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  1. FranksJewel, I am sooooo sorry! Elizabeth is the WC that is no longer there NOT Emma! Too many E names! Yikes! I hope i didn't freak you out too bad!!! Elizabeth was our wedding coordinator, and then we got Emma last minute. Emma is actually really fantastic! So sorry I confused the names and I hope it didn't add too much stress to you!
  2. Hi Calibride 128, Unfortunately emma no longer works for GSP. Sad but true. The above email address that Sandra26 gave you will go to the right person though and then you will be assigned a wedding coordinator from there. Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy Planning!!
  3. Hi shelbi! I had my wedding at the Chil Out Club in April. The location is absolutely beautiful!! I ADORE my wedding pics because the location is jet sooooo gorgeous and unique! Definitely plan on wearing wedges or flats. I bought a pair of spectacular gold Kate Spade Stilletos and unfortunately they are ruined because my heel kept getting caught between the cracks. I ended up going barefoot the whole night which turned out great since it was soo fitting for a beach wedding, but unless you want to go barefoot walking down the asle, plan on buying some cute sandals! Let me know if you have any questions or want pics! Best of luck during this amazing time! GSP is a FANTASTIC location and I am sure I will exceed your expectations just as it did mine!
  4. Ohh my goodness! There is NO WAY they will be bored!!! GSP is fantastic and there are a MILLION things to do!! I just sent you some pics via PM, let me know if you have problems getting them. If you want more pics, just let me know and I will send them your way.
  5. Hi everyone!! I just wanted to send you all an update and reassure all you nervous brides HOW AMAZING our wedding went at GSP!! We got married on April, 21 at the Chill Out Beach Club and it honestly couldn’t have been more perfect. I had BIG worries about how the wedding would turn out after ALL the stress and bumps in the road that occurred during the planning stages, but I can honestly say, that EVERYTHING turned out even better than I could have ever dreamed (or planned). J I’ll try to summarize each part of the wedding, but feel free to ask any more questions that you have! The wedding Coordinator Emma: First of all, Emma was FANTASTIC!! You all know by now that I REALLY struggled with her over the many months prior to the wedding. She wouldn’t get back to me and things seemed to change every time I talked to her. So needless to say, when I got down to the resort I had prepared myself for the worst. Well I got the surprise of a lifetime when I finally met her and found out how WONDERFUL she is!! She was so nice, so organized, so all about making our wedding the best day possible. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for more from her. And..the wedding day went without a single hiccup!! AMAZING! Wedding at the Chill Out Beach Club: Of all the decisions I made, this was the best one!! Pictures DO NOT do this venue justice. It is an amazing place that is private, intimate, and literally glows after the sun goes down!! To get a Wedding location like this in San Diego, CA would have cost me WELL OVER $50,000 so even though the Chill Out location is the most pricey option at GSP it is still SOOO reasonable and IT IS WORTH EVERY DIME!! The cost is only $100 per person and that includes your food, all your alcohol from 6:30pm-10:30pm, the table setup, and your décor setup. We did the Mixed Grill as our dinner option and all our guests said it was by far the best meal they had at GSP. There was SOO much food! They had this AMAZING shrimp, two different kinds of steaks, fish, awesome baked potatoes, veggies, fruit, a bunch of different salads, breads and more that I can’t even remember right now…and the set it up in such a gorgeous way!! They had flowers and these vegetable carvings that I didn’t pay a penny for and it made the whole buffet looks so extravagant. This was VERY unexpected and so awesome! If any of you are planning on having your wedding here, feel free to contact me if you want help with the table set up. We decided not to use the round tables with white tablecloths because we felt they didn’t go with the theme of the venue and REALLY detracted from the natural, organic look of the Club. Soo..we used the share tables that they already have in the club and then brought down our own table runners. Obviously I am biased J…but I thought this looked sooo much better and really made the dinner look gorgeous. Also, we got the glow dance floor (which again, WORTH EVERY PENNY!! It make our pics incredible) and we had them put the dance floor on the sand in front of the beach club and have them move all the small circular loungers around the dance floor so people could sit to take a break from dancing but still feel like they were a part of the party. It gave the dancing part of the reception almost a club feel which was SOOO awesome!!! I have pics if anyone wants them . We actually got DJ Doremixx to DJ our Wedding and he was absolutely incredible. Unfortunately GSP does NOT allow outside DJ’s anymore, but since I had contracted with DJ Doremixx before they changed their policy, I was able to get them. This caused MANY MANY months of stress and struggle but in the end it was worth it. He was awesome and made the whole event sooo much fun!! Cocktail Hour: the open bar that comes with the Chill Out package didn’t start until 6:30 and our wedding ceremony was at 5:00, we decided to pay for a cocktail hour from 5:30-6:30 so the party could begin right after our ceremony ended. We thought they would just open up the small bar that is inside of the Chill Out Club , but they ended up setting up a whole different bar outside on the sand directly in front of the ocean!! The set up was GORGEOUS and our guests (including myself) were BLOWN AWAY by it!! The bar was probably almost 20 feet long and they displayed glasses of champagne and tequila shots in such a beautiful way so our guests could easily grab drinks. They decorated the bar in all white