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  1. Thank you so much! Feel free to email me with any questions.
  2. Also, I previously posted a review that may answer many of your questions, but I posted it in the wrong spot. You may want to take a look: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-jade-riviera-cancun/reviews/6308 Happy Planning! Lauren
  3. Hi Ladies, I thought I would post some pictures of decorations and set-up to ease some minds. Here are a few: Spa (newly renovated but small) Ceremony set-up with bows and flowers Tequila Terrace from the beach Reception set-up with centerpieces and glowing lanterns Bride & Groom table Cake Let me know if you want pictures of anything else? I can try and see if I have a picture of it!! Lauren
  4. Hi Noxx, I know you weren't asking me these questions, but I can try to help. The arch for the Divine package is covered in white drapings, but that is it. Any flowers or colored drapings are extra. The divine package also includes white covered chairs for the ceremony but bows or flowers are extra. A white aisle runner is included. I used the resorts centerpieces. They were absolutely beautiful, but I heard other girls say they paid someone outside and had cheaper and bigger centerpieces. I was happy with mine though and didn't have to run around and make sure everything was delivered that day. I did a review and a picture is included there, if you want to see them. Hope this helps. I brought down my own decor for the rehearsal dinner. I gave it to Ramon and he decorated the table beautifully and at no extra cost. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi Ladies, Just wanted to let you know that I returned back from my wedding at the Now Sapphire a few weeks ago. I typed up a really detailed and super long (probably too long!) review on the resort and the wedding: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-riviera-cancun-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews/6308 I included pictures that friends and family took. They aren't professional pictures though, as I don't have mine back yet. If you read it and have any further questions, I would be happy to answer them. Just PM me. I am sorry for the length of it, but I figured the more information the better! Everything was perfect though! It goes so fast!! I definitely have post-wedding sadness for sure! Lauren
  6. Hey Everyone, I don't have the pictures back yet from my photographers, but I attached some of the pics I do have. I was unsure about my dress at first, but loved it! It was perfect! The train was really long and got dirty, but the resort made it like new. I thought it looked so pretty and classy being long! The photographers had me holding parts up and it was flowing in the wind. Anyway, thought I would share a few pics. I don't have a ton, so I tried with what I have...
  7. Hi Pucca, You looked beautiful, great choice! I did go for my second fitting: Here is the dress on me. I liked it more this time, since I had basic make-up and all of my accessories. I desperately need a tan though! It still was big though on the bust and waist so they have to take it in more. I did not want to take it off, so I think that is a good sign! Thanks again for your help everyone! Lauren Quote: Originally Posted by Pucca So I'm guessing today you went for your second fitting. Exciting!! Hopefully everything went well! Thank you. I was, and am, very happy! This was my wedding dress:
  8. Hi Noxx, I am going with La Luna photography. They are well known in the area and plenty of girls recommended them that have used them. They are pricey, but I am hoping well worth it! I leave in 2 weeks from tomorrow! As for answering your questions on the packages and upgrades, I am going with the Divine Package. I have 35 guests, so I will have to pay the extra charges which gets pricey, but I really think the upgraded meals and other add-ons will be worth it (ie. massage, hair and make up, etc.). I am going to add an extra appetizer for the cocktail hour because the cocktail hour is my favorite part and we have quite a few vegetarians, so I want to make sure there are enough options for them as well. In addition, we are doing a signature drink (at no extra cost), which is ocean breeze (blue one of my colors!). We are also going to upgrade to some hanging lanterns. I think it looks so elegant! Although, they quoted us at like $900 for the light up ones which is absurd, but hopefully we can get that price down. I know others are bringing their own down, but things are crazy for me right now, so I didn't have time to bargain shop for decorations (I am working 2 jobs, going to grad school, fitting in the gym, and planning this wedding!). We will pay for bouquets for my bridesmaids and corsages/boutteniers for parents and grandparents. We are going with some divine centerpieces and also going with colored bows for the ceremony only. Just so you know, right now they are having a rehearsal dinner promotion. We originally weren't going to go with the rehearsal dinner because they quoted us at like $3500, but they have a discount right now at $20/p. It is a private dinner by the pool, includes IPOD set-up, champagne toast, 3 course meal, and basic set up. You might want to ask about it now, because not sure how long they will be having this promotion for. On a side note, I did find some other things on my own that I am bringing with me. We are bringing with us a sand ceremony, which seems to be a tradition for destination weddings. Also, instead of a guest book, we found a frame that everyone signs and can leave a message, so we can hang in our house someday. I also am putting fans on each of the chairs for the ceremony, in case it is hot. I got personalized ribbon too to match my bridesmaid's dresses to tie on the end of the fans. The favors are starfish wine stoppers. We just finished getting everything for the welcome bags. We ended up with personalized cold drink mugs with straw, tote bags, flip flop cards, puzzle books, leis (everyone for the rehearsal dinner will wear one), glow necklaces (to be handed out at the wedding at night!), water guns, beach balls, and a survival kit (i.e. tylenol, aloe, chapstick, tums, bandaids, etc.) If anyone is interested in where I purchased these things or what they look like, feel free to let me know and I can attach pictures or more information! Lauren
  9. Pucca--> Thank you so much for your advice. I am glad to know I was not the only one out there who had second thoughts. I think you are absolutely right! I go for my second fitting tomorrow and am going to do my hair, make up, and put on all of the jewelry so I can get a better idea. It should fit too! Congrats on your wedding! Sounds like you were so happy! Would love to see the nontraditional dress you chose!
  10. Thank you so much for the kind words everyone! I think I made the right choice and feel a lot better! Maybe I just needed some ladies in my situation to reassure me! I am sure I will feel better once it fits! I will be sure to post some pics! Here is the website to view the dress online (this also happens to be wear I purchased the dress) http://www.efashioncentral.com/parkavenuebridal/detail.php?ProdId=3608966&CatId=32870&resPos=178#subtitle Designer & style number: Allure Bridals Style Number:2413 Quote: Originally Posted by MissBubbles205 OMG!!!.. I LOVE that dress!! I'm sure it will look amazing on you!! Do you mind sharing the designer and #..? ) I'm still in search of a dress..
  11. Thanks Everyone for your advice! I am sure you are all right. I probably will feel better once it fits me right. I don't have any pics with me in the dress but here is a pic of the dress online: (SORRY IT IS SO HUGE!) I was going with a beachy, flowy feel....
  12. So, I have a question for the ladies who are close to their wedding date. I went for my first fitting last week and am having some second thoughts. When I bought my dress in September I loved it so much I cried. The woman helping me said my face lit up when I put it on. However, part of me is wondering if I made a mistake! I went with a simple light weight beachy dress. It is one shoulder and has some beading, but nice and flowy! I guess it is not a traditional princess wedding dress and I am thinking maybe I should have done that! I think the other problem was the dress at the fitting was huge and so I couldn't tell what it will really look like until they fix it, but am I crazy? Am I the only one thinking this??!! Help!! Lauren
  13. Congrats maytai5dh2! Very exciting! Thank you for your response! It makes me feel better! Did you find that the price that you paid was similar to what you priced it out as? Were you able to negotiate? Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  14. Hey Everyone! I read in here that others were having trouble getting through to Ramon as well. I sent my planning form almost a month ago and have emailed it several times, but I don't even get a response back at least saying he or Anel received it. I know they are busy but a simple email at least letting me know they have it would be nice! I also was hoping to get an estimate of the total cost of the wedding, so that my fiance and I know how much to prepare for. Did others get an estimate before they went down there? Thanks ladies!
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