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  1. Packages have arrived! What a relief! 2 days and counting until departure
  2. Msvasq- my fiancé talked me into it! With his job he works closely with FedEx, so he has "people" on the inside watching it.. If we didn't have this connection I would not of shipped anything.. Both of our moms offered to give up a peace of their luggage for us to use do we wouldn't have to pay extra, but we just didn't want them to have to worry about anything.. FedEx finally updated the tracking page yesterday and it looks like we made it through customs, so hopefully it will make it to the resort now!
  3. Carolina13, We just had to put a deposit down for our personal room. Then when our guests decided to book, they did the same. Our deposit was around $300 for 10days in the honeymoon suite. We didn't have to make the final payment until 2 months before departure. Apple also offers an insurance for an additional $90 p/p that guarantees the cheapest rates up until they day we leave. This insurance has given us $450 back on our trip, however none of our guests rates have gone down. We went this route since we knew we wouldnt have a huge amount of guests coming (27), so we didnt have to worry about the hotel being fully booked.
  4. Teammissick- I'm not sure if your set on not working with a TA but I would highly recommend it! They will be able to handle everyone's questions so it's less stress for you! Also, my TA booked through apple vacations which has a wedding promo code that they use.. This promo code saved each guest $25 on their trip, plus we got $12 per person off ours, which ended up being $250 off! Also with apple round trip transfers from airport were included..
  5. Well my boxes are still sitting in customs, I'm not freaking out just yet though! I didn't realize this when we shipped, but their is an additional fee you have to pay to clear customs which ended up being another $100.. I'll keep you posted!
  6. Carolina13- We shipped the welcome gifts, bouquets and the sand ceremony vases. It ended up being 4 boxes. They are still waiting in customs, but our FedEx rep says they should be going through today! We shall see!
  7. We leave in 11 days! We just shipped 4 boxes via FedEx on Friday and really hoping they make it through customs! If not, I will kill my fiancé for talking me into doing it! What is up with everyone getting FREE upgrades to a honeymoon suite?!? Wish I would of known that when booking, could of saved us a lot of money!
  8. We have 27 people in our group. Should be a fun time!
  9. @bridejuly2012- How exciting! When do you arrive? We get there on the 12th-22nd.. I have pretty much everything ready for Dominican, it's the reception back home I still have things to do for. I'm getting so excited! Do you have a large group coming down?
  10. Im interested in 30 fans and 15 packages of the chapstick. Would you be willing to sell just these? If so, what's the price?
  11. Thanks Melanie for all the info! It sounds like our days are going to be very similar! What dinner items did you choose? Did you wait till you got there to tell the WC all your arrangements (decorations, bouquet, dinner choice)? Also, what kind of extentions did you get? I thought about getting some but didnt want to spend too much money for them. Deemore, Im also going to do a sand ceremony. It took me forever to find a vase I really liked. My FI has two children so we are also going to have them be a part of it. While searching for a vase I did come across sand ceremony picture frames too that were really cute. -Jackie
  12. Congrats Melly81!! I have a few questions for you! For the beach ceremony, did you get the Huppah decorated or just the linens? Was the beach windy? What time was your ceremony? Did you get your hair/makeup done there? If so, what time were your appointments? What dinner package did you go with? How was the food? That's all I have for now! Thanks! Jackie
  13. Ladies, I just emailed the dinner menu to you! Hopefully you got it!
  14. Has anyone thought about if /what they are doing for OOT bags? Just looking for some ideas. I plan on getting some sort of mug they can use at the resort for drinks with a decal on it and then fill it with goodies. I will probably get a small can of bug spray, since I heard the bugs are bad in July, but not sure what else... Thoughts?
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