and it came with two bar tenders. SOO surprised that they set up this separate station for us and we so very very pleased. It really separated the events of our wedding so people weren’t all in one location for the dinner and cocktail hour. Yes, the cocktail hour was pricey (I think it was around $600-$700) for only one hour, but honestly it was worth it. The pictures of guest enjoying cocktails on the sand in front of the ocean are beautiful and it is such a great memory. Videographer: This is the one aspect of our wedding that we had such LOW expectations for and we were FLOORED by how AMAZING our wedding video was!!! Seriously, the video was AMAZING and even after watching over a dozen times already, I am still moved to tears. We paid for 4 hours of taping so they could capture the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, speeches, cake cutting and some dancing. We figured the finished product would be really raw, kind of grainy, and hard to hear, but BOY were we surprised. The video was edited down to about an hour and was meticulously paired to music. They did about a 3 song montage of shots of our location and my new husband and I dancing on the sand by the ocean which was sooo beautiful I get tears in my easy just thinking about it. Not only that the sounds was AMAZING!! You could hear our ENTIRE ceremony perfectly and ALL of our speeches. This video seemed pricy at the time and I almost didn’t get it…but THANKGOODNESS my best friend pushed me to get the video because it is a memory I will cherish for a life time. I think we spent almost a $1000 for the video and honestly, I would have spent $5000. If you are on the fence about getting the video GO FOR IT!! Cut out the extra flowers, or décor, or go cheaper on the invites if you need to fit it in your budget…because after everything is said and done, it’s the one memory you have left of your wedding that TRULY captures the look, feel and events of your Big Day. Photographers: We are VERY picky about photography so we researched for MONTHS to find the best photographers around…and we did!! Unfortunately they were located in Arizona so we had to fly them, over to Mexico. But it was WORTH IT!! We chose Jason+Anna Ball Photography and they are the two most talented photographers I have ever seen! And not only that, they are soo much fun and became our close friends by the end of the wedding weekend. If you have it in our budget to splurge a little on Photography, look up Jason and Anna Ball. They specialize in destination Weddings and have flown all over the world to capture all different types of ceremonies so they are experienced, talented and oh so amazing!! If you want to see the work they did on our wedding, let me know and I will send you the link to their blog. Anyways…I think that mostly covers it. As you can tell from my review, I couldn’t be happier with how our wedding turned out, so I want to reassure you nervous brides that everything will turn out fine!! GSP is AMAZING so sit back and enjoy and be confident that everything will work out just the way you want it to. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!!
  6. Hi jzanthony, The 3 milk cake is AMAZING! I visited GSP in July and tried the 3 milk while I was there. It's a SUPER moist cake that is kinda comparable to a Tiramisu in texture (not in falvor of course). I am getting married in April and that is what I am getting for my wedding cake. Hope that helps!
  7. Hi VancityBride! I would LOVE to meet up! We will be there from 04/19-04/24. Our wedding group is doing a beach and pool day on Sunday 4/22, so we are totally free that day if that works for others. The Swim-Up Bar at the "Party Pool" could be a fun spot to meet up and you can't miss it if you haven't been to GSP yet. Emma is being AWESOME with me too! (Thank goodness!) We have our whole contract in and the wedding paid for so it is a HUGE relief to have that all done and out of the way. I've had this reoccurring nightmare that we are going to show up on the day of our wedding to find out they double booked our location by error! LOL! I'm glad I don't have to stress about that anymore!
  8. Hi VancityBride! I would LOVE to meet up! We will be there from 04/19-04/24. Our wedding group is doing a beach and pool day on Sunday 4/22, so we are totally free that day if that works for others. The Swim-Up Bar at the "Party Pool" could be a fun spot to meet up and you can't miss it if you haven't been to GSP yet. Emma is being AWESOME with me too! (Thank goodness!) We have our whole contract in and the wedding paid for so it is a HUGE relief to have that all done and out of the way. I've had this reoccurring nightmare that we are going to show up on the day of our wedding to find out they double booked our location by error! LOL! I'm glad I don't have to stress about that anymore!
  9. Hi Frantic Bride! I'm getting married the end of April too! We will be there from the 19th - the 24th so it will be awesome to meet all of you! We have between 50-55 people coming so it sounds like we are going to have A LOT of new friends meeting each other at the swim-up bar! We booked our Wedding and reserved all of our locations back in May of this year so it's been fun planning all the details! We just paid for our entire wedding though up front, so it scares me that you keep getting charged!!!! $9000.00 would be A LOT to get charged multiple times so I'm going to have to send an email to our WC to make sure this is not going to happen to us!! THANK YOU so much for the heads up about this, because that would be a DISASTER! Happy planning!
  10. I was told that I had to have 50 people min for the ChillOut Restaurant so hold onto that email that says that they will only charge you for 40! Also, I just got told that I now have to pay $4.00 per person for our wedding cake (this was free before as we were exchanging the dessert tray for a cake) and I was just told that our cocktail hour was now going to cost $13 per person instead of $8 per person. Sighhhh...Working with GSP has seriously been a nightmare since Elizabeth left. I swear I already have ulcers because of them.
