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  1. We got married on the 24th August and i cannot say enough about Lorena and Jorge who will be there right until the end of the reception. They will make your day perfect!!!! Unfortunately it did rain on our wedding day just as i was about to start walking down the aisle at 5.30!! The day had been beautiful sunshine up until then but luckily they postponed the ceremony for 30 minutes and we were able to carry on getting married on the beach and having the cocktail hour on the beach. We made the decision to have the reception in the ballroom as it was still very stormy and rained but this was decorated beautifully and it was nice to be out of the wind to eat. I was very disappointed about this but to be honest it was all done extremely well and was still fantastic! I will write a review when i get back, we are still on honeymoon at the moment but did pick up our photos from Anel and they are fantastic!!! Don't stress girls they know exactly what they are doing and to be honest you can plan most of it a week before (apart from the bits you are bringing from home)but the flowers etc... you can all do that when you arrive and if you want to change anything they are so accommodating its great!
  2. We just had our legal ceremony on 24th aug and we requested Linda (another bride earlier in this forum recommended her) so we paid an extra $100 for her but it was definitely worth it!!!
  3. We have just done the sound system as for 17 people we didn't think we would need a DJ. I think this is going to be ok as i have a few play lists on my ipod so hopefully it will be a breeze!!!!
  4. Hi Sheila, I will let you know how it goes, yesterday there was a wedding and they actually used the whole deck area as they had finished one side. I am a little worried that the side we want to use with the trees in will be shut off today and they start work that side so i will have to see what happens. Lorena did say to me that we will only be able to use part of the deck but with the size of our wedding 17 people it wouldn't really matter???? I will just have to see what happens!!!! Will keep you posted! S-J x
  5. Hi Liz, Weather so far is fantastic!!!! Very hot!!! I am a little worried about the heat and my dress but the beach has a lovely breeze most of the time so fingers crossed! You may just see our ceremony it is on the North Beach at 17.30 on the 24th so if you arrive on time give me a little wave!!! Just had my meeting with Lorena she is lovely!!! This time next week I will be so excited!!! I will keep an eye on here so if you have any questions just let me know S-J x
  6. WELL I AM HERE!!!!! Arrived yesterday and up at 5am due to jetlag from the UK! We booked the honeymoon suite and its lovely we didn't receive an upgrade but it is very very nice and we are very pleased with it! Meeting Lorena at 10.30 this morning and having our blood tests done too (for legal ceremony)! We have noticed the pool deck still under construction so will ask Lorena about this but we still have a week today until our wedding so will keep you updated!!! S-J xxx
  7. Has anyone had trouble contacting the Spa re making appointments??? i have emailed them twice and my wedding is less than a month away so i would like to get it booked but i dont get any replies!
  8. Hi Emily, My wedding is on the 24th august and i have chosen the beach for my cocktail hour, i can give you details afterwards so you can be sure what you would like as it is less than a month away now! SJ x
  9. Morning Ladies, Does anyone have the email of the Spa to hand, i know its in here not that long ago but i cannot sit at work and read though the posts so if anyone has it easily to hand that would be great. Thank you very much SJ x
  10. Hi Katie Beth, Wow just looked at your photos on here, you looked amazing! If would wouldnt mind FB friending me too so i can see the beach too, mine is a month away now so cannot wait!! Its Sarah Davison and my email is sarah-jane@twinkledust.co.uk to find me. Thank you very much
  11. Hi AshMarie, Yes you can pick any bouquet from the catalogue and change the colours to what you would like, i have seen so many pictures of lovely bouquets from past brides and when i got sent the catalogue i was really dissapointed but i guess in the colours you want they will look fab!
  12. Big Congratulations to you!!! Have a fantastic time and enjoy it! Cannot wait to hear how it goes!
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