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  1. Thank you for your sugestions but i think it´s a little expensive for me, i met some one how got married in nuevo vallarta a few months ago, and she told me two stylist worked on her at the same time hair and make-up for $1.500 pesos. this are the pics she sent me please tell me what you think?
  2. hello brides where can i get my hair and makeup done, i want to look glam.
  3. Congrats brides where can i get my hair and make-up done so i wont get frizz.
  4. Girls do you know where i can get my hair and make-up done.
  5. hello brides congrats, i went to my frieds weddign great day.
  6. Hello june brides congrats, i live in vallarta so if you have any questions or need advice feel free to ask. My friend had her weddign at nuevo vallarta, we all looked great. Las Glorias Salon made us look great. BEFORE AFTER
  7. Hello future brides my name is Eugenia and i live in pto vallarta, my cousin got married in villa flamingos nuevo vallarta beautyfull wedding, our hair and make-up looked great. I have a question for all the brides do you know who is doing your hair and make-up? If you have any questions contact me Las Glorias Salon did a great job . we all looked great after hours of hair and make-up.
  8. Hello brides my cousin got married in vallarta a few months ago and it was a great day she got married at nuevo vallarta villa del palmar flamingos, her hair and make-up looked great, i want to share some pics with you. It was such a fun day if you have any questions feel free to ask anything.
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