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  1. I'm excited to get back to EDR next Saturday for our 1st Anniversary trip!!! Not one of you will regret getting married at this paradise on Earth!!
  2. I wore the heels above and had no problem. they flatten the sand anyway! Hope this helps!
  3. I wore the heels above and had no problem. they flatten the sand anyway! Hope this helps!
  4. I wore the heels above and had no problem. they flatten the sand anyway! Hope this helps!
  5. PS since you are having so many people ( we had 32 ) ask the resort to give you an updated list of names and room #'s when they arrive. It helped us in coordinating meeting places and times. Also don't try to go to the restaurants with big groups of people because it is hard for them to accommodate. Try to meet up with friends and fam after dinner at the martini bar or guacamayas! Have Fun!
  6. Hi El Dorado 2012! Congrats! Not sure about the guitarist, we used 5 of our favorite songs as the guests entered and for my husband, bridesmaids, groomsmen and I to enter on the complimentary sound system. We used my ipod and it went beautifully. We used DJ Doremixx. I cannot tell you how important this DJ was for our wedding. He did so much more than just play music, he WAS the reception. He introduced everyone, got the party going and also gave us tips that we otherwise would not have noticed. PLEASE, if you spend any extra money do it on the DJ!! You should also consider having your reception on the beach with his dance floor, it was the hit of our wedding!! If you are on Facebook you can friend him, it's Ivan Gomez Doremixx and see our wedding on October 8th. Everyone is still talking about it. Since you are in June it might be a little warm for the beach though. We did Maracas as favors and incorporated them into the seating chart so when guests showed up to the reception the maracas were on a table and we tied a card to them that said their table #, our wedding date and a thank you note. They were loved by everyone and were a great noise maker when we walked in.The ones who didn't lose them during the party brought them home as souvenirs. We did out of town bags that were put in everyones room upon arrival that had bug spray, lip balm, a bath bomb, sunscreen and a welcome letter explaining the dates and times of the welcome dinner and wedding and different meeting points if people were interested during the stay. Example was a Friday afternoon deep sea fishing trip my husband was taking if anyone wanted to go. ( PM me and I can give you the template, it was a tri-fold brochure type). I can honestly tell you if I did it again I would probably not for go the OOT bags in place of paying for an excursion for the guests, like a night in Playa or snorkeling because a lot of what we gave them they already came with. I would just do the Welcome letter and let them know of the times of events, especially if you have 60 coming. We had 30 and getting the bags there and putting them together is the last of your worries for your wedding! Remember, this is your day and you feeling and looking good requires as least stress possible! Lomas does a trip to Coco Bongos or a bar crawl into Playa that they take you and pick you up in a big bus. Check the website on the price. Do this on a night AFTER your wedding. It will be a fun night but your pics will look better and you will feel better at your wedding not doing this before hand. There really is a great nightclub/show hall on the resort called Guacamayas and you don't have to go into playa to have fun if all of your best friends and family are already there. Have fun planning and remember to breathe. I am sad the planning is over and believe me when I tell you this place knows what they are doing, take the meeting with the planners seriously when you get there, answer their questions with exactly what you want and they will accommodate! So don't stress just get your groom, dress and family there and you will have the wedding of your dreams!! Best Wishes!!
  7. Go with the BBQ!!! My guests said it was the best meal they had the whole weekend!! Which says a lot because all of the restaurants were amazing! Also, try to get the white gazebo and have it out side, It was the most magical experience of our lives!
  8. Hola! We used Ivan and the team for our wedding on 10-08-11 and I have to tell you all that anyone who is not happy with his services probably needs to be checked out. Ivan and his team were as professional as they come and were the best part of our wedding. My husband even agreed that the ambiance of our wedding would have been severely less of a good time with out the dance floor and Ivan. His suggestions helped ease the wedding along and my hubby and myself didn't worry about anything!! PLEASE take my advice and hire this team you will not be disappointed!!
  9. Getting Married in 6 Days!! Haven't seen anyone on here lately so I guess everyone is all set!!! Good Luck Ladies!!
  10. Also Lauren, What did you do for OOT bags? Just watched your slideshow, looks AMAZING!
  11. Hi Lauren, Thanks for the info! I'm getting married October 8th and it's getting a little bit close now!! I wanted Tiki torches but we are having a beach reception so I fear they will blow out all evening. Did you write a review we can look at? ANGI- We went with the Infinity Tart dresses for the bridesmaids dresses in a color called Sangria. They can be worn 13 different ways and I have 4 girls so they can all choose which way to wear them. They have not decided on shoes yet so I am leaving that up to them. I thought bare foot would be cute but they want shoes. I did the tropical mix too, I think! Whatever was the flowers with the stargazers? Getting super close now!
  12. I think that's what we will go with as well. What are your colors for your bridesmaids?
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