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  1. Figured since the Paradisus tread isn't getting much action I would created a new one that is called Now Sapphire. I heard back from Sandra today and our wedding date was confirmed for 5/5/2012. Who else is getting married here and what dates?
  2. Finally heard back from Sandra today and our wedding date was confirmed for 5/5/2012 at 5 pm.
  3. Im not a lady but I did receive my group rates yesterday lol. They were hire than Now Jade. I completed the documents and the deposit with Sandra but have not heard back any confirmation from her so I am not putting a deposit on the rooms until I hear from her.
  4. I received the now sapphire quote today and it was actually higher.. Could you PM me your prices?
  5. Ha ha yah I was hoping there was a newer one that said Now Sapphire and was more active.
  6. I am waiting for the quote from Sapphire so hopefully it is lower as it was for your group. When did you go?
  7. Which Sapphire threat are you following? I sent my deposit info in for May 5, 2012 at Now Sapphire. Originally was going to go to Now Jade but they didnt have 5/5/2012 available.
  8. I am also looking at this resort. Was originally going with Now Jade but our original date is open at Now Sapphire but now we may change our date so we just have to choose between now jade and now sapphire. The hibachi place at now sapphire intrigued me but I read reviews that it was bad.
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    That sounded like a great deal and I went to look at availability for 5/2/2012 til 5/8/2012 and your website said there was no availability. I posted this the other day but it doesn't show up.
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    I just put in 5/2/2012 - 5/8/2012 and it said no availability.
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    I thought I posted this yesterday but can not find it anywhere. When I go to my profile it says I have one post but can not find that post so here we go again.. My name is Ryan Finger and am currently living in Buffalo, NY but am from Iowa. My Fiancee and I moved to Buffalo about 15 months ago and are planning on getting married on 05/05/2012 in Mexico. We are just starting the process now and it looks like we came to the right place.
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    Newbie Here

    Hello, My name is Ryan and I happened to find your site by googling destination weddings. My Fiancee are starting to look at destination weddings to get married 05/05/2012 in Riveria Maya. We are just starting the process now.
  13. Great Destination Wedding Experience

    Pros: Great communication, fast replies, overall great knowledge
    We used Wendy Hicks with Wright Travel and everything was great.  I started talking with Wendy June, 2011 just by completing a request form from Wright Travel.  My Wife and I moved to Buffalo, NY a few years ago with all of our other family members spread out in Iowa.  Every one was very happy with Wendy and how easy it was to get their rooms booked.  Neither Jami or myself had to answer any questions from any of our guests and they were always able to get their answers from Wendy.  
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