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  1. Are you booked? Once you book and have a coordinator you will be able to get this type of information from her/him. I too hired an outside photographer but ONLY after getting it IN WRITING that I was allowed to have him and only needed to purchase day passes for him and his assistant. Their in house photographer for Playacar Palace had like 10 sample photos. LOL I was like, "ummm.....no". I think if you just put your foot down and state, "If I can't have a photog of my choosing I'll have to look elsewhere" you won't have issues. My TA also helped me with getting everything arranged. The woman has been a life saver!
  2. Thanks! I actually contacted my TA. She's been keeping up with what's been going on and I asked her if she had any management contacts. She got me answers the SAME DAY after me trying for 3-4 weeks!!!! Amazing what gets done when they hear you are looking to bail. They have since been very responsive and quick. On the bright side, I have it IN WRITING that I can have an outside photographer by purchasing day passes for him and his assistant. I am STOKED as I did NOT want the resort photog shooting my wedding! LOL
  3. VENT: I'm about ready to ask my TA to find me a different resort. I have had TWO simple questions about bouquet options and regarding the photographers on site. I sent two emails at the end of June and a third on July 7th to my coordinator (Geraldine). Finally I called last week leaving a voicemail for her and followed up with an email as well. I FINALLY got a reply to my FOURTH email but it was that my questions were being forwarded to Mercedes who is apparently specific to Playacar????? That was on July 12th (7 days ago) and still I have heard NOTHING in regards to my questions. I guess now I know why they offer the room credits for booking and the free package. Because without it people would bale due to their horrible customer service. This is creating stress that I simply do not need. Everything else is falling into place but there is an outside photog I want to book but refuse to do so until I have it IN WRITING that I will only need to purchase a day pass for him. If I lose this photog because of their lack of response I'm going to go balistic.
  4. Hi ladies! I'm at Playacar Palace in February and am having the same dilemma. I have sent three emails to my coordinator since 6/27 regarding wanting more information about the photography and have received NOTHING. Matt, Thank you for helping all of us! Do you also have a relationship with Playacar Palace? I have submitted a request for information on La Luna as unfortunately Del Sol is not in my budget with currently being unemployed and planning our big day on one income ;-( I'm hoping that maybe one of the newer photogs will be a better fit for us. The work on the site is definitely the type and quality I am looking for. With LaLuna is it just one photographer or two? Thanks! Shannon
  5. OK so my last post didn't show up.....trying again...... We are looking at Playacar and waiting on a quote from our TA. This thread is very informative. Thanks to you all for sharing ;-) I did NOT know the legal ceremony (civil) was performed in Spanish. I was under the impression the paperwork was just in Spanish. Is this the only option? What does it cost to have the info translated so that you can file here in the US?
  6. Hello ladies! We are waiting to hear back on our price quote for Playacar Palace from our TA (Melissa at Beach Bum Vacations) and this thread is amazingly helpful! My TA told me that they planners are a bit slow at responding because they are so busy but that the on-site planners day of will be all about me and have everything arranged which matches with what I'm reading here! Luckily I'm pretty laid back about things and not too picky. The set up with the free wedding seems to include everything that I want. I am very happy to hear the cocktail reception can be on the beach! And it's really good to know about the $250 for music. I wonder if bringing your own battery operated ipod dock would be acceptable? I can't imagine them telling you "no" and that price is just rediculous.
  7. Sascha was GREAT!

    Pros: Priced fairly, creative shots, easy to work with, great communication, arrived early, took many photos, you get ALL the pictures
    Sascha shot my 2/17/12 wedding at Playacar Palace in Playa del Carmen.  He did an excellent job shooting creative photos and capturing our day.  We are happy with the results and plan to make an album on our own of his work.  He thought of shots that I would have never thought to do, arrived early, and accomodated all of our requests.  I would highly recommend Sascha to any bride and also recommend checking out his blog to see his work.      
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