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  1. They are very good about incorporating your own wording...just have it ready to give to your WC when you meet with her
  2. My FI came with me when I went back to purchase the dress...I wanted to make sure he loved it which he did
  3. I didn't use a CD for mine but I did see quite a few weddings that did. They had a guy manning the music station and the music always sounded great to me! We used the mexican guitar duet for our ceremony and they were a big hit with the guests because they loved having the local mexican flair. They cost $265 for 45 min. and I believe that was the minimum time they would do, so I imagine it's the same for the mariachis...
  4. My laptop fit into the safe and I believe it's a 15.2 inch laptop. The safe is $5 per day...when we checked in we told them we were the bride and groom and asked if we could have ours for free which they did
  5. We had 24 guests seated, with an additional 6 of us in the wedding party standing in the gazebo for the ceremony...
  6. They did it without asking me (I liked it), but if you tell them not to use it, then they won't. I know they like to use balloons to decorate the receptions and I hate balloons at weddings, so I told them no balloons and they used the decorations I brought instead A 3 tier cake could be $86. I asked for a 2 tier cake and was charged $65 but ended up getting a 3 tier cake! So who knows... As for the flowers, I'm not sure about their pricing...I brought my own bouquets, etc. made with Real Touch artificial flowers, but had them make my toss bouquet (because a bouquet is included in the package) to match my bouquets. The toss bouquet was very close although not identical because the florist did not have bright green orchids.
  7. We started our dinner at 5:30 and a couple other guests showed up at 6pm, with most showing up at 6:30 or later, but I didn't even notice them unless I consciously stopped to look around. We didn't do a cocktail party. We had our guests stay for group photos from the end of the ceremony at 3:20ish until 4:15. They were then taken back to the Coba Lobby by the WC in a trolley. They ended up just socializing in the lobby (there is a bar, snacks, and lots of seating) and were picked up by a trolley again at 5:20 to be taken to the restaurant. We moved our after dinner reception indoors because there was a high chance of rain and a trolley took everyone from Portofino to the reception (at the Coba Music Bar) at 7:30. It might be but it doesn't matter...when they send you the booking form, they will ask you which hotel you are staying at and book you in to the corresponding spa
  8. We had our dinner at 5:30...we also had to leave ourselves enough time to go back to our room to drop off my veil and bustle my train.
  9. Hi! The walk is not very long and it is virtually the same for both the beach and gazebo locations since they are located directly beside each other. The gazebo and beach locations are quite private, especially compared to the Akumal beach location which is not private at all. The only people that would really see your wedding at Tulum would be the people sitting in the Tequila restaurant right by the windows having a late lunch. I just got married at the gazebo and loved it much more than the beach location! We could still see the ocean from the gazebo and the architecture of it was stunning in the photos! Here are some photos to give you an idea... You can see the ocean behind me... this picture is taken about 10-15 feet past the start of the aisle....those 2 palapas over to the right of the gazebo and the 2 palm trees is the beach location...
  10. I think 1pm is a good wedding time! We had ours at 3 and it was very rushed to get the photos done. I didn't get all the beach photos I wanted and I got none at the Hacienda which I had also really wanted. The great thing about a resort wedding is that you don't have to worry about your guests waiting around for you...there is lots for them to do! Also, the day won't seem long for you...unfortunately it goes by too quickly! The WCs are slow to respond but they do know what they're doing and they can literally organize all the details after you arrive. Things I would recommend to organize in advance are: - spa/hair appointments: email the spa directly and they'll send you back a booking form. spabptul@bahia-principe.com - bring extra decorations, place cards, etc. to give to the WC when you have your meeting - bring pictures of your desired bouquets and they can usually be replicated The WC will send you the needed forms via email when she does finally respond. The forms will include restaurant and menu choices, a rooming list, and a list of extras with corresponding prices. The resort you are staying at will determine which restaurants you get to choose from. We stayed at Coba and had our dinner at Portofino...it was fantastic! Our menu was as follows: Mixed italian appetizer buffet Cream of portobello mushroom soup Pistachio encrusted seabass OR chicken gorgonzola Tiramisu (we had out wedding cake served at the reception instead) Some of the extras we paid for were: DJ for 2 hrs: $420 USD Special cocktail bar service for 2 hrs: $8 USD per person Mexican guitar duet for 45 min: $265 USD 3 tier wedding cake: $65 USD All tables, chairs, etc. were provided for the reception, only the DJ and bar service were an extra charge. Let me know if you have any other questions! Krysti
  11. Thanks! I'm not sure what the cost is but I know it can be done from what other brides have said. If you email your WC she should know
  12. I still have to write my review but I need to put out 2 pieces of planning advice that I consider urgent to any brides that are having their weddings soon! #1 Don't spend your money on the DJ. Rent their equipment, bring a laptop or ipod, and have a friend work the music and act as MC. We had a DJ and I brought my ipod with all of the music on it for the reception so that I could have the exact music that I wanted. I assumed the DJ would copy the music from my ipod onto his laptop and use it in the DJ program on the computer to fade the songs in and out, etc. I wrote out a schedule for the DJ, also assuming he would be like an MC and do the announcing for garter toss, etc while putting on the corresponding song (like DJs do here). They didn't say a single word (not exaggerating) and my MOH or I had to keep walking up to them to tell them what to do and we had to do the announcing ourselves. It made the transitions between songs choppy (1 song ended, pause, then a new song would start) and felt like a waste of money ($420 USD for 2 hours). That was my biggest regret... #2 Use Diego from Arrecife Photography at the resort. Our friend is a hobby photographer and offered to do our photos for free. Since Diego was included, we had him do the photos for the ceremony only and our friend do the rest. When we had our meeting to see Diego's photos a few days later, we ended up buying them all....spectacular!! Our friend's photos are still quite good but it is clear that they are not the same quality and I did not have the same direction and ideas for poses etc. that I would have received from Diego. I wish Diego had done all of our photos, but we did save a lot of money having him only do the ceremony (53 photos on a CD for $700 USD approx...I can only imagine how much photos of everything would have cost!) I hope these tips help! Krysti
  13. We had our dinner at Portofino, but we had 6 people at our head table. They should be able to seat as many at your table as you want because all they need to do is push more tables together...here is a picture of our head table... I also brought along some little extras to decorate the tables: artificial rose petals, sea shells, and little crystals
  14. We did our speeches at the reception, but now that it's all over, I can definitely say that you should do them at dinner! They ended up taking quite some time and the rest of our 2 hour reception felt rushed. If you are having your dinner at 5:30, you will have at least 30 min. without any other people in the restaurant. During our honeymoon week, we went back to the same restaurant (Portofino) for an a la carte dinner and saw a wedding dinner happening that night. They did speeches throughout their dinner and it didn't seem to bother any of the other guests in the restaurant.
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