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  1. Hi St. Thomas brides! My fiancee and I want to host an all day/half day catamaran welcome party for our guests. Anywhere from 50-75 people. Any suggestions on who to use?
  2. Hi all! My fiancee and I booked our date for Nov 6, 2012 at the Marriott =) We put a deposit down to have the ceremony at the Seacliff Terrace but are now having second thoughts on whether the beach would be a better option - we'll see what happens! My wedding coordinator at Marriott is Kaitlin and shes been pretty good so far. She said Marriott uses Bluegrass Photography, High Definition Video, and Sugar& Spice for make up Has anyone used/heard things about them? So far the only other thing we booked was a reception dinner at Havana Blue...debating on doing the buy out option! It all depends on the number of people coming! Has anyone had their whole venue at the restaurant? Do they accommodate space for dancing etc? Looking forward to some feedback! Tracy
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    St Thomas bride update....ROLL CALL

    1. Name: Tracy 2. Where are you from: NJ!! 3. Where are you getting married in St Thomas: Marriott?!? 4. When are you getting married: Nov 2012 5. who is your WC: none yet Hi St. Thomas brides-to-be =) I need help! So my fiance and i are looking in to doing our whole DW venue (ceremony/cocktail/reception) at an all inclusive resort --the main reason being that most of the family/friends willing to come have kids and dont want to deal with the whole grocery/cooking aspect with villa/condo type places! We were thinking Marriott would be a good place but wanted to see if anyone had a ballpark $ as to how much per person it would be there for an all inclusive ANY feedback would be great, thanks!
  4. anyone have a ballpark $ as to how much per person itll be for all inclusive at Marriott?
  5. Hi St. Thomas brides-to-be =) I need help! So my fiance and I are really interested in having our whole DW venue (ceremony/cocktail hour/reception) at an all inclusive hotel...#1 bc most of the family/friends considering making the trip out to celebrate have kids! so villas/apts are out bc they dont wanna deal with the grocery/cooking aspect... we really like the Marriott but im scared itll be a bit pricey for everyone....can anyone give me a ballpark $ on how much it is per person there? Thanks!!