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  1. @beachbride, so sorry to hear about your TA.. my TA is absolutely AMAZING . She's planning my wedding in Mexico in JUne and has blocked off rooms for my group and has been the contact person between the WC and me. She just did an amazing job with my girlfriend a group of 55 to Montego Bay Jamaica. She truly does rock Call her Cathy @ Easy Escapes Travel. (917)400-3573 Tell her KEimalee and Joseph referred you. Good luck
  2. Hello ladies, well as some of you may know I had posted last week that I had to push back my wedding (6/24/12) due to my newborn (any day now) and financials. BUT turns out that the in laws have offered to pay for the entire wedding under ONE CONDITION. that it be held at a different island since Mexico is not safe and continues to be a threat to all tourists in my mother in laws own words. Well since hubby and I are not paying we agreed. So I am now booked for the same day at The Hard Rock Resort and Casino in Punta Cana, DR. Absolutely breathtaking. I stayed at this resort 2 years ago before Hard Rock bought it last year. I do plan on doing a site inspection soon. I still love this DRC forum and will continue to post and look forward to all of your pics and reviews. Ladies, having stayed at DRC 2x before, no worries this resort is absolutely BREATHTAKING. Let the wedding planning begging all over. lol
  3. Congrats at rick949. Hope everything works out as planned. Can't wait for the review. Unfortunately and sadly I had to postpone my wedding for another year. My date was 6/24/12 now 6/23/13 :-(. I'm due any day now and planning a wedding with a soon to be new born has proven to be a bit stressful. I thought I could handle it but it's the best destination for now. Bummer. I had ordered my real touch flowers, paid the an outside DJ, downpayment on my cake vendor and bought many decorations. I guess I will put it in storage for now. In the meantime i will live through all of your planning and/or reviews....
  4. ladies, I have been in contact with the the fireworks company that dimplesandsuga was talking about and was kind of enough of email some of us with the PDF. The least expensive one is $410.00 for 10 seconds of display. I also inquired about a wedding package but she told me that what ever is listed on their price list is what they offer. So i told her no thank you. $410 for 10 seconds? Is she kidding me..... good luck to those who do hire this company, I will enjoy your pictures. lol
  5. Congratulations on your engagement. to start if you are getting married in Canada then you are looking to have a "symbolic ceremony" which would be performed the same way as "real ceremony' only that its not valid. What you would be signing that day would be just a "piece of paper" to make it look like the real thing. I am actually having a symbolic wedding in June 2012 at Dreams Riviera Cancun (www.dreamsresorts.com) average about 750-1000 per person, very reasonable, family and kid friendly. Great resort. I stayed at this resort 2x before and knew from the moment I stepped off the taxi that I wanted to get married there. absolutely breathtaking, check out the forum from this resort on this site you'll be convinced just as I was. May i also suggest you contact a travel agent and let him/her do all your traveling arrangements. Mine is amazing, she's my go to gal and she's been dealing with all the rsvp's and even serving as my contact person back and forth with the resorts wedding coordinator. Well best wishes and happy planning. FYI let this site be your complete wedding guide.
  6. okay so a follow up to my previous post. I was again contacted by Ricardo at discomovilcancun since I had asked him if it would be possible to use him for the ceremony, cocktail and reception for the $600 fee (5 hours) since i believe the receptions at DRC are only 3 hours??? He said this would certainly be fine however they all would need to be at the same location otherwise he would charge $100 for the change in location/set up fee. I still think he's prices are great compared to DRC's DJ's. I read some GREAT reviews about his work and super excited to work with him. its an initial deposition of $100 via paypal and he will then provide you with the contract. He also does a site inspection with the WC prior to the wedding and bride's arrival to make scope out the location/site. He also provides karaoke machines and lighted dance floor for the same price. OMG so excited.
  7. Hello ladies, as most of you know I am getting married on June 24, 2012 and my WC is Ana. I have had no direct contact with her (by choice) as my TA has been the contact ( she seems to respond extremely quickly to her). I don't know if any of you gals are getting a DJ for the both the ceremony/reception but I contacted a local DJ and for 5 hours of music he charges $600 and an additional $150 for the ceremony (optional) . Check out www.discomovilcancun.com. I think this price is awesome considering that DRC is charging $800-900 for 5 hours not including the ceremony. This local DJ will also provided 64 LED lighting to be used however we want, im thinking to light up the dance floor. Also, i find it much cheaper to travel with ALL your decorations including bouquets rather than using the resorts which I think are a bit overpriced. Ebay and etsy have some amazing artists. I am also working on getting a fireworks display and have contacted several local vendors, I will keep you all advised. Finally, I found an artist on ebay for my cake topper which is going to be my hubby and I in whatever pose we want, all he needs is a front and side pictures. Super excited about this. Yayyyyyy
  8. To Dimplessandsuga, can you please email me the pdf file for the fireworks as well. keima.torres@gmail.com thanks
  9. @Sweetmelissaann.. I would recommend using a travel agent simply to avoid any confusion, hassle and/or issues you may have. Also, he/she would be able to secure/block "special group rates" for all of your guests. With my agent for every 5 rooms I book, I get a 1 free comp which is fantastic. If I book 10 rooms I get a honeymoon suite. If you need her information let me know. She's well connected w/all the WC at DRC including the general manager. She is also serving as my contact w/Ana since she seems to respond to her immediately.
  10. Brandy, can you tell me where you ordered these bags from. I need at least 25-30. Thanks
  11. Lindsey, I heard about Customs but I just got back from a wedding in Jamaica and my girlfriend has no problem since she showed her receipt stating they were silk flowers, etc. we shall see
  12. Hey ladies.... I am booked for June 24, 2012. I have not been in contact with Ana or any WC at DRC since my TA is doing all the contact information for me. (She has a connection with Ana and General Manager) so they reply to her emails within 10-15 minutes. I have no patience for this so my TA agreed to be the contact person. LOL I am working on my Save the Dates. I ordered clear plastic luggage tags and creating my own bussiness cards with the details (front and back) and mailing in a box with seashells all in my wedding colors (fuschia and periwinkle) I have 3 bridesmaids and a Maid of Honor. I am doing parasols to go along with isle at the ceremony (and then use for pictures later). I am taking all my decorations as it seems its cheaper this way. I am ordering my silk flowers (they look so real its crazy) my bouquet along with my bridesmaids and centerpieces. I just ordered my OOT bags waiting on those. My wedding invites are going to be passports with the itinerary for the weekend festivities. Still contemplating is I am going to pay for everyone to go on a catamaran cruise (price $2,200 for 24 people) . We have a group rate. (book 5 rooms and the 6th room is comp, book 10 rooms and get a honeymoon suite) pretty awesome. Sooo excited. I have stayed at this resort 2x in the past and I love it more and more.
  13. At Lindsey. I just wanted a year of planning and I'm due to give birth in 3 weeks. So 6/25 was the date i got married and since 6/25 wasn't available at the resort,we getting married on 6/24
  14. At LindseyM. I too got married on 6/25/11 in NJ went to the courthouse and the whole thing took about 4 minutes. We did NOT exchange rings since we will do this in Mexico on 6/24/12. We did it this way to avoid blood work/marriage cert translation and all the legal leg work that needs to be done. So we are having a symbolic wedding instead.
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