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  1. I've also decided to get serious now that I am less than 4 months away!!!! I am going to kick start my weight loss with the Fat Flush plan by Ann Louise Gittleman (http://www.annlouise.com/23/diet-detox/4/). It starts with a 2-week detox to cleanse your liver and kidneys (no dairy, carbs, alcohol, nuts, sugar, low-sodium..). I lost about 30 pounds with it when I was in college and now I just need to lose about 10-15 more to feel beach ready! After the detox I'll switch to a healthy eating plan and workout 4-6 days/week. Keep it up 2012 brides!!! :)
  2. Essence - thank you soooo much for your help with these! We finished ours before Christmas (finally!) and our guests are raving! The stamps came out perfectly, even on the dark paper, and were much cheaper than having them printed professionally!!! THANK YOU! Now I'm on to the Welcome Bags... and feeling much better about the whole DIY-thing
  3. Thanks so much for sharing your template!! I just created ours, except I ordered the plastic tags and loops from clearenvelopes.com. One pack of 10 tags for $3.60 and a pack of 10 loops for $2.80, which is great for smaller guest lists. http://www.clearenvelopes.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=luggage The shipping was fast...and they even threw in a few extra tags and loops (I think it was a mistake, but we had a few extra people RSVP that we didn't expect, so its perfect!!). These tags are a bit bigger than what the template fits, so we printed the front page and back page on separate pages (using 80 lb paper) and then cut out a larger piece of darker blue paper (leftover from our passport invites) to put between the two pieces to create a border. This makes it a little thicker (since I didn't use cardstock) and fills up the whole space. Thank you again, Rebecca, for helping me create this with your wonderful template and instructions! :)
  4. So nice to see other April 2012 brides!! I keep reading planning threads from brides whose weddings have passed and get nervous thinking about everything I have left to do!...
  5. We're doing our ceremony at Lindquist Beach, but I think we might stay at the Marriott as well! I want to have some ideas of affordable options for our guests though...I know that all of our friends are not going to want to pay Marriott prices!! Although our ceremony is in late April, it will still be outside in the sun, so I'm planning to have a few parasols available for guests during the ceremony as well. And bottled water! I saw pictures of another BDW bride who did her wedding at HB in July and she posted pics of the reception and I remember that it did get hot while they were dancing, but they still had a great time!! I think its all about what you make of it
  6. Hi Tara, We are also getting married next year (April) outside with a reception at Havana Blue!!! Have you decided what to do about accommodations for you and your guests?? In terms of being too hot...I've actually never been to STT, but some ideas I have for my beach ceremony are to have parasols available and little fans on everyone's seats that people can use. They have fans and parasols at orientaltrading.com, but I'm going to keep looking! We're also going to have water and lemonade available for our guests on a little table in the shade. Either way, your wedding will be gorgeous Beth
  7. These look great and are such a great idea!! My FI and I have considered making postcards for our DW in St Thomas....how did you make them though?? I'm also a low-level DIY-er
  8. If you're having trouble viewing these photos, try right-clicking and choosing to "open link in new tab". It's a bit of a pain, but the photos are worth it!
  9. 1. Name: Beth 2. Where are you from: originally from Albany, NY but living in NY, NY for 3.5 yrs 3. Where are you getting married in St Thomas: On the beach (not sure which one!!) 4. When are you getting married: April 2012 5. who is your WC: Janelle from Island Bliss - she's great!!
  10. This sounds very similar to the wedding that I'm trying to plan on St Thomas!! We're only having 20-30 people...so we want something that is memorable but not necessarily traditional for our reception. Any ideas or suggestions??
  11. Hi All! I am recently engaged and also a 2012 St Thomas bride to be!!! I've never been to the islands, but the pictures are amazing and it fits with everything that we were looking for (and everyone's posts here have been incredibly helpful so far!). One question though - does anyone know how long it takes to get around the island?? Thanks and happy planning!!
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