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  1. I am obsessed with my dress for my July6, 2012 wedding at Cabo Villas Beach Resort!!! That is the necklace I am going to wear and the only change I am making to the dress is a more defined sweetheart neckline : )
  2. We are sending out 42 invitations ..I think about about 40-50 people will be there
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    Well considering my reception is still on the sand I won't be putting on shoes, but for brides I have worked with, they wear heels to get dress hemmed and then dont mind the little bit of extra fabric during the ceremony. It could vary based on your dress so I would go with what the consultant is suggesting!
  4. brynnmarietx

    Any 2012 brides?

    Paula, I just got back from Mexico last week and pretty much changed my whole plan. My wedding website is mywedding.com/brynnandjacob and I have a ton of information on there because I am blogging my way through the planning process. Let me know if you have any specific questions about venues and vendors because I learned so much while I was down there this last time. I am a wedding planner in Texas so really anything I can help with I would be happy to.
  5. Karen, my wedding website is mywedding.com/brynnandjacob and it has a lot of information on it. I am blogging my way through the planning process and have all the locations of my events up! Let me know if you have any specific questions!
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    Any 2012 brides?

    I am in Cabo right now planning!!! Booked the penthouse at Cabo Villas Beach Resort. Getting married at Baja Cantina Beach Club on Medano Beach. SO excited to have this new plan B. The first wedding idea was way too stressful!
  7. I leave in 3 days to go down to Cabo and meet with a bunch of vendors I have been in contact with. YAY! July 7, 2012 Villa Wedding-Pedregal Beach Brynn and Jacob Going down June 31st-July 11th 2012 (long week but well worth it)
  8. brynnmarietx

    Any 2012 brides?

    I am a 2012 bride! Date is not set yet but June or July! I know that is considered the hottest months but I am from Texas so heat doesnt scare me : ) I am not doing a resort wedding but rather at a Villa in Pedregal! I have a lot planned so far because I am a wedding coordinator so shoot me any questions or thoughts you have!! LOve these forums! I am going down to Cabo in September too to meet with my vendors and start getting things rolling!!
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    Villa/Beach Weddings 2012

    There are 3 villas at the top of my list that I am viewing on my trip in September: 1) Villa Descanso holds 20 ppl, 2) Villa Alegria holds 14 ppl, 3) Villa Lands End holds 15 ppl. We are going to have the villa for 4-5 days to host my closest family and friends and then have the rest of my family stay in the Pedregal Portofino condos or nearby all inclusives if they would like. I just like the idea of having the large villa to be a home base for everyone to come over during the day and kick back. For everyone staying in the villa, we are looking for something ideally less than $100 a night per person but we will most likely charge $100 and use that money to do a large grocery run. It would include everyones breakfast, drinks (alcohol included) and sandwich stuff. The villa would also host the reception dinner after the ceremony. It is such a more intimate setting just being back at an amazing house!!
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    I think barefoot all the way for anything on the beach! Shoes are great for pictures when you aren't on the sand so I am sure I will purchase a pair of fun shoes that i would wear again so that I am not just wasting money for a few photos!
  11. I am getting married summer of 2012 and have planned an intimate laid back villa wedding in Cabo san Lucas. I am a wedding coordinator so I did all the planning myself with the help of my mom. I am going down in September to meet with all the vendors I have already been in contact with. I am getting quite the head start so that my fiance and I can sit back and worry about other important items on the agenda, such as buying a home! If you have any questions at all about what all I am doing to make this day happen reply to the thread!
  12. i have been in touch with amy bennett in cabo and as a wedding coordinater she is the best price wise and quality! go to www.cabofoto.com dont hesitate to email her, she is super sweet and responds very promptly! i need 2 nights of photography and she said $1200 for now time limit. just as long as it took to get what i wanted. that is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me! hope this helps!
  13. brynnmarietx

    Getting married in Cabo 2010

    I have been to Cabo and I am going down again with my mom in September to meet with a bunch of vendors. I am a wedding coordinator so I will be doing most of it myself. I am not doing a resort wedding such as Dreams or the RIU but I am familiar with both. They are stunning and are perfect if you dont know where to begin in planning your wedding. I am doing a villa/beach wedding. I have all kinds of ideas buzzing around my head, the hard part is going to be putting them all into action!!