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  1. I was just wondering where the best place to go after the dinner is over? We are having a large reception back home so opted not to pay for one down there as well. I am looking for alternatives to a private reception that would be good.
  2. HI, I have been looking into having someone outside come in and do hair and makeup for my wedding party! I was just wondering what the procedure for bringing in an outside guest for the day and what information I need to give ahead of time if any! Thanks
  3. Hi, I have been trying to decide on footwear for myself and my bridesmaids! I have not been outside of Canada ever so I am not sure what the beaches are like. We are getting married at the akumal location! Are flip-flops impossible to walk in and is the sand to hot to walk on? We are getting married at 4pm. The girls would like to go barefoot but someone mentioned the sand would be to hot1? Any thoughts
  4. I feel so much better about taking our baby girl down!!! I can't wait We are having a pool side reception and looking into getting the Chinese lanterns! Any suggestions as to how many I should bring down with me? Thank you all again for everything you girls have been amazing the info has been so helpful...this forum is a big part of why we booked with the resort!!
  5. Awesome review Jill. Do they provide you with transportation to the ceremony with the symbolic ceremony? Everything looked amazing Thank you for the info about kids...it is very reassuring we have been mainly concerned with the food and if we would have to bring a weeks worth of bottled baby food with us!
  6. We are officially booked for Feb. 1, 2013 at the hammocks!!!! I have been reading the posts for awhile and I can't believe the information you girls have provided me with!!! THANK YOU! I thought i would properly introduce myself to everyone! We will be traveling with our daughter she will be exactly 1 yr we are a bit nervous about traveling with a baby so young! Any thoughts/advice for people who have traveled with little ones would be appreciated
  7. Thank you for the info...we decided to go with just a symbolic wedding we want to have as much time there after we get married? The package information that was sent to me only gave me one option (Remember) for a symbolic wedding package! Are there more I am not aware of or is that our only choice?
  8. Hi, I am looking into the GBP for a wedding in Feb. 2013. Is does anyone have any information on having a symbolic wedding instead of a legal ceremony? If you have to be there 4 days before the wedding leaving any other day except Sunday your wedding will be the day before you leave! If anyone can help of has any info it would be much appreciated...I feel way behind already :S
  9. I am headed to the Akumal section in Jan. 2013. We don't do much traveling but the group rates I have been quoted seem quite high! is it better to wait until the new rates come out? Also is the group rate worth the savings or is it better to let everyone book individually? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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