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  1. My husband and I used Derek Campbell from photos in Cancun. He took great pics, was really affordable and easy to work with. Some of my pics are on my review under The Royal-Playa del Carmen reviews.
  2. We tipped the romance concierge (she did sooo much for us) the dj, the photographer, the wedding coordinator, and gave the head server money to share with everyone. Think that is it.
  3. Just got back from our wedding!! AMAZING!!! Everyone had a great time and said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. Will post a review this week!
  4. Jenn, I would NOT recommend the violinist. When we were there last May we watched a ceremony from the sidelines and they had a violinist that sounded horrible! We are going with our ipod and letting them control it Good luck with the rest of your planning
  5. Hey Ladies! Can anyone send me an example of their wedding welcome letter? My fiance and I would love to see some of your ideas and incorperate them into ours. Thanks a ton!!
  6. I have been working with an onsite coordinator the entire time and know they have been really strict about changing or transferring things in the packages. We were going to do the luxury wedding but when we took out all the things we really didn't need or want it ended up being the eternal romance package. So I will second that you should check to see if a smaller package would work. I am having the international buffet (2) at my wedding in three weeks....I will let you know how it goes. We have a lot of football players and picky eaters coming so this seemed like the best option.
  7. I do know they do not sub things out on the packages. Why do you even have to tell her that though? You can hire an outside photographer and just tell the resort photographer to hang back or take a break when they get there. I can't imagine they would fight you on that on the day of.
  8. Hey Kate! I am two months away!! Not sure if anyone on here is before March 23. I am getting so excited, it's so hard to not think about being there all day when I look outside at the snow. So far so good though. Had a small glitch with the rehearsal dinner time but they are taking care of is so no worries. I think I have everything done though except the wedding gift bags and that will be done this weekend! Woo Hoo!!
  9. I totally agree. I almost don't want to come on here anymore. It seemed like things were looking up this past week though. I also have had very little issues with my wedding. Of course when something comes up my coordinator has got back to me in a timely fashion and I could not be happier or more excited about the wedding. You have to remember they have to make many people happy and I feel they do all they can to make sure that happens. About El Dorado Royal, it is a beautiful resort and when we went to Mexico last May we visited and stayed at both resorts. I will tell you though why we went with the Royal and maybe it will help you make a decision. The resort is very big and spread out, not as intimate as the Royal We had contact with 2 different wedding coordinators before we went down there to meet them and when we got there the last one we had contact with had quit two days before, we felt that was an issue. The rooms in the El Dorado side are older and do not hold a candle to the Royals. The rooms on the Casitas side are amazing but they are a lot more expensive. They also all include their own pool and larger pool with bar for about 10 rooms.....if we go back we will stay in the Casitas side. The food was not as good as the Royal. Don't get me wrong El Dorado Royal is a great place and I would definitely go back there, we just liked our experience at the Royal better. Hope this helps you.
  10. Lisa, Thanks so much for that positive post on this thread!! I have been on the brink of not coming on here again because I don't want it to bring me down. I too have been discouraged with fees but when I think about what I would spend on a wedding here it seems silly. The extra cost is the business of weddings. Also, My fiance and I have never been in touch with an off-site wedding coordinator and our on-site coordinator is wonderful. It may take a couple of days to respond but she is always helpful and I know will make sure all of our weddings are wonderful.
  11. My fiance is looking to take my father and a couple of the groomsmen golfing one day during our time there and we would like to know if anyone can recommend a good course down there to visit. I know there are a few men on this site so if you have went anywhere down there (good or bad) we would love to know about it! Thanks!
  12. Trust me you are not the only one. My fiance and I were finalizing our package and all of these charges were coming out of no where. I was really frustrated. Thank goodness my fiance is very level headed and does not just roll over because he took care of soooo much. I think things are going to get frustrating (it is a wedding and it wouldn't be natural if it didn't but know it's all going to be great in the end. As far as Marvin he is cheaper than the Royal and most of my friends that have got married here say that my price is much less than they spent on flowers.
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