  11. Hi Coconut! I am getting married at The Chill Out Restaurant (formally named Thai Beach Club) and having the private reception too! I was actually told there was a 50 person min for the Thai Beach Club so make sure to get that 40 person min in writing so they don't try to charge you for 50 people later! As you will find out, things change A LOT at GSP so make sure to save every email they send you and get everything put in the contract that you want as quickly as possible...it honestly SAVED me a couple weeks back when they told me that I could no longer have a Private Welcome Dinner! Luckily I saved all my emails that my previous Wedding Coordinator sent me and I was able to get her to agree to let us have the Dinner again. sighhhh... About the DJ, I ended up booking a DJ out of Cancun called DJ Doremixx. I actually found out about them from another bride who recomended them on this site. They are FANTASTIC to work with and have rave reviews on-line. Having good music at our wedding is SUPER important to us so I went with them so we could have a good sound system and a professional DJ. They charge $800.00 for 5 hours and that includes the sound system, a bubble machine, a fog machine, cold fireworks and wireless mics for speeches. The GSP will charge you a $150.00 day pass to let the DJ in, but it is WORTH IT to get a good professional DJ and a Killer Sound System. I also went for the Glow Dance Floor which is only $700.00 through them versus $899 through GSP...so really, I'm saving a couple bucks in the end by going through DJ Doremixx... Let me know if you want more information about them! I have a ton of information/pictures of the Thai Beach Club so let me know what you need and I'll send it your way! I visited there in July just to scout it all out and talk with the Wedding Coordinator (which didn't help at all in the end because our Wedding Coordinator left a month later) so let me know what pics/information you need and I'll send it your way. ps...The Gazebo you will probably want is the Gazebo on the Sunset Side. It is directly in front of The Thai Beach Club so you and your guests won't have to go far to get to the reception site Good luck and happy planning!
  12. Your pics look amazing!! Congratulations!!! Can I ask what brand your Bridesmaid dresses are? The color is fantastic and I have been looking for pink/fuchsia dresses for a month with no such luck. It's so great to read that your wedding went so well and it gives me some confidence that in the end everything will work out great! I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack because of that HUGE amount of incompetence displayed by my wedding coordinator Emma. She just informed me last night via email that we could no longer have a rehearsal dinner any more even though we already have a contract with the Rehearsal dinner in it! We have already sent out invitations to invite all of our guests to this event and now she is saying it can't be done! It's inexcusable how flaky and inconsistent the Wedding Coordinators are at GSP. The saving grace though is to hear how amazing things actually go once your wedding day arrives! THANK YOU so much for posting the pics and if you have any more tips, let us know because there are alot of anxiety ridden GSP Brides out there! Originally Posted by kasiab
  13. Hi VancityBride! I got this great music list from a DJ I was looking into for our wedding. He's supposed to be one of the best DJ's in Cancun and we were thinking about bringing him in for our wedding until we found out that GSP charged $150.00 day pass for the DJ just to get into GSP + we would have been required to pay 15% of what the GSP's DJ would have cost on top of that! All those additional fees made it a little too pricey for us, but I saved the DJ's music list that he created anyways. Some of the music on this list is WAY cheesy, but there is a TON of songs listed so it has totally helped me get focused and get an idea of what direction I wanted to go in. I attached the list below if you want to check it out. Hope it helps! In regards to the Cocktail Hour. No apps are included. We were not impressed with the appetizers GSP offered (and they seemed REALLY pricey for what it was) so we decided on an alcohol only Cocktail Hour...somehow I don't think our guests will mind! Song.list!.doc
  14. Hi RoxanneL! I just asked Elizabeth (our Wedding Coordinator) about it because I saw some pics of a Wedding on-line that had the glow dance floor and I LOVED it! They have the floor at the GSP but for some reason they don't advertise it as an option. It's called an Acrylic Dance Floor and you can get if for an additional fee of about $800.00 (so the total approx cost of the DJ + Dance Floor for 4 hours is roughly $1650.00) Yes, it's pretty pricey but it's worth it in my option. I'll search through my file of GSP stuff to see if I can find the picture of the dance floor. I'll try to post it this site as well so others can see if if they need. We are getting married at 5:00 pm. Right after the ceremony will be taking pictures while the rest of our guests enjoys a Cocktail hour from about 5:30-6:30pm. At 6:30pm we start the dinner and then dancing will go from 8:30-10:30pm. For noise reasons, they don't allow you to extend the reception time past 10:30pm, so we are going to move our group to the Disco to continue the party until 12/12:30 or so. I'll round up all the pics tonight and send them your way!
  15. LOL! I know the feeling!! It's a BIG decision which is why I decided to go down ot MX and check out everything before hand because I was driving myself (and my fiance) INSANE with worry! It's soooo hard to make these tough decsions when you are hundres of miles away from the site!! Mama Mia is definitly a beautiful restarant so I'm sure either one you choose will be a good decision. Let's be honest, GSP is an AMAZING resort so you really can't go wrong with any location you choose. I'll make sure to post the pics I have of Thai Beach/Gazebo tonight so you can check them out.