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  1. Hey! I just got back from our wedding at the Suites and the disco is not super hot at all. I had a long gown with a heavy train and wore it all night... It was a bit hot but nothing unbearable! I was a bit concerned about drinks being spilt on my dress but they do not allow glass on the dance floor so it worked out great! My bustle wasn't working properly and the dress get a bit dirty but other than that no issues!
  2. Congrats!!!!! You looked great! I hope your day was everything you dreamed of and more! Too bad we missed each other.
  3. So I finally heard back from Tai Flora but the quote didn't include some of the things I asked for... I've asked to set up a phone meeting but still haven't heard back.. hopefully it's not another 4 week wait! Like some others have said, I just want a quote to be able to compare with other vendors! This is nuts!
  4. Thanks Marlena! The centerpieces sound really pretty and the price is reasonable! I need boutineres for 3 groomsmen, the groom and 3 dad's (divorced and remarried parents) and 3 corsages! Hopefully I can get her down in price on those or come up with an alternative! If only Jodi-Ann would get back to me already!!
  5. Thanks HoneyBee! I'm hoping to do something similar... keep the cost down by using other decorations mixed with the flowers. Let me know what you come up with! $500 is a very reasonable budget! I'm also looking for centerpieces and something for the arch so we'll see what she comes back with! I got a response within a day for the first email I sent... I'm still waiting to hear back about my 2nd email and it's been two weeks! I'll give it another day or two.. then I may have to try a coordinator!
  6. Hi everyone! I'm still waiting on a quote for flowers from Tai Flora (2 weeks later!). What is everyone spending on flowers if you don't mind me asking!? I'm trying to stay on as much of a budget as possible but really have no idea what is reasonable!
  7. You're dress is absolutely beautiful! I am also getting married at the Iberostar on January 18th but on the Suites side! Less than 3 months!!! Happy last minute planning!
  8. We would really like to be outside on the beach for the evening... I'm having a hard time making decisions without being able to see photos or anything. I have a time set up with the coordinator tomorrow to discuss over the phone and I'm hoping that will make the decision easier! How is your planning coming along?? Less than 3 months! Can you believe it?!
  9. Hi Everyone... My fiance and I were originally planning to do a cocktail hour at the pool bar at the Suites from 8:30 - 10:30. We were told we can't do this b/c of noise at a late hour but that we could have the cocltail hour on the beach. Has anyone else done something like this? I know a lot of people are doing a bonfire but this would be drinks and dancing on the beach instead. The coordinator said they would set up tables and a bar... I'm just wondering what this would look like! Any info or photos would be greatly appreciated!
  10. This is interesting. I've never heard of BMR before. So like you, I need 2300 - 2600 calories/day (depending on how much excersize) to maintain my weight. I wouldn't have thought it would be that much. I agree... I think I got the 1500 calories from a generic source. Maybe I'll try eating a bit more and see if that gets things moving in the right direction again. At this point I'm willing to give it a shot! Thanks!
  11. This is my dress too!! I was a little hesitant bc it's so popular and i wanted something no one else had but it's popular for a reason! It's absolutely gorgeous! It looks great on you Jamie! Congrats!
  12. I was using MyfitnessPal but then sort of stopped. I think you're right... tracking might put things in perspective! I know a few bites of things here and there really add up!
  13. Hey girls! I'm looking for some advice on breaking through a plateau! I eat about 1500 calories/ day and work out 3 hours of cardio and 2 hours of wieght training/ week. I do have the ocassional slip up with eating and drinking on the weekend but for the most part think I'm pretty consistent. I've lost about 15 pounds and now the scale is at a stand still! Help!!!
  14. I'm so sorry to hear that you're having troubles! Keep your head up... these things always have a way of working out.
  15. We've chosen to do the terrace for all the same reasons. I'm not sure about the arch... I was going to try and cover it with fabric and flowers... If you could also send me photos of what it looks like without the arch it would be greatly appreciated!
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