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  1. Hello bmajeske! To look at the prices of extras Karisma properties use Lomas. I think the website is lomas-weddings.com Under planning you will find prices from everything from napkins to centerpieces. It is all there. I received a complimentary cocktail party through my travel agent and because of that I am having an "offical" cocktail hour at the zky terrace. I'm not sure how it works if you do not have an official one. From what I understand it doesn't open until night time and because of that might not be open depending on what time your ceremony is. As for the reception I know we are doing the seated filet mignot dinner. I have assumed that 50 people would be coming, but just estimating. Our final payment is due april 25th so I am asking people to be booked by April 15th so that I will know how many dinners to order. Let me know any other questions that you have.
  2. We are having our wedding on the beach and the reception in the ballroom. I am so excited!
  3. I'm getting there on June 8! I am very excited. Where are your ceremony and reception?
  4. YEs another azul fives bride! I'm getting married there in June. I am so excited, but there is still so much to do.
  5. Hey! Glad you are back. I have been pretty lonely! Haha! If I remember correctly the gazebo is really nice. I do not think it is a traditional gazebo (like out of wood), but I do not remember too well. The whole place is beautiful though so I'm sure it will be okay. I do remember it is slightly close to the pool, but hopefully there will not be too many people around the pool. What time is your ceremony? The Zky terrace is awesome. I am having my cocktail hour there as well. It is beautiful and you have a great view of the beach/pool area. The restaurant that is attached to it is beautiful too, I think the top of the restaurant where the Zky terrace is turns into a club at night. I'm having my ceremony at the Catholic church at the El Dorado Maroma beach. It is beautiful. Then I am having the cocktail hour back at Azul Fives at the Zky terrace and then we are having the reception inside of their ballroom. Planning is going good, but I still have a lot to do. We are expecting around 50 people. I just want to get everyone booked and ready to go. Yeah I am using the DJ from Lomas. I think his name is DJ Flacon though, not sure. I'm going ot use Carieb Photos for the pictures. What are your colors? I am doing coral and turquoise. What dinner option are you choosing? Sorry for so many questions. I'm just excited to talk to someone that is actually having theirs at Azul Fives!!
  6. Are you hiring an outside DJ, because they said I didn't have a choice of DJ. So we have DJ Falcon. Where is your ceremony and reception? We actually went there and loved it so I know you will love it when you are there!
  7. We just signed the contract to have our wedding at Azul Fives on June 8, 2012. I am too excited!!! Not too much information on it, but I did a site visit last week and fell in love with ithe hotel. Can't wait to really start planning!
  8. I signed my contract for Azul Fives today. My wedding date is June 8, 2012! I am so excited. Any other Azul Fives brides out there???
  9. I just got back from visiting Azul Fives and I am now waiting on confirmation of my date, June 9, 2012. It is such a beautiful resort and all of the staff was so incredibly nice. I am so excited about this. Hopefully there will be a few more brides here so we can share some ideas!
  10. I just went on a site visit to Azul Fives and LOVED it! I am waiting on confirmation of the date, but after that everything will be set. There isn't much activity on the Azul Fives forum so I think I will be joining you ladies! Hope that is okay. Wedding should be June 9, 2012 at Azul Fives. I'm so excited!!!
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