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  1. Hey ladies, just got married there a month ago and it was absolutely AMAZING!! Everyone had such a wonderful time. The food at the wedding was delicious with the exception of the wedding cake. It looked beautiful but tasted ok, not the kind of cake we are used to. Everyone said how good the food at the reception was.
  2. Just voted for you!!!! Such a sweet story! Good luck!!!
  3. Congratulations!!! Thanks for the info. I was quoted over $1000 for 3 fire dancers so we decided not to have them but now I'm going to mention it to the insure coordinator once she contacts me next week. Thanks again!
  4. Congrats! You must be so excited!!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back! We will be arriving there Aug 7th. I can't wait! The Miami office is tough to deal with. I'm working with Lisa from Miami and she is much better than Rene. Good luck!
  5. Congratulations!!!! I get married the Saturday before you at the Hard Rock. I finally have a call set up to talk to the wedding coordinator next Tues. Can't wait to finally get some things picked out. Maybe we'll see each other down there
  6. So Renee finally answered me and told me Maylen is no longer with the company and because my wedding is between the 1st and the 15th someone will be contacting me 90 days before my wedding. All these inconsistencies are really starting to drive me a little CRAZY!
  7. Thanks for the info. Don't know what I would do without you ladies and this site. Everyone has been so helpful, more so than the hotel. Yeah I'll probably give it about another week then start calling any and everyone there lol Quote:Originally Posted by RexandKia DRb2b: I contacted Marlyn earlier this week, and apparently Maylen is no longer employed with Palace Resorts!! She was my wedding coordinator as well. Marlyn told me that someone will contact me soon. I'm giving it another week or two, then will put in another email/call to her.
  8. Thanks for the link. I originally had Renee and then she told me I would now be working with Maylen. So I email Maylen and it tells me that email is no longer valid. So I email Renee and I have yet to hear back from anyone. This lack of communication is driving me a little crazy. I just want to get everything booked and out of the way so I don't have to worry about it anymore!
  9. Your dress is beautiful and your pictures are stunning!!! I saw wear it again, have a party just for that...LOL congratulations!!!!
  10. Those are hot! I couldn't walk in them though...I think finding shoes is harder than finding a dress lol! Thanks for the invite link!
  11. Thanks for the info Vane23. I was not aware that the unlimited functions were for only 3 hours a day. That's good to know. I'm hoping I can at least qualify for some of that but no one has booked yet
  12. I have a ton of questions but my list is at home however do you know if we can use a photographer from the punta Cana area and just buy a guest pass for them? Also do you have any photos of the different places to have the ceremony and reception? Thanks!
  13. Yeah after I posted the prices went up another $50. If you look at the breakout of the taxes it's like $85 in Dominican taxes and another in $60 in US taxes. I think it's just nuts!
  14. They look gorgeous with the shoes with out too but it gives the shoe that extra something. Thanks for the reply I may definitely check these out now, thanks again!
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