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  1. Hello - Past brides- I am getting married at OTC in less than two weeks!!!! I am getting nervous about Ana, she used to respond to me within 4-6 weeks but I have not heard from her since I sent her my final numbers, menu selections, ect. Is this normal? and how will I know when I am to meet with her once we get down there? any ideas, suggestions, tips???
  2. Hey Camille - I'm actually doing that same thing in my tables (the first pic u have with the sand and flowers). I sent the pics to Anna about 2 weeks ago and I am waiting for her to get back to me in price. My wedding is in February. I will let u k ow once I hear back on pricing... Unless have u already gotten a price?
  3. One tip... Contact Ana directly via email rather than through your TA. For whatever reason I get way better responses when I do this. Sometimes Ana will say no to things that I've had my TA ask for but then I'll email her direct and she is so willing and able to negotiate and make things they way I want them. I no longer involve my TA on wedding details
  4. Hi Erin welcome and congrats!!! It typically takes Ana at least two weeks to respond to an email... Sometimes longer. Be patient, she will eventually get back to you (easier said than done I know!) We are getting married 2/22/13 and to save that date we had to provide a $200 deposit to secure that date since at the time the room prices has not listed for 2013. We did however go through a travel agent, not because we had to but simply because she's a family friend and offered to help. Last month we were able to book our trip, at that time we had to choose which wedding package we wanted and had to provide another $100 deposit towards the package. I have all of the packaging info/inclusions I can email to u just let me know your email. We have booked Octavio Montez as our photographer, his prices were actually more reasonable than the resort and once we pay the $300 outside vendor fee we will basically break even. My girlfriend got married last year and uses him, he's great and super fast responding. That's all I have learned so far... Good luck with everything
  5. Anyone have success booking the creperie for their reception location? My wedding is on a Friday and I've heard they are closed on Fridays and that is how other brides have been able to get this location in the past.... Any wise words of wisdom? I emailed Ana a few weeks ago but have not heard back. Has anyone heard if the nail techs at the resort are any good? Or do mos brides get their nails done prior to arrival?
  6. @tropiclover- photos are amazing!! Congrats, where was your reception ? Looks like villa marina?
  7. @jbride- we recently booked our wedding February 22nd, 2013 @ ocean coral & turquesa. It's about 20 minute ride from cancan airport. The resort is located in Puerto Morelos ( which we've been to before and loved) prices for all inclusive package with Airfair out of Minneapolis are approximately $1200-$1500 pp for a week long stay. Their packages Are affordable and flexible for what you want in your wedding. There are also 3-4 different locations to choose from for the ceremony and also the reception. Happy planning!!
  8. Brides to be anyone planning to do OOT bags for their guests? I'm wondering if Ana would allow me to ship them to her at the hotel prior to my arrival and also if the staff will place them into the guest rooms for their check in. Anyone have info on this? Thanks ladies:-)
  9. Congrats CC!! Great (and reassuring) to hear that things went smoothly and that you were so very happy and pleased with your experience at the OCT!! Would LOVE some details about your big day and pictures if you have the time Thanks!!! Andrea
  10. Hey Fellow OTC Brides! I am hoping that some of you can share your experience with me about "paying off" the hotel's photographer and bringing in your own? My wedding date is 2/22/2013, we've paid our deposit and Ana has confirmed the date for us. I have found a local photographer in the area that did my girlfriend's wedding last winter in Playa Del Carmen. How do you approach this with Ana? What is the best method for taking her down on the price? I feel like we should not have to pay alot since the wedding package we are going with is for a legal wedding ceromony and we are just going to do a symbolic one as we are getting married at homebefore we go. Do you just email her and offer a couple hundred dollars or what? I have read through the forum and it seems like everyone is charged a different price. Also does anyone know what the "daypass" charge is for the photographer to come on site for the day? Any thoughts/feedback would be appriciated!!!! Thanks
  11. Friends of ours used Octavio last winter for their wedding at Barcelo Palaca. We are thinking of booking him for our wedding Feb 2013 at the Ocean Coral and Turquesa. Anyone used him at this location before?
  12. Hi there: I recently stayed at Barcelo Palace this past February for a friend's wedding. It was great! We stayed at the palace as did a majority of our group. However, some people stayed at some of the other Barcelo hotels such as Caribe, Tropical and Beach. The very best thing about haing a wedding at the Barcelo is that your guests have the option of how much they want to spend, if they want to go the cheaper route they should book atBarcelo Beach and if they want the 5 star experence go with Palace. Your whole group does not have to stay at the same location to enjoy the wedding. The resort is HUGE but at the same time you can easily walk from one end (palace) to the other end (beach). The food at the palace was hands down the best food I have ever encountered at an all-inclusive resort. I too am planning a Riviera Maya wedding for next winter and I would have no 2nd thoughts about booking my own wedding there without shopping around, but since my girlfrend just got married there I have to go with something else (Still looking).
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