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  1. Log into Vistaprint and go to "My Account". On the right hand side click on "My Images" under My Resources. Then there is a link that says, "Add your photos" Hope this helps!
  2. Oh my gosh! I love that blanket and saying! My mom used to read us that book (Love you Forever) when we were younger and it would make her cry. I might just have to get one. Thanks!
  3. If it's thick, add more water. I put in atleast 12 ounces of liquid in with mine and it's perfect! I've done a round of Insanity and around of the asylum. Both of them really helped me tone up especially my mid section! I have a hate/love relationship with Insanity. I hate it but it makes me look and feel so good when I'm done! Good luck to everyone; stick with it and you will love the results!
  4. So far, I have made luggage tags from Vistaprint business cards and Thank You cards for my bridal showers from Vistaprint postcards. I am getting married on a Cruise Ship called the Destiny, so I put this quote on the luggage tags since I thought it fit pretty perfectly. Front of Luggage Tag: Back of Luggage Tag: Thank you cards for bridal showers:
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by TIARA DAWN Ok so I only need 7-8 cards for the luggage tag inserts. We are getting married at Beaches Sandy Bay. If they have a beach theme they will work great. I know they are free from VP but I don't need hundreds I only need 7. Please email me at tgantz@conklincars.com If nobody wants to go in on an order with you, I suggest just creating them on your computer and printing them on cardstock paper. You could always have them printed at a store that offers professional printing, so they still come out good quality. Good luck!
  6. Thanks! While looking at other Summer Wedding items for sale, I saw these Can Covers for only .99 per dozen (usually $8.99)! They are a little plain but for that price they could be decorated nicely!
  7. I got 9 of the travel size lotions, 3 shower gels, 3 travel size body scrub, 3 face scrubs - all from the links above. I can't wait to get it all! Thanks for the heads up on the first aid kits, I will have to check those out!
  8. I ordered from the United States. $20 for shipping definitely would be a deal killer!
  9. Bath & Body Works is having a Sale up to 75% off online! They have a few scents on sale that remind me of tropical destinations: Pomegrante Citrus Apple Blossom Citrus Peach Citrus If you use promotional code F114178, you get a free body care item of your choice (up to $13 value) + Free Shipping over $25! I'm not doing OOT bags but I did get bags for my bridesmaids and I bought 18 items for a total of $28! I think it's a pretty good deal and I hope some other brides can take advantage of this. I'm not sure how long the sale will last or when the promo code will expire!
  10. Thank you! I emailed her! I have about 20 people coming so far with possibly more that will book soon. I love idea of a trolley! I'm sure I'll have more questions as I get further into planing. Thanks so much!
  11. Congratulations! I can't wait to hear all about your wedding when you get back in November! If you don't mind me asking, how much was it to get a trolley? Or what company is the trolley through? I've been trying to price out transportation, to see what will be the best option!
  12. Congratulations! How many people will you have attending? We will not be using Carnival either due to the price. I found it a lot more affordable to use an outside wedding planner. I am almost 100% positive that I will be booking Aaron from www.aaronskeywestweddings.com I've read other fourms that say he is really good. I've been emailing him and he seems like a really nice guy and his prices are good too!
  13. I just wanted to say Hi! I've been lurking these forums for a long time before I finally decided on a destination! We have officially booked a cruise for January 2012! We will be getting married in Key West while at the port. I haven't booked the actual ceremony yet, but I've been emailing a wedding planner back and forth! Any other Key West Cruise brides out there?
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