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  1. Thank you It didn't take me very long to make the template and input all the information. Maybe 4 days at the most, I did use Word only because it is the only program I have on my computer. I would have been able to do more with Publisher. As for putting them together... that took me a week, and I still have 7 more to do. It gets to be a lot when you are cutting each piece by hand.
  2. Yeah, I changed the picture to washed out I think. If you want I can email you my template with the stamps.
  3. No, i just googled passport stamps and luckily i found a page full of stamps. I just saved it and inserted it as the background to the pages.
  4. Thank you I completely fell in love with this colour. I did use a template kind of. I downloaded a free one, but didn't like it so I deleted everything except the layout of the pages lol. It probably would have been quicker and easier to just make my own guidelines. What colour are your invites?
  5. Thank you to all the brides for your inspiration! This task would be an impossible one without you all. Front Cover Sorry for all the posts. I am a newbie at posting, and it wont allow me to put more than one picture in each post.
  6. It is funny how finding a dress is soo much easier than finding a resort, lol. Not really too sure on the tiara, but the dress i love, love, love
  7. Hi Natalie! I just submitted my order for 14oz travel mugs with Factory 21. I'm super excited to receive them!! I'll add a post once i get them, but I have heard nothing but good things about the company.
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