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  1. I found a couple of photographer, but not sure who to go with, Which one have you found?!? Thanks When are you getting married?
  2. Hello ladies-Just found this thread! I am a GPLH Bride for 01/30/2012 coming in fast! I have most of my planning done so if you have any questions let me know, all planning has gone smoothly thus far! My travel agent has been making the arrangements with the wedding coordinator because she seems to get back to her faster than me, its been working out great so far. Also my travel agent has been very helpful on some of the decisions since she has been there and has booked many different weddings and knows what kind of additional options are out there! Getting close can't wait!! Happy planning!
  3. Hi everyone, I just found this Thread. I too am getting married at Grande palladium Lady hamilton Jamaica 01/30/2012. Most of all my plans are set except for photography have been looking into a couple outside ventors but thanks for the Merrick Cousley tip I will check him out as well. I have nothing but good things to say about my planning thus far and cant wait...not too far away now!!! We have 47 guests booked and paid for!!! Happy planning!
  4. Hello to all! I am getting married Jan. 30, 2012! Everything has gone smoothly so far no complaints! We have 47 guests booked and paid for! Cant wait-just trying to lock down a photographer...any ideas?? So far I checked into trucolors photography I have heard some good reviews on them but just want to check into some other places. Thanks
  5. You looked beautiful! What photographer did you go with. Aslo how much did the cocktail party cost and what was included? Thanks Holly Getting marriend Jan. 30th, 2012
  6. You guys are very helpful...just reading over some of your ideas...one question about the private location?? Have you girls seen pictures of the 2 locations of the private reception sites?? Wondering which each look like so I can make my decision before we go?? Thanks
  7. Sorry I dont have an answer for you but I too and in the same boat and need to see some pictures of the two!!!
  8. Did anyone use the salon at the resort? How was it? Worth it? Pricing? Wondering if I should book an appointment or just have a friend do my hair? Thanks
  9. Are you girls/ or did you girls have a pre-get togethor party before your group headed to Jamaica?? I was thinking of having one just to get the group togethor and give them their bags, and let everyone get to know eachother because both of my groom and I have divorced families so most of them have never met. Did any of you do this, how did it go?
  10. Yup we planned on doing them for all our guests as well!!! Great Idea then you don't have to keep hitting the bar up!
  11. I'm getting married January 30th, is anyone doing a winter wedding? Or has anyone? Just thought it would be a good time to get away!! It's getting close tho!!! Can't wait all of my planning is going good so far and have heard nothing but good things about the resort! We have 40 guests so far! YAY! IF anyone has any last minute tips for me...thanks!
  12. How far out did you get in contact with your wedding planner? I'm getting married Jan 2012 and I really want to get in touch with my WC and my travel agent says it is too early??
  13. Does anyone know of anyone that has had the reception in the a la cart restaurant... What did W What did they think? Private enough? Did they get on the same table? Also how far out until you can start contacting your WC My wedding is in January and I still have no response?? Getting worried.?! Thanks
  14. I signed on for the sapphire package about 2 weeks ago and it was 1800. Im confused with all the prices. We will have a good of about 30ish people and I guess I dont really care if I have a seperate receptions so I beleive that the sapphire package would be the best. but it is an additional $20 a person after 8 to have dinner with other guests?
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