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  1. I leave on Sunday and haven't even started putting a play list together for the house dj. Could any of the past brides email me what you used? Thanks so much laurenanndelli@ yahoo.com
  2. For the brides that have already gotten married at the jellyfish what did you walk down the aisle too? Did mayte take care of the music for your walk down the aisle? It looks like a short aisle but I really wanted to walk down the aisle to iz somewhere over the rainbow.... 2 week countdown is on
  3. Vintage glam I love it. That's a perfect way to describe exactly what I want. What are you bringing down to give it that look. Oh my gosh girly can you believe we are so close to our dream wedding...
  4. Sunshine your wedding was beautiful! Quick question on the menu. I want to do the same thing as you, does the meals include any sides or should I budget for that as well? Also your pictures are amazing. Do you have contact information for Photo Phil for me?
  5. I feel like I am so behind and have so much to do! I asked Mayte the same question about letting my guests pick what they want off the menu giving them a few options. This is her reply.... For the menu, you can leave the menu open and do a la carte you are 23 pax. we can do it. I really dont understand what that means Im glad you asked the question about tipping again. I really dont know what to do. Its already expensive, but I dont want to not do whats right!
  6. Hey Venus my wedding is July 4th. I didn't realize you are the same girl in was talking about flowers to on Facebook yesterday. Lol. I will definitely let you know what she says about mailing stuff to the restaurant...if I hear an answer anytime soon ! I just saw you live in Chicago.... What a small world. I live in Naperville. Hopefully we hear something soon.
  7. I thought I wAs the only one. I haven't sent a lot of emails but now I'm two months out and getting no replies. I got one last night to Venus but like you she only responded to one question. I'm hoping you guys can answer some of my questions too. Does she have umbrella parasols to shade guests during the ceremony or should I buy some? Can I mail items directly to the restaurant? I've seen pictures of a sign that reads "leave your shoes here" ....does she have that or shall I buy it? I haven't heard back about my flowers yet I hate being a stresses out bride lol.
  8. MM/DD/YY Â AquaCait ~ 5/9/12 cnd29 ~ 6/24/2012 Venus909 - 6/29/2012 Laurenann-7/4/12 LonaJ~ 10.19.12 Mimiq 21/11/12 lala32 ~ 12/14/12 darcybride ~ 1/26/13 CFK2013 - 2/7/13 Lande8 (Leslie) - 2/8/13 AshTooner~ 02/20/13 inloveinkorea- 03/08/13 cinnagirl ~ 5/28/13 astef ~ 4/23/12 Tashena - 4/27/13
  9. What songs have you guys choosen to walk down the aisle too? I've been dreaming of somewhere over the rainbow but am kinda thinking it may be to long for the jellyfish aisle!
  10. Mayte emailed me about four days ago and said she has been super busy...22 brides in November. She said she was taking a few days off to be with her family. You will probably hear from her next week.
  11. Ok ladies I have a question for you. If your getting married at the jellyfish on the beach are you guys wearing heels? This is my biggest concern about having it at the jellyfish on the beach. I really want to wear heels...
  12. Absolutely amazing and beautiful...I can't wait. I showed my fiancee your wedding video and he loved the church you got married at. How did you find it and how did you contact them?
  13. Wow your wedding video is great is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes
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