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  1. We chose the Divine Package which includes the wedding cake, cocktail hour, reception dinner for up to 25 people. We have 28 people going so it will be around I believe $105 each person over 25 that we have to pay which isn't too bad for us... However if you are having a lot more than 50 people go then the prices could add up really fast. The nice part is that we will basically be paying nothing for our room as it will be one of the free rooms. Our airfare ended up being $810 for the both of us.
  2. This is what we were paying for the resort: Single: $516 for 3 nights; $160 each additional night Double: $403 pp for 3 nights; $123 pp each additional night Triple: $393 pp for 3 nights; $119 pp each additional night Children 3 - 12: $185 for 3 nights; $50 each additional night Children 2 and under: $38 for the whole time. WE did have one guy that booked that had our TA book the hotel and his flight.
  3. Hi Thomas, It really depends on where you are flying out of. I know that our travel agent didn't really book our flights people just booked their own. She was able to get us a good rate on the rooms and was able to get 1 free room per 5 booked. I went with a TA with Wright Travel Agency and she sends me updates when people book and has taken care of everything.
  4. Hi Heather, Just to let you know we received our sashes the other day and they are really nice. I don't know why the eBay link says they are in Hong Kong as they were shipped from Kentucky. We bought 27 aqua and 27 purple.
  5. Hi Heather, We didn't really talk about other decorations yet. We bought the divine package so I'm not sure what all comes with that. Right now we just are looking at the bow ties around the chairs. I found one of the websites somewhere on this thread I will see if I can't find it again and those came to be about 70 cents per each one, then I found the ones we bought on e-bay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120756237189&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123
  6. We haven't decided on a signature drink yet. I gave my best man the task of trying the different ideas to se what he likes the best ha ha. Things are going pretty well we have 12 rooms reserved and all are booked except for 1 which is supposed to be booked by one of the bridesmaids tomorrow. Currently we have exactly 25 people going and that is how may are included in the packages so thats good that I will not have to incure any other costs. I found some chair sashes for about 61 cents per so I just ordered 30 aqua and 30 purple ones one for the wedding and one for dinner which i
  7. We are also in the process of completing our planning form. We were almost thinking about doing the cocktail hour on a different night entirely kind of like a meet and greet type migle, but haven't decided yet. The Reception is free drinks anyway and it's anall inclusive resort so thats why we were maybe thinking about doing the cocktail hour on a different night. Are either of you doing a signature drink?
  8. Thank you for all of the information we are at the tequila terrace as well so I'll let people know its prolly not best idea to wear heels
  9. I messed up on the drink name last night was doing too many things at once... Its actually called an Aqua Velva lol I believe the drink was used in a movie. The Aqua is the colors of the Groomsman shirts and the purple is the bridesmaids dresses. I attached color shot.
  10. Hi Sandy, Thank you for the information. It is nice having you on the board so that we get our answers a little sooner. Thank you, Ryan
  11. After looking at the planning info it states this: We offer during the cocktail hour OPEN BAR and everybody can order anything they want for drinks , however sometimes the bride and groom would like have special drink(wedding signature drink) , Do you have a signature drink? , If you do what is it? What are the ingredients? With the word However, it makes me wonder do they still get open bar and can order everything they want, or would then they just serve the wedding sigature drink? I think because of our colors we might use the Blue Valva as our signature drink since's
  12. Let me know what you come up with maybe I will copy ;-) Our colors are like an aqua blue and purple.. Even though it is not our color I was thinking about doing the Olive Garden Strawberry Fresco but just having it called the Finger Fresco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0Rp2xJ2KsA
  13. I have a question, are there only two options for the reception? Beach Terrace or Tequila Terrace? I have read a few comments saying that people thought the Beach terrace was a better option because it wasn’t as close to the restaurants and that the beach terrace was a better location to dance.. what is everyone’s opinion? Thank you, Ryan
  14. They did send me a word document. If you like you could send me your email address and I could send it to you. Thank you, Ryan
  15. Hello all, It has been a long time since I posted but was just able to catch up on all of the new threads. My Fiancée and I was able to start on the planning document last night. Were able to decide on 4 appetizers. I am glad we received the info on the two locations for the reception, I wasn't aware that one of them was so close to the restaurants. My Fiacee tells me that if they had a groomzilla show that I would be on it..
  16. For the Love of the Game Let me start off this story by the following disclaimer: I am not a bride but a groom, and when Jami talks to other people and tells them how I am handling most of the details she says that if there was a groomzilla show that I would be on it. Jami and I were not high school sweethearts, we didn't even know each other or live in the same city. After I graduated from college I was offered a full time position with John Deere but had to move 2 hours away to the Quad Cities. I took the job and away I moved to. John Deere had a softball league for their emplo
  17. With our TA our prices did include transfers to and from the airport. With the wedding package we bought we will receive private transportation. I wonder if other resorts have so much turn over as it seems like this one always has a new wedding planner.
  18. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/74418/now-sapphire-weddings-formerly-paradisus-riviera This is the one I made the first week of July but only 2 people responded. If ours is 5/5/2012 when should we send the save the dAtes?
  19. It took less than a week but I don't know for sure when my TA put the request in and received a response as she had a couple days off during that time.
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