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  1. My wedding was 2/19 and I cannot even begin to tell you what a huge hit our welcome bags were! I purchased little kraft paper gift bags and had a starfish on them. Then I made welcome card, list of plans for the time we were in Key West, door hangers, a fun little crossword and then place it all in a folder. The bags and the folders went in my suit case in the zipper on the top. Making the bags didn't mean having to have extra luggage, and it wasn't a hassle to get everything. The week before the wedding, I sent a box to our planner that had all kind of goodies for the bags. Our bags were CHEAP! I would say we spent about $4 a bag (each bag was for 2 guests) total and that includes the bag, the folder, a first aid kit, bottled water, chips, gum, candy, a beach ball, powder packs for the bottles of water. The most expensive thing in the bag was the first aid kit we purchased for 98 cents. I say if your budget can handle it, make the bag! You don't have to spend a lot of money to make a thoughtful welcome bag. And out guests were so excited about them.
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    Hey ladies!!! So happy to be here!! I am planning a DW in Key West 2/19/12! Cannot wait to share plans!!