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  1. S - I have just read this and gone straight to my finace to say even the bride from Essex is going to have a site visit this is so not fair ha ha!! Defo get measurements of the beach huppa as i reall want to get all my own organza so much cheaper!! I totally agree with you on ur dress your still a bride even tho ur doing a destination wedding u have to have what u want but waiting to look in the sales is a great idea some shops have discount range say at the back or down stairs always ask as there maybe something like that you could have a look at! I really dont want to be paying a massive amount for my dress either doing a destination wedding is meant to be cheaper!! How good is that style board i love looking at it ha ha im a wedding geek!! xx
  2. Just watched your video WOW amazing i love everything about it your dress, hair flowers everything looks perfect!! Congratulations!! Thank you for your review so helpfull!! Did you have a legal ceremony? I really like your timeline and with planning to get married in August think i will have the same sort of timeline for my wedding eek very exciting!! xx
  3. I know us brits arent as good as all these american ladies sharing all there experiences i am so glad i found this site it has helped me with so many things that i probably would never have even thought of and will make our big day even more spectacular!! Its a bit of a pain that we cant book flights till 11months before i want it all booked NOW ha ha!! BA christmas sale would be great if you could book it then!! How many guests are going with you? Thin there will be around 30 coming with us so excited!! Yes i am going to get my bow covers to take with me ebat have really cheap ones or you can buy rolls of organzer to make into bows! What package have you booked? Who do you have as a WC? I hve everything written down in my lovely wedding planner one of my bridesmaids made for me it brilliant and gets me so excited ha ha!! I booked 2 dress shopping days also for us all to have some fun as we can not decided on a theme or colour we think powder blue and white and may add a little splash of another colour found a really good website that has styleboards for ideas have a look!! http://www.dessy.com/pantone/gallery/ xx
  4. Yeah at first we werent keen on having blood test's but dont want a ceremony over here say at the local town hall or wherever so defo having a legal wedding is a must for us and think it will be absolutley amazing!! Im so jealous of all the people who have been able to do a site visit i just wish we could do that!! We have never been to Mexico but have been to Dominican si would imagine the weather is similar!! xx
  5. Dimplesandsuga Wow these are amazong I can not wait to get making mine! Where did you get the templates from were they easy to make and tips on making them things you would have done now doing theses!! I love you logo of the tropical flowers!! Do these match a theme you are following? ToBeMrsDavis x
  6. Oh yours is a whole year before we plan to have ours!! You will have to update me with details and how busy the resort is also how hot it is or weather it rains whilst your there i think were going to try and book to go around 16th August get married 20th possibly! Are you having a legal wedding there? xx
  7. Hello This site is so so helpful the brides 2 be are all super!! Im glad to see a few UK brides on here too! Have you decided on a colour scheme? i am really struggling with this i love blues but not seen many people with a similar colour as to what i want so struggling to visualise it!! Have you book through a travel agent? how many guest do you have going? Are you going to take table linnen or extra things with you? xx
  8. Sarah-Jane Im from the Uk also its will be good to hear from you tings you have found in the Uk and choices you have made and also all about you big day! I have loved ready all post's but have found a lot of the reccommendations only relate to US! Like the luxury of a site visit which we would just not be able to do! Are you booking through a travel agent or are you booking yourself when we have been looking or getting quotes from travl agents they chage about £300 more!! Were not planning on getting married till August 2013 so i have plenty of time to look into everything!! Any details and info would be amazing tho!! I get so excited when looking and could spend days on here!!
  9. Please can you send me these attachements in an email i cant seem to open them for some reason. Lsobaby_169@hotmail.com. Thank you x
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