what colours they offer, or you might even luck out while down there and get chummy with another bride that is using the same colour as you. You could share! We used a wedding travel planner as well. So all my guests from Canada booked with them, and then our friends from England booked themselves. I just informed my wedding planner of the others confirmation numbers and arrival dates and asked if we could all be put together once we arrived. It worked out perfectly and there was no problem with it. And in terms of quoting the number of guests you have, you don't actually need to do that until you meet with Donnalee. She will ask you then how many guests you have with you and you can firm up numbers then (adults vs kids). Hope that helps!