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  1. This is definitely a good post! Thanks for sharing your week. I have some time to plan ours, but this is definitely some good advice!
  2. Hi there, Hat! That email is awesome. I've heard back from some of our guests. I should def get their email addresses and do the same... Thanks =)
  3. Uh OH.... Watch out now! I think you've just created a monster!!! LOL I just love that iPhone!!!! I'm downloading the app as we speak. I have the knot too!! Its aawesome that Michael's scans it right from your phone. Thanks for the tip =0)
  4. Oh ok... Where and when is your date set for amanda? I'm in the process of getting my invitations now.
  5. Thank you.... I'm obsessed with your thread LOL I will definitely be in touch for some of your templates. I'm gathering my thoughts now =0) Letty
  6. Hi R.... I feel like I've known you my entire life! You're DIY projects are simply amazing!!!! You def have an eye and talent for planning.... I was so upset when I reach the part in the thread where you weren't posting any more updates because of the whole google issue! DAMN THEM!!!! But anywho you're work is great and it will definitely pay off on the day of! You have definitely inspired me to step up my game =0P Happy planning
  7. Have any of you heard of the stylish scribe? I was thinking of ordering passport invitations from her. What type did you send out?
  8. Vistaprint also does magnets. I did the free cards from vistaprint and they came out beautiful! A couple of weeks later I received a birthday invite that was a magnet from vistaprint so you should look into the ones they have =)